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Top Picks: The 10 Best Arcade Games for Kids

In the ever-evolving world of digital entertainment, some classics never fade away. And for kids, the allure of the arcade experience is just as enchanting as it was for the generations before them. But if you're worried about exposing your little ones to the wrong kind of games at a young age, we're here to help. In this article, we're detailing the top 10 best arcade games for kids, so you can host family game sessions that everyone can enjoy!  The Top 10 Kid-Friendly Arcade Games You Should Play with Your Little Ones Choosing the best arcades and machines to play with your kids is crucial. With the rise of many adult-themed games and highly complex simulations, your little ones can end up being exposed to things they're not yet prepared for. Fortunately, there are plenty of fun and age-appropriate titles you can choose from. Here's our list of the top 10 kid-friendly arcade games, divided into two categories: - The best video arcade games - Other skill-based arcade games Video Arcade Games Selection When it comes to arcade games, nothing beats the classic video game selection. From the very first machines to the more modern games, these are some of the most iconic and beloved classic games you don't have to worry about your children playing: 1. Donkey Kong: A Classic Obstacle Challenge 1981, Nintendo Donkey Kong is an arcade classic that has remained popular among kids of all ages for years. The goal is to rescue Pauline, the damsel in distress, from Donkey Kong's clutches. Players must manoeuvre Mario over a series of barrels and obstacles to reach her. Why Is This a Kid's Favorite? Short Gameplay Sessions Featuring a Heroic Quest: The game's short levels and game play sessions are well-suited for kids with limited attention spans or those looking for quick bursts of entertainment. But despite its short gameplay, its story features an overarching quest that begins with a hero they can root for. Kids can relate to the hero, Jumpman (later known as Mario), and learn a thing or two about doing the right thing during play time. 2. Out Run: The Ultimate Retro Racing Game 1986, Sega Out Run is one of the best classic racing games that has become a timeless favourite among kids of all ages. Players take control of a Ferrari Testarossa and challenge their friends to race around the world, navigating through cities, mountain passes, and beaches with the goal of getting to the finish line first. Why Is This a Kid's Favorite? Fast-Paced Racing without Compromising on Gameplay: Out Run is an arcade racing game known for its high-speed gameplay. The thrill of driving a fast and flashy car along scenic routes could captivate kids who enjoy action-packed experiences. More importantly, kids can focus on the thrill of the racing game without getting bogged down by complex gameplay mechanics. 3. Frogger: A Time-Limited Crossing 1981, Konami Frogger is a classic arcade game for kids that has been popular for over many decades. The goal of the game is to help frogs cross a busy highway and a river full of hazards to reach the safety of their homes. Players must time each move carefully as they play and guide the frogs across lanes of traffic, logs, turtles, and other obstacles to reach the other side. Why Is This a Kid's Favorite? Simple Controls that Improve Hand-Eye Coordination: The game's intuitive controls—moving the frog up, down, left, and right—make it accessible for kids of various ages without the need for complex button combinations. All the while, the game helps improve hand-eye coordination as kids need to time their movements precisely to navigate safely through traffic and water. 4. Pac-Man: A Maze-Based Adventure 1980, Namco (now Bandai Namco Entertainment) This classic arcade game is a classic staple. Players guide Pac-Man through a maze, collecting dots and avoiding ghosts while eating power pellets to temporarily gain the upper hand. Why Is This a Kid's Favorite? Simple Gameplay with Lovable Characters: Pac-Man features straightforward gameplay mechanics that are easy for kids to understand. The objective of eating pellets and avoiding ghosts is simple and engaging. At the same time, the colourful and cute character designs, including Pac-Man himself, the ghosts, and the fruit, are appealing to children and create a friendly atmosphere. 5. Tetris: The Popular Tetrominoes Puzzle 1984, The original concept was created by Alexey Pajitnov in the Soviet Union Tetris is one of the most iconic and beloved classic arcade games of all time. This puzzle game challenges players to fit different blocks — or tetrominoes — together to clear lines from the screen. It's up to the player to move and rotate the pieces carefully so that they fit perfectly together. Why Is This a Kid's Favorite? Puzzle Solving: Tetris requires players to think critically and strategically to fit falling blocks into the right spaces. This element of puzzle-solving in games can be both enjoyable and mentally stimulating for kids. The lack of complex themes in its approach to puzzle solving makes it easy for parents to teach their youngsters the mechanics of this family-friendly game. Not only that, Tetris offers a lot more cognitive benefits that can greatly impact the mental and cognitive development of kids. We got into details regarding this on a separate article about the cognitive benefits of arcade machines, so do check it out! Other Skill-Based