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Hitting Bullseyes: How To Get Started With Playing Darts

All you need is a steady hand and aim. Playing darts is a great way to spend time with your friends and family. It's also a sport that can be played by anyone, of any age or skill level. If you're looking for a fun activity to do with your kids, a game of darts might just be the perfect choice for you! In this guide, I will cover some basics about darts and how to start playing darts so that you can get started today!   So what is a game of darts? Just like its name suggests, darts is a game that involves throwing darts at the dartboard. This means that all you need to get started is yourself, a dartboard, some darts, and a steady hand to hit your mark.   Ok, so I've got all the essentials. Where do I go from there? If you've never played darts in your life, it's a good idea to get familiar with the different sections of the dartboard and playing area. [caption id="attachment_10579" align="aligncenter" width="364"] This picture highlights the points that each player gets depending on where their dart lands on the board. As always, the bullseye gets you the most points![/caption]   Closely referenced as being similar to a pie, a dartboard is divided into 20 'slices' (segments). These segments are numbered from 1 to 20 and are further divided by rings that make the inner and outer sections of the dartboard as illustrated in the picture. [caption id="attachment_10580" align="aligncenter" width="600"] This image by DARTSLIVE is a good general guide for setting up your dartboard and throw line for the proper playing experience.[/caption]   Another crucial point to playing darts is that you should always try to stand as close to the dartboard as possible. This ensures that you are in the ideal position to control the darts and throw them parallel to your arm and dominant eye for more control. For this, you'll need to stand an optimum distance from the dartboard. This is marked by the oche line (more commonly known as the throw line) with the arc beginning at about 180 degrees. The distance between your feet and the dartboard should be about 244cm. Any closer and it will make it too difficult for you to aim properly.   Rules of 501 & 301 Darts Just like any other game, dart players aim to achieve the highest score possible in the shortest amount of throws regardless of the ruleset. Before you start the game, the darts are divided into sets of two darts, and each set is played in turn with the darts alternating from one player to the other. Each game has a total of either 501 or 301 points, which is where the game gets its name from. Pretty straightforward, right? Now time to get to the details. Here is a basic breakdown of the rules: The player with the fewest points starts first in reaching their highest score for 501 darts (1 point per dart). Players must get exactly the number of points required (501 or 301). If your final shot puts you above the maximum number of points, it is considered a 'bust' and immediately ends your turn. You must wait for your opponent to be done with their shots before you can continue. While not common for all establishments, there are some that believe the first shot must land in the double section in the outer ring of the dartboard (called a doubling-in). Any shots before you make this particular shot will not be considered for points. Think of it as a minimum requirement! The last dart throw by the first person to reach the final score must land in either a double or a bullseye to not be a bust.  It is also important to remember that for both variations, each player is usually given a total of 3 darts per turn to collect points. Misses are also counted in these three throws, garnering you zero points. You will also not get points if your dart ends up 'sticking' to another dart nor get another try at the throw itself. The darts used should be heavy-duty darts and the board itself must not have any bounce or rubber on it. When throwing, you should use your dominant hand. Make sure to get a decent amount of practice in first as everyone starts somewhere before getting good!   Hopefully at the end of this article, you have learned a little and are feeling less intimidated to give darts a try! While it might seem like a lot to remember, just remember that playing darts is the same as playing any other sport: there is muscle memory involved. As long as you practice enough and just have fun, you'll eventually learn and be on the path to becoming a dart pro in no time!   At The Men’s Cave, we review, curate, and strive to provide quality content and inspiration on the coolest games from all around the world. If you enjoyed this article, why not show your support by signing up for our newsletters (at the bottom of the article) and we will keep you updated on the latest insider articles from all around the world!  

Space Guide For Dartboards & Where To Play Them At Home

Darts & Dartboards Dartboards are extremely space-saving and almost require nothing in terms of space requirements. Some of our dartboards are AC running, and some are DC, so make sure you have the necessary power supply when planning your space.   Calculating The Area Required The key thing about dartboards is mounting them at the right height, which is around 173cm (5.7ft) from ground level to the middle of the bullseye. After that, all that is needed from here on out is to mark a 237cm (7.8ft)line vertically away from the dartboard. This is the range from which you will throw your darts from. Alternatively, if you’re up for some style, get one of our dart mats and roll it out in its full glory right from the wall.   If you enjoyed this guide, you can check out the rest of our Space Guide series here for all your gaming needs.   #BuildYourMen'sCave