Arcade Games Selection In addition to video games, there are plenty of other classic arcade games that your kids will love playing. Here are some of our favorites: 6. Basketball Arcade: A Miniature Sport Reimagining 1981, Unknown Basketball arcade machines provide hours of fun and challenging entertainment as players try to make baskets by shooting hoops with a miniature play basketball. This miniaturized version of a basketball game comes with a scoreboard for every shot that the player successfully accomplishes. Why Is This a Kid's Favorite? Familiar Sport Mechanics: Basketball is a popular and well-known sport, making the arcade machine a top arcade choice for kids who enjoy basketball games or have an interest in sports. Not only does it cultivate their love for ball-centric games, but it also helps prepare them for when they hit the real courts if they wish to pursue this sport in the future. 7. Air Hockey: A Game of Pucks on Rinks 1969; Phil Crossman, Bob Kenrick, and Brad Baldwin Air hockey is a classic arcade game that has been popular with kids for generations. This fast-paced game is played on specialized tables covered in air holes where players take turns sliding pucks around the rink, trying to score goals by shooting their pucks into the opponent's goal. Why Is This a Kid's Favorite? Immediate Feedback While Improving Physical Reflexes: Air hockey provides instant feedback, as players can see the result of their actions immediately after hitting the puck. This immediate game feedback loop adds to the play experience and enjoyment and encourages improvement. Moreover, playing air hockey helps improve fine motor skills and reflexes, as kids need to react swiftly and make precise movements to control the paddle and puck. 8. Skee-Ball: The Supreme Roll in a Hole 1909, Skee-Ball Inc. Skee-ball is a classic alley game that has been around since the early 1900s. Players roll balls up an alley, aiming for different holes at the end of the lane to earn points. This game requires skill, precision, and a lot of luck as players try to get the highest score. Why Is This a Kid's Favorite? Friendly Competition and Social Interaction: The Skee-Ball game is often played in a social and competitive environment, allowing kids to challenge friends, family members, or even compete against themselves to achieve higher scores within the game. This leads to more social interaction and a deeper bonding experience with family members and loved ones. 9. Claw Machines: The Prize Pick-Up Station Late 19th century (used as a mechanical device), Unknown Claw machines are classic arcade games that offer a unique challenge and the chance to win fun prizes. Players control a mechanical claw to pick up small prizes, from stuffed animals to candy and toys. The claw can move up, down, left, and right as players attempt to grab the prize of their choice. Why Is This a Kid's Favorite? Element of Surprise: The instant gratification of a prize after playing with this machine can be a rewarding experience for kids. However, before the prize, kids remain suspended in mystery. The anticipation and excitement of not knowing what prize the claw will grab creates a sense of surprise and thrill that kids find captivating during play. 10. Dance Dance Revolution: For the Rhythm and Music Lovers 1998, Konami Dance Dance Revolution is one of the perfect kids arcade games. This game combines classic dance moves with popular music tracks to create an exciting and challenging experience. Players must step on the correct arrows that appear on the screen in time with the beat of the music, earning game points as they go. Ultimately, it fosters a love music and rhythm within children at a young age. Why Is This a Kid's Favorite? Coordination and Timing: Using one's physical skills is the key purpose of games like Dance Dance Revolution. Playing DDR improves coordination and timing skills as kids need to synchronise their movements with the on-screen arrows and the rhythm of the music. At the same time, kids discover their love for music through play. Parental Guidance during Play With all this being said, it's important to note that the parent's role in their kid's play experience is vital. As with any form of entertainment, parents should monitor their youth while they are playing arcade games for kids. To provide a safe and healthy gaming experience for children, parents must keep an eye on the amount of time spent playing and ensure that their kids are not exposed to any inappropriate content. This applies to both arcade-style games and any form of play and learning platform, including learning apps. As a Final Point Arcade games are a great way for kids to exercise their problem-solving skills and have fun at the same time. Whether you’re looking for classic video games like OutRun or Frogger, or more skill-based games like air hockey and basketball arcade, there's something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Most importantly, the best arcade games aid in the skill development of kids, so your little ones expand their creativity while having fun. Ultimately, these top arcade games for kids are sure to bring hours of fun and entertainment to your home! Do you have more recommendations for some of the best arcade games for kids? Have you already purchased an arcade machine or game tables for your kid? Please ensure you read this article on the best maintenance tips for arcade machines, so you keep them operational for the years to come.

Creating an Engaging Breakout Area for Students: NUS Campus Hall

Introduction In educational settings, providing students with a vibrant and inviting space for relaxation, socialization, and fun is essential for fostering a positive learning environment. This blog post explores the journey of a dedicated staff team as they sought to revitalize their "Breakout Area" and create a place where students could hang out, bond, and enjoy themselves. With careful curation and firsthand experiences, they handpicked a range of exciting games, including the Crown VI Pool Table, Neon Claw Machine, Garlando Foosball Table, and Hyper Hoop Basketball Machine, to bring life and energy to this designated space.   Curation for an Engaging Environment Understanding the importance of a dynamic Breakout Area, the staff members embarked on the task of selecting the perfect games to liven up the space. They recognized that these games would serve as catalysts for student interaction, bonding, and relaxation. The curated collection included the Crown VI Pool Table, known for its elegant design and smooth gameplay, the Neon Claw Machine, which added an element of excitement and challenge, the Garlando Foosball Table, fostering friendly competitions, and the Hyper Hoop Basketball Machine, inviting students to engage in a thrilling basketball experience.   Site Visit for Seamless Integration To ensure a seamless integration of the selected games into the Breakout Area, our dedicated team conducted a site visit. By assessing the available space and height restrictions, we were able to provide valuable insights and guidance on the most suitable options. This meticulous attention to detail ensured that the chosen games would perfectly fit the allocated area, creating an optimized environment for student enjoyment.   A Hands-On Experience Recognizing the significance of firsthand experience in the decision-making process, the staff members took the initiative to visit our showroom. This provided them with an opportunity to explore and test the games in person, allowing them to make informed choices based on their observations and the preferences of the students. By immersing themselves in the games' features, mechanics, and overall appeal, the staff ensured that the final selection would resonate with the student community.   Conclusion The transformation of the Breakout Area into an inviting and lively space reflects the dedication of the staff in catering to the students' social and recreational needs. By curating a selection of games, including the Crown VI Pool Table, Neon Claw Machine, Garlando Foosball Table, and Hyper Hoop Basketball Machine, they successfully created an environment where students could hang out, bond, and enjoy themselves. The site visit and showroom visitation exemplified the staff's commitment to providing the best possible experience for the students, ensuring that the chosen games aligned with their preferences and interests. With this revitalized Breakout Area, students now have a dedicated space to relax, socialize, and create lasting memories during their academic journey.