The 5 Must Haves For Your Man Cave in 2023

It's 2023, and in the last 12 months, we have seen numerous fantastic new releases in our line up. With more than 200 products in our line up today, we are constantly spoilt for choice when it comes to making our homes fun.  Today, we are refreshing our annual list of the 'Top 5 Must Haves for Your Man Cave" so you too, can have our favourite picks on what makes a modern day man cave in 2023.  5. Nitro + C02 Twin Tap Kegerator What's.. a Kegerator? In short, a refrigerator for Beer Kegs. Why would you need one you might ask? In our view, a Kegerator is a true must have in a man cave given it's versatility in the day to day lifestyle of a gent who knows how to entertain. No more inferior quality beer for your mates, but only fresh, crisply carbonated beer that is tapped professionally at home.  In case you have a Missus with a penchant for quality coffee, the Nitro + CO2 Twin Tap Kegerator is fully setup to dispense both cold brew (or stout) and beer. This is the perfect combination and versatility you need in a modern lifestyle kitchen. As a bonus, if you do decide to engage in the wonderful hobby of beer brewing, your Kegerator will make it a hundred times more fun and rewarding to brew.  The Kegland Nitro + CO2 Kegerator can be found here. Explore the Range: Beer Equipment   4. NOMO Super Mini  The NOMO Super Mini was a frequent feature in the past editions of this article, and look set to continue this streak with this year's pick. While a few years old now, the NOMO Super Mini got a major revamp in 2022 while preserving many of the features that made it a crowd favourite. Key improvements in the Super Mini includes a newly designed all black ergonomic cabinetry, the first in industry 3D back lighted marquee and a new, upgraded gaming system that features more than 6000+ arcade games with the all important save feature. No man cave should ever lack an arcade machine, and with thousands of classic games in one compact form, you will be hard pressed to find a better value centrepiece for your very own man cave.  The NOMO Super Mini can be found here. Explore the Range: Arcade Machines   3. Stern James Bond Pinball Machine https://youtu.be/NZ_mHCLTFmU Epitome of masculinity and style - 007. Aston Martins, Bond Girls and a Martini - How does it feel to play 007 for a day? The next up in our list is the 2022 release, official licensed James Bond pinball machine. If you think pinball is boring, we advise that you reconsider your choice because in our books - and we've seen plenty of awesome stuff -, pinball machines are truly special in their own right. Every title - be it James Bond or Jurassic Park - is unique in design, and requires on average 1 year to design. There's literally half a mile of wires in one machine, can you imagine the how intricate these machines are? There's just nothing like a mechanical pinball machine. Back to the James Bond Pinball Machine. Highlights include a custom built Aston Martin toy that features a ball ejector (What!?),  classic villains and Bond girls from 6 different timelines, and of course, original footage and vocals from the Bondest of Bond - Sean Connery's James Bond. It is clear as day why the James Bond Pinball makes our list of man cave must haves.  The James Bond Pinball Machine can be found here. Explore the Range: Pinball Machines   2. Sound Leisure Rocket CD Jukebox Purists will know and appreciate that a fine music experience is truly a luxury to experience.  Next up on our list is the Sound Leisure Rocket CD Jukebox. Why is this special? It's simple. This is quite simply nostalgia meets audiophile performance. There's just nothing like it.  The Sound Leisure Rocket Jukebox stays true to the Silver Age of Jukeboxes - 1950s - 1960s - and is the one and only of it's kind in the big wide world that we live in. Can you imagine? One and only. Each unit is handcrafted to order in Leeds, UK, and takes an average of 6 - 9 months from order to delivery. The true charm of a mechanical jukebox lies in the artistry of playing music in it's original and intended form - be it CD or Vinyl. The sound is warm, charming and carries an unmistakable 'Jukebox' sound. Whether you're entertaining friends or seeking a tranquil alone time, the Rocket is truly something that elevates your home to the next level. The Sound Leisure Rocket CD Jukebox can be found here. Explore the Range: Jukeboxes   1. Zeta Pool Table by Bilhares Carrinho Now onto the number 1 spot on our list, the pinnacle of every Man Cave out there. The Zeta Pool Table by Bilhares Carrinho is not just a pool table, but a true work of art. Let me explain. While most pool tables are unimaginative in design, the Zeta Pool Table is truly of a different league. Designed by Bilhares Carrinho - A luxury pool manufacturer based out in Portual, each Zeta is handcrafted to your required finish and detail.  Featuring a cabinet form in the shape of a 'Z', the Zeta stands out as one of the most beautiful pool table that we've seen in our years of experience in pool tables. While most pool tables adopt a conventional 4 legs structure, the Zeta bucked the trend and went with a unique, zigzag table legs that just looks out of the world in person. Don't let it's looks fool you however. The Zeta is every bit a capable pool table with Bilhares Carrinho being a professional maker in their own rights, with tables being chosen as official tournament tables of FPB. With the Zeta, you can be doubly sure that you're getting the best of both looks and play. The Zeta Pool Table by Bilhares Carrinho can be found here. Explore the Range: Pool Tables   With all our articles, the editors aim to distill the years of experience harnessed from making homes fun, so to give our readers the unabashed, honest perspective of a professional games-room outfitter. Nevertheless, if you do have feedbacks or questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team here.