Game Maintenance Hacks: Cleaning and Maintaining an Arcade Machine

Nothing brings classic fun to your game room like an old-school arcade game. The thrill of playing a vintage arcade game can be a great way to entertain family and friends. This is why arcade machines have become a staple in many private and public spaces, including the home, office, and other establishments, like a game center and arcade rooms. But to ensure longevity and functionality, you should know the proper way of maintaining an arcade machine. The proper maintenance of a retro arcade machine requires you to have some knowledge about how they work. If that sounds daunting to you, don't worry! We at The Men’s Cave have prepared this article to provide you with all the information you need to maintain your arcade game machines for more classic nostalgia even in the years to come. Before everything else though, let's establish the basics. Before You Get Started While you may be ready to start your clean-up process, here are a few points you may want to know before taking any maintenance action. Read the Arcade Machine Manual Remember, not all arcade units are built the same, just as not all arcade units cost the same. So, it’s important to read the manual that comes with the machine during your purchase. It will tell you about the specific and proper maintenance instructions for your model and unit. This is especially important when it comes to cleaning and troubleshooting, as some machines may have unique steps or products they recommend using. Be sure to follow all instructions carefully to avoid damaging your unit or voiding any warranties. The manual might also contain a contact number of who you can call for long-term video game repairs and maintenance service, so take note of this. The Supplies You'll Need When it comes to arcade unit cleaning and maintenance, you’ll need a few supplies. The most important items for your routine cleans include: - A gentle cleaner (rubbing alcohol or all-purpose cleaner) - Soft rags or microfiber cloths - Soft brushes - Compressed air - Cotton swabs and Q-tips (for more detailed areas) - Vacuum cleaner (for sparing use only) Time to Unplug and Recharge Now that you're geared to start the cleaning process, it's time to unplug the machine from all power sources. Not only does this help prevent any accidents or shocks that may occur while you're cleaning, but also signals the first step of the cleaning process. So, take your brushes, cloths, and gentle cleaner bottles out, and read on! Arcade Machines: The Ultra Cleaning Checklist Take note of the following parts of an arcade unit and the proper ways to keep them spick and span, ready to relive nostalgia for another day. The Machine's Exterior Dust and debris are the most common causes of malfunction in these machines. If left unattended, it could get inside the unit and cause irreparable damage. To prevent this, you'll want to clean the exterior of your machine regularly. The Cabinet Exterior Using a soft cloth, gently wipe down the exterior of the arcade. You can use a mild detergent or all-purpose cleaner if needed. If the cabinet is particularly dirty, you may need to use a small amount of water and a soft brush to scrub away stubborn dirt. Make sure to avoid any harsh abrasives that may scratch the surface of the cabinet. Doing so can also damage the finish and artwork (if any), rendering the machine more prone to further wear and tear. We recommend using cotton towels when wiping down the cabinet's artwork. This specific cloth is harmless to acrylic-lathered surfaces. Marquee and Monitor The marquee and the monitor should also be cleaned regularly. Wipe down both with a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt buildup. Avoid using any kind of cleaner, as this may damage the display. To clean the plastic parts of the arcade cabinet, use a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Be sure to dry it off thoroughly afterwards. Control Panel To clean the control panel, use a soft brush and some isopropyl alcohol. Be gentle when brushing around any buttons, as this may cause them to become stuck. If you need to remove any dirt or grime from the buttons themselves, use a cotton swab with some rubbing alcohol. Avoid using too much liquid on the buttons as this leads to damage. The joystick can be wiped down with a damp cloth. Finally, use compressed air to get any dust or debris out of the control panel. Do not blow too hard, as this could cause the buttons, joystick, and game console to malfunction. The Machine's Interior Finally, it's time to give the inside of your unit a good clean. This is especially important if you've noticed any signs of dust or dirt buildup on the exterior. Take Note: Cleaning the arcade's interior can be risky, especially for older machines, as its wires may be brittle over time. So, only proceed with cleaning it if you feel secure in your knowledge to do so. If you don't feel comfortable handling the electrical interior components of the machine, it may be best to seek professional maintenance help to avoid inflicting new and more damages (if any). Exhaust Fans These are important to clean as they tend to collect dust and can become a fire hazard, as dust lint can be flammable to spark. Check the fans and its vents for any dust buildup and keep it clean with a soft cloth. Use a vacuum if necessary. Bezel The bezel is the part of the machine that acts as a barrier between the monitor screen and the inner workings of the unit. To properly clean the bezel, you can remove it and use a soft cloth and mild detergent around its surface. Once it's cleaned, dry it off with a soft cloth before re-installing the bezel. Other Parts Just like all the wiping down you've been doing in some parts, use a dry soft microfiber towel to clean along interior parts with dust buildups. These interior parts may include the circuit boards, capacitors, and other controls. For stubborn dust accumulation, you can use a vacuum cleaner but be extra careful when doing so. The Machine's Space and Surroundings In order to ensure the longevity and quality of your unit, it's also important to pay attention to the environment around it. Make sure that the area is well-ventilated and free from dust, dirt, and other debris. If your machine is located near a window or other potential room items that can be a source of moisture, make sure that the space is adequately covered. Additionally, ensure that the temperature in the area is not too hot or cold, as this can damage the machine and its components. Pay attention to any signs of wear and tear, such as rust or corrosion, and act accordingly. Keep away cocktail tables or any sort of table with food and drinks that may be spilled into the machine from the area. This also takes away the players' temptation to snack while playing around with the unit. Arcade Game Maintenance Tips to Consider Regular Maintenance Checks These are the maintenance checks you can do on a regular basis. 1. Check through wires to note if any have potential burn marks. If there are, have them replaced immediately. 2. Replace micro-switches after 2 years of usage or if you feel that buttons no longer bounce back well. 3. Verify that the light on the power supply is bright and consistent. This indicates a consistent power flow. If it’s dim and flickering, it’s a possible indication that the power supply is struggling to keep a steady power, and replacing it is the only solution to help improve your machine’s longevity. 4. Look out for buzzing sounds in the speakers. These subtle noises may indicate a need for replacement soon. 5. Listen to your local repair staff's comments on many other parts of the machine that you should check in on once in a while. Storage If your unit is not used regularly, you might want to know the proper storage procedures to keep it operational the next time you're planning to use it. 1. Cover the machine with a dust cover when not in use to protect it from potential damage. 2. If you have multiple machines, make sure you store them in separate areas or even better, different rooms. 3. Be sure to check on the unit regularly for any signs of rust or corrosion. You may want to use a silicone spray to protect vulnerable parts. If there’s high humidity in the room, use dehumidifying silica gel packs to help remove the moisture. This prevents rusting.  Safety Safety should always be a primary concern when dealing with arcade machines. Take note of the following: 1. Ensure that the power plug is safely secured. 2. Be aware of any potential risks of electric shock or fire. Be sure your arcade unit is away from flammable materials or anything of the like. 3. For multiple machines, have y-splitters to avoid overloading the outlets. To Conclude The cleaning and maintenance of an arcade machine is an important step in ensuring that it stays in good condition and provides the games and entertainment you need for years to come. Now that you know the basics of the proper maintenance your unit and its additional equipment, you are ready to keep it--and your games room--as functional and new as when you first bought it. Get ready for a high player experience for as long as you might expect. Hopefully these tips will help you keep your current and new machines in tip-top shape! Read More If you liked this article, you might also be interested in checking out another article we wrote detailing the top 10 arcade games suitable for kids. We never know; you just might find your next family arcade purchase from this list! And if you're ever on the lookout for new arcade machines to add to your collection, we've got a large catalog of machines you might want to check out.

The Top 10 Arcade Games With the Most Profits

Arcade games and pinball machines have captivated audiences for decades, offering a unique combination of entertainment and challenge. Back when people regularly went to arcades and gaming centers for their usual entertainment fix, these games have been the solid gold mine for businesses. With the rise of video games, virtual reality and other forms of entertainment, however, arcades have been losing some of their appeal — but that doesn’t mean they’re dead yet. In fact, certain types of arcade and console games still make quite a bit of money for those lucky enough to own them. So, you might be asking, what are the most profitable arcade games? In this article, let's examine revenue figures and cabinets sales of ten of the highest-grossing arcade games that you didn't realize made the most money in the worldwide market across the arcade machines industry. Top Arcade Games with Highest Revenue Figures 10. Tempest 1981 - Atari Sales in Figures: Units/Cabinets Sold: 29,000 Total Revenue: 62,000 (1.2M with inflation) Number of Related and Spin-Off Games: 2   Starting off the list strong is a classic game that you may not have heard of, Tempest. Developed by Atari in 1981, it has been one of the most successful arcade video games ever made. It was so popular that it spawned several sequels and spin-off titles over the years. As far as raw figures go, it sold an impressive approximation of about 29,000 units and a revenue that would cost 1.2 million today. Its play dynamic is simple but very engaging; you are meant to play a spaceship navigating through an ever-increasing number of obstacles on a series of tubes. The video game was critically acclaimed and got perfect scores from all the major video game publications at the time. It was also the first of its kind that introduced the "choose your starting level" feature among games. Most importantly, its three-dimensional video perspective in a fixed view made it a unique shooter game that players of all ages soon grew to love. 9. Mortal Kombat II 1993 - Midway Sales in Figures: Units/Cabinets Sold: 27,000 Total Revenue: 10,000 (1.8M with inflation) Number of Related and Spin-Off Games: 2   Next on the list is Mortal Kombat II, the second installation of the famous martial arts arcade game of the same name. Developed and released by Midway in 1993, the game was a massive hit with arcade-goers. Its two-dimensional fighting mechanics combined with an abundant amount of characters to choose from made it one of the most popular games in its genre. The over-the-top violence and gore were also major factors that attracted arcade players to its realm. It was then ready to become a cultural phenomenon with its number of home and compilation releases . Last but not least, its massive success led to the creation of several movie adaptations and a long list of spin-off titles. Additionally, it had secret stages and bonus specials, including a hidden game of Pong, within its arcade game version. 8. Centipede 1980 - Atari Sales in Figures: Units/Cabinets Sold: 55,988 Total Revenue: 80,000 (2.3M with inflation) Number of Related and Spin-Off Games: 2 (not including re-releases)   Centipede, one of the highest listed iconic video games ever made, was released by Atari in 1980. It was created by Dona Bailey and Ed Logg, both of whom had previously worked on the classic game Asteroids. This time around, their project was a vibrant shooter game featuring different kinds of bugs and spiders that you must shoot to survive. Its simple playing mechanics combined with a unique and amusing visual style was praised by critics and players alike. The game featured the titular arthropods as villains, including numerous other creepy crawlers, like spiders and scorpions. All of these the player must avoid or shoot to continue on to the next game. 7. Asteroids 1979 - Atari Sales in Figures: Units/Cabinets Sold: 100,000 Total Revenue: 115,000 (2.6M with inflation) Number of Related and Spin-Off Games: 3 (not including re-releases)   The shooter game, Asteroids, makes it to the high-ranking bestselling games at the number seven spot. Developed by Atari in 1979, Asteroids was a revolutionary game for its time. It featured a dual joystick setup that actually encouraged the player to rotate their ship and shoot asteroids instead of simply trying to survive. This gave a more dynamic feel than the classic shooter arcade game machines of the era. The video game also allowed for two players to play at once, further adding to its appeal. Its challenging gameplay was one of the reasons why players strived to win at this game. This game was also the source of inspiration for many arcade games, including Defender and Gravitar. 6. Defender 1981 - Williams Sales in Figures: Units/Cabinets Sold: 60,000 Total Revenue: 1M (2.7M with inflation) Number of Related and Spin-Off Games: 5   Coming at top six is the enigmatic game, Defender. Though not as hyped and popular today as household arcade names like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, this game was still one of the most successful arcade games during its time, amassing at least 60,000 cabinets sold. Developed by Williams in 1981, Defender is a fixed shooter game where the aim is to protect your planet and its inhabitants from being abducted by aliens. Its unique control scheme for its machines, which used two joysticks instead of the traditional buttons, gave it a fresh look that attracted many players. More importantly, the game made use of a variety of buttons to help the player achieve their goal of defending the planet in the game. The game itself was also quite challenging, with its enemies able to shoot back and abduct your people if not taken care of. It also had multiple levels and bosses that kept players hooked for longer. Finally, Defender has inspired several other games, including Stargate and Star Castle, further proving its success in the arcade industry. 5. NBA Jam 1993 - Midway Sales in Figures: Units/Cabinets Sold: 20,000 Total Revenue: 2M (3M with inflation) Number of Related and Spin-Off Games: 15   The longest-running basketball arcade video game NBA Jam is a certified hit among basketball players and the gaming audience as a whole. Developed by Midway in 1993, NBA Jam was a two-on-two basketball arcade game featuring real National Basketball Association players at the time. It popularized this genre of sports games and was credited for revolutionizing its industry. The game featured larger than life characters, as well as an over-the-top energy meter that allowed players to perform insane dunks and shots. The game was loved most especially as a basketball simulator that had no boundaries. Its success continued in the home console market with its various re-releases and sequels throughout the years. Now, you can even play this beloved game across many devices, but the fun it evoked continued to be one of its special features. 4. Donkey Kong 1981 - Nintendo Sales in Figures: Units/Cabinets Sold: 152,000 Total Revenue: 4.4M (6.9M with inflation) Number of Related and Spin-Off Games: 19   A video game classic, the Nintendo-developed game Donkey Kong is a fixed magnet for players all around the world. It was released in 1981, and its fame didn't take long to reach a global scale. Donkey Kong is an arcade game where the protagonist Mario has to climb ladders, jump over barrels and fires, and avoid other obstacles to save the kidnapped Pauline from Donkey Kong's clutches. The game had simple yet addicting mechanics that made it one of the most popular arcade games in its era. The game was so successful that it led to the development of several spin-offs, such as Donkey Kong Jr. and Mario Bros., as well as the widely acclaimed Super Mario franchise. In its initial release, the audience had a mixed reaction to its unique and never-before-seen playing mechanics of climbing ladders and overcoming obstacles. But now, old and new players may find this game nostalgic and engaging in equal measure. This makes Donkey Kong a memorable title with an unsurpassable legacy. 3. Street Fighter II 1991 - Capcom Sales in Figures: Units/Cabinets Sold: 320,000 Total Revenue: 8.5M (16.9M with inflation) Number of Related and Spin-Off Games: 8   At number three, Street Fighter II is the direct sequel to the game of the same name. Created and developed by Capcom in 1991, and it was a worldwide success during its early release until the years to come. In this video game, two players can compete against each other in hand-to-hand combat with an array of characters from around the world. Its unique fighting system made use of a six-button control scheme that was revolutionary for its time, making it possible to perform combos and unique moves that can be used to defeat opponents. The game also introduced the use of special moves and finishing techniques like “combos”, which are very popular in fighting games today. Furthermore, it was ported on numerous consoles like the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis. It has spawned numerous sequels, spin-offs, and ports that kept the series alive up until today. 2. Space Invaders 1978 - Taito Sales in Figures: Units/Cabinets Sold: 750,000 Total Revenue: 7.6M (21.5M with inflation) Number of Related and Spin-Off Games: 21   The 1978 classic, Space Invaders invades the number two spot with a whooping 750,000 sales for arcade machine sets. Developed by Taito, Space Invaders is a fixed shooter game that became an instant hit among arcade gamers in the late 70s. It was one of the first video games to feature computer graphics, breaking away from the traditional 8-bit vector graphics used by its predecessors. The game essentially involves maneuvering a ship at the bottom of the screen and shooting aliens at the top. Space Invaders was also one of the earliest examples of a score-based multi-level game. It inspired many other classic space shooter games and has been remade several times with added features and graphics to its games. As such, it is widely considered to be a milestone in gaming history. 1. Pac-Man 1980 - Namco Sales in Figures: Units/Cabinets Sold: 700,000 Total Revenue: 10M (21.8M with inflation) Number of Related and Spin-Off Games: 41 (not including mobile)   If you're an avid fan of arcade games, it's impossible that you don't know Pac-Man. This iconic game is the most successful of all arcade games, having over the biggest game franchise and selling more than 700,000 units. Pac-Man was developed by Namco in 1980 and became an instant favorite among arcade gamers. Pac-Man's playing mechanics involves maneuvering a yellow character around a maze while eating power pellets to eliminate ghosts. There were four ghosts in total, each with a different color. The characters in Pac-Man are instantly recognizable even today, as they've become an integral part of popular culture. It has spawned numerous spin-offs and ports, with mobile versions being the most recent addition and a skyrocket in profits. Most importantly, this game offers a variety of cognitive and mental health benefits for kids and adults alike. Its high popularity and incredible net worth make it so that you cannot imagine arcade classics without Pac-Man in it. Time to Round Up the Video Game Classics To summarize, here's the complete list of arcade games ranked according to sales statistics and revenue: 10. Tempest 9. Mortal Kombat II 8. Centipede 7. Asteroids 6. Defender 5. NBA Jam 4. Donkey Kong 3. Street Fighter II 2. Space Invaders 1. Pac-Man With the rise of more video games in handheld consoles and mobile as opposed to machine arcade versions, we might get to see a different set of game classics in the years to come. But as of now, here are the arcade games that made the most income since its release. We've also prepared another article to help you explore the popularity of arcade machines and how much they've evolved over the years. Conclusion The arcade industry has seen an incredible evolution over the past four decades. From classic games like Pac-Man and Space Invaders to modern titles like Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat II, there are a thousand games that have been instrumental in shaping the gaming industry. Alongside the sales figures mentioned above, the success of these games alludes itself to the continuous support of the billion of gaming fans over the years. It's safe to say that these games will remain in our hearts for many more years to come. Among the list of the highest grossing arcade games above, which is your favorite?   Feeling inspired? Be sure to take a look at our range of Retro and Arcade Games to help you with that dash of nostalgia.