VDarts H2L Reviewed: VDarts’ Answer to the iDarts?

Unless you've been living under a shell, you would have seen the recent revival of darts exploding in your favourite bars and nightspots all around Singapore. That's right, we're talking about iDarts. And if you're like us—hooked onto the wonderful game of electronic darts—then this post is perfect for you. Today, we're reviewing the VDarts H2L—Dartslive's major competitor and a home play dartboard, to see how this board stacks up against the iDarts experience. Playfield (5/5) Just like the iDarts machines, the VDarts H2L uses a 15-inch playing field coupled with an external catch ring to catch stray darts. 15" is basically the standard size for soft-tip play, and you'll find the dimensions to be exactly what you might expect when playing in pubs.  What really sets the VDarts H2L apart from the likes of the Granboard—iDarts 200s—is the interactive LED segment that is the iconic feature of most pub games. Each individual segment lights up whenever it gets a hit, with special lighting effects occurring when bullseye/ hat tricks/low tons are activated. The VDarts H2L with its LED feature is without a doubt the current leader of the home dartboard system.  For players who frequent Dartslive machines though, do note that the VDarts H2L board does feel a little more rigid, even if it hardly affect your game in any way. Playability (4.8/5) The V Darts H2L is different from other offline dartboards as it requires a smart device (phone/tablet) to operate the dartboard. Games are selected via an app (free, of course) with scores and visual effects displayed on the smart device itself. The V Darts app allows you to play both traditional 01 games or fun games that are suited for casual play among friends. For enthusiasts, Cricket/ 01s are the standard but for social players, games like Tic Tac Toe/ Sniper are all included, along with instructions. When connected to a screen, the VDarts game interface is indeed colourfully designed and does feel less sterile and boring as compared to the other boards in the market. Here's a video of how the VDarts interface looks like: Durability (4.4/5) The VDarts set does feel well-made and solid as compared to the traditional models in the market. You should still note that unlike a normal pub set, the H2L is not designed for commercial usage and should not be kept switched on indefinitely. With its many sensors for scores and LED lights, the VDarts H2L biggest issue arises when your personal darts are heavier than the recommended maximum weight of 20g. Although able to handle personal darts of up to 25g, heavier darts will tend to have their tips broken more often and over time, this might damage the dartboard's sensors. As a reference, most personal darts are between 16-20g and the house darts given are 14g. [caption id="attachment_5223" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Accessories Included.[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_5224" align="aligncenter" width="700"] The VDarts House Dart in detail.[/caption]   Auxiliary (5/5) The H2L does come with a rather decent basic kit, featuring 6 VDarts house darts, tape, spare tips, and an online membership token. The darts and tips are of rather high quality and are similar to the ones used in pubs. As an online dartboard, the H2L allows users to create an ID to track their overall grade to monitor their progress. The online function also allows you to challenge the growing VDarts community to the standard 01 or cricket games. Overall (4.8/5) All in all, the VDarts H2L is highly rated by us because of its unique playing experience among wall-mounted dartboards. While points for playability have been deducted due to the need for a smart device, the board sits perfectly in a home as access to a phone/tablet, with the app is readily available. While the board is relatively durable, it is still not designed for heavy usage and for bars or commercial spaces as we would still recommend a standing dartboard instead. However, at such a price, dartboards present themselves to be the best value for entertainment and the VDarts H2L is no exception. In conclusion, we will say this: The VDarts H2L is quite easily the most advanced home board in the market and the closest to the pub experience you're ever going to get at a fraction of the price. Are you bitten by the Darts fever? Check out our range of electronic dartboards.

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