How Much does an Arcade Machine Cost in 2023?

Understanding the cost of Arcade Machines. Arcade machines have been a popular form of entertainment for decades and with the recent interest in all things nostalgia in the social media era, interest in owning an arcade machine for personal and commercial use have been increasing. Having said that, understanding the cost of arcade machines is important for business owners and enthusiasts who are considering purchasing one for personal use. In this article, we will explore the factors that affect the price range, types of arcade machines available, and other considerations when it comes to buying an arcade machine. Factors Affecting Price Range Prices in the arcade machine industry can vary wildly in price range, and several factors can influence how much they cost. One primary factor that affects the price range is the make and model of the machine. Machines that are more complex, with larger and more sophisticated hardwares are bound to be more costly. As an example, a Basketball Machine with an all-new LCD backboard interface will cost near double that of it's classic arcade basketball cousin. As many arcade machines are built for commercial establishments, such machines are typically built for heavy usage and thus are more costly than the residential grade counterparts. Therefore, an easy distinction is to understand that there are both commercial grade as well as residential grade models for all arcade categories. It is important to understand the difference and opt for the one that fits your requirements. Finally, fame of the title affects the cost of an arcade machine. Super premium title like Wangan Midnight Max Tune is not accessible to the private buyer, and can easily cost more than $15,000 per seat. The more recognised and known the license, the most costly.   Types of Arcade Machines Arcade games have been around for decades, and they continue to be popular among people of all ages. With technological advancements, arcade machines have evolved, providing a wide range of gaming experiences. There are various types of arcade machines, including stand-up, sit-down, and mini arcade games, to suit different preferences and budgets. In this article, we'll focus on giving you a brief idea of how much the different arcade machines cost, and why they vary. Claw Machines Claw machines have been a popular attraction in arcades and amusement parks for decades. These machines are designed to test the user's hand-eye coordination and patience by giving them the chance to win a prize using a claw-controlled arm. There are different types of claw machines available in the market. The classic UFO catcher has a single claw and is often used for toys and plushies. On the other hand, in recent times, there are also machines with dual claws, which allows operators to offer two segregated cabins with two claws. This adds to the diversity of prizes to attract players. The price range of claw machines can vary based on the size, quality, and brand associated with it. The estimated price range for a claw machine can range from $1,800 - $7,900 and this is depending on the size of the machine, brand and if it comes with fancier features. Overall, claw machines continue to be a popular attraction for arcade enthusiasts with its colourful and vibrant lights, as well as easy to understand gameplay. Retro Games Arcade These are retro gaming arcade cabinets that typically plays many classic games on a newly produced arcade cabinet, with authentic 4-way or 8-way joysticks and buttons. These machines often offer classic video games such as Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, or Street Fighter, as well as slightly more modern games like racing games, shooting games, or even strategy games. One of the main advantages of arcade consoles is that they offer gaming enthusiasts a chance to relive a nostalgic experience or try out different games they may not have had access to before. Additionally, such retro games machine often offers the flexibility of customising the cabinet size and design, providing a better fit to homes. The price range of Retro Games Arcades can vary based on the size, quality, and different features within. Estimated price of such arcades will typically start from as low as $2,000, up to $5,000 for a fully featured model with additional controls and light guns. Commercial Arcade Machines Commercial arcade machines are a significant part of gaming history.These machines have been around since the 1970s, and have evolved from playing a simple 2D games, to being able to incorporate 4D experiences with a 70" monitor. These are the type of machines that you can typically find in arcades from Timezone, or Cowplaycowmoo in Singapore. What makes these machines different from the other categories is its' commercial grade build. These machines are typically not targeted at home buyers, but rather at commercial arcade operators. It is therefore built with heavily reinforced hardware and often really bulky and heavy. The price range of such commercial arcade machine can vary depending on several factors like the game, condition, and rarity. The average price range is between $5,000 to $10,000, but many machines actually do exceed the $15,000 mark. In this category, many titles are also not accessible to private buyers. Popular titles in this category includes Wangan, Bishi Bashi Channel, Tomb Raider, Daytona and so on. Air Hockey Table Air hockey tables are a popular arcade game that boasts unique gameplay and mechanics, and is often a staple in every arcade you'll find locally. Players use handheld strikers to hit a puck across a table, trying to score on their opponent's end. The game is popular for its fast-paced and skilful gameplay, making it a hit among family arcade goers. Air hockey tables are available in a wide range of prices, with models costing anywhere from $1500 for a residential grade table, to more than $5,000 for a commercial grade model. The difference being the strength and durability of the table's blower motor, as well as the overall body construction. In this instance, it is not uncommon for air hockey enthusiasts to be purchasing a commercial grade table for their homes. Overall, air hockey remains a beloved classic in the world of arcade games, offering players a chance to showcase their skill and have fun competing against friends and opponents. Arcade Basketball Machine Arcade basketball machines are a staple attraction found in many entertainment centres alongside other sports-based games like air hockey and foosball. These multiplayer attractions typically involve one or two players shooting mini basketballs into a hoop, often under a time limit. These machines are a really popular request in Singapore, and often is one of the most played arcade machine in an arcade. Machines can often also be linked to provide competitive link play. When it comes to pricing, electronic basketball games can range anywhere from $3,500 - $8,000 and this is more dependant on the brand as well as features. Some of the premium features of basketball machines today can include a full sized LCD backboard, which provides a much more visually exciting playing experience. Choosing the Games Selection for your Arcade Space at Home Arcade machines are a fantastic addition to any home game room. Choosing the right games selection is paramount to ensure maximum enjoyment. When selecting arcade machines for your home, there are a few essential factors to consider. The type of game that you choose should cater to the interests and age brackets of the players who will be using the arcade machine. It is crucial to balance the number of games with ample space available for players and spectators. You don't want to overcrowd your arcade machine with too many games, rendering it too cramped or difficult to enjoy fully. It's essential to ensure you have space in your home to accommodate the size and type of arcade machine you decide on. When purchasing an arcade machine, it is also vital to consider after-sales support from an arcade specialist. Arcade machines are complex and contains many moving parts, and so, regular maintenance is essential to maintaining the system's operational condition and longevity. We hope this article have given you a basic idea of the average cost of arcade machines available in the market today. This will hopefully be helpful in preparing a budget for your dream arcade space at home, or any potential establishment. Do however note that these prices are based on prevailing prices and will be subjected to changes over time. If you liked this article, we are sure you would also like an article we made on the proper cleaning and maintenance of arcade machines. Be sure to check in with us to discover the latest arcade models and prices.  

Space Guide: Retro Arcade Machine

80's favourite Retro Arcade Machine Every time I saw Street Fighter in the arcade, it was like a trip straight down memory lane. During that time, I would usually spend about 80% of my time in the arcade just hanging with my friends as we smash buttons across the Street Fighter screen. In this particular space guide series, we will guide you on how to fit these "bulky" retrocade machine into your own home. Despite the common misconception about how bulky these arcade machines are, many are surprised by the actual footprints that pinball machines make.   Calculating The Area Required The recommended space needed for a retro arcade machine is about 68cm x 68cm (2.2ft x 2.2ft)—slightly above 4 sqft. An ideal spot for the machine would be to lean it against the wall next to a power socket, as the machine runs on a 240v AC voltage. Also, remember to check out our Space Guide series if you're interested in fitting any other game tables into your personal space or home. We're here to help prove that building your own man cave is not a dream anymore. #BuildYourMen'sCave

Bring Back Your Inner Child: Review On The Retrocade Pro

While the missus might not understand your addiction to gaming, The Men’s Cave certainly does. We review the Retrocade Pro, the grown man’s (and kid's) dream and the missus’s living nightmare.   Screen Size & Configuration (4.5/5) The Retrocade Pro uses a 19” industrial-grade monitor as its playing screen. With a 2 player 6 button configuration, tag together for a beat’em up game or clash in classic fighting games like the Street Fighter series. Overall for a cabinet of this size, the screen is slightly small and this is where points are deducted.   Playability (4.8/5) The Retrocade Pro comes with over 600 games featuring many classic arcade games from the 90s to the early 2000s. Older games such as Tetris, Pacman, Donkey Kong and Space Invaders are also available to cater to the slightly older generation. With a cabinet width of 63cm, the machine easily fits 2 players standing/sitting side by side mashing buttons.   Durability (5/5) Meant for heavy usage, the Retrocade Pro is designed to be placed in commercial spaces used on a daily basis. Not everyone plays on an arcade with finesse and so the machine is designed to take a beating from frustrated users after inserting their 16th credit into Metal Slug.   Auxiliary (5/5) The Retrocade Pro comes with several auxiliary features. It comes with a coin mechanism that accepts real tokens for the original authentic arcade feel. Feels good when you don’t have to actually pay 50c for a token. With wheels attached, the machine can be easily relocated and stoppers allow it to stay in place even through vigorous button mashing. With a LED marquee and undercabinet lighting, the Retrocade Pro is best placed in a dim area where it really stands out. Bonus points for the customisable side decals and marquee.   Overall (4.8/5) All in all, the Retrocade Pro gives the very original arcade experience where hours and dollars were spent trying to complete games on a single credit or challenging others in fighting games until you beat them. With over 600 games in HD, you can relive your younger days once again and defeat that boss that you were unable to when you ran out of money. The only major upgrade required would be a bigger screen.   If you're interested in purchasing one for yourself, you can check out our full list of Retrocade models here or get a better idea of whether it's the right fit for you through our Space Guide series.

Greatest Arcade Games For The 80s Babies

Any arcade enthusiast born in the 80s would tell you that it was a strange time to be born in. It was when the golden age of arcades started slipping into the sunset, where consoles first began the gaming revolution which would dominate the gaming landscape for the following decade or so. Having said that, any 80s baby would have had a childhood with arcade tokens in hand, exploring through the plethora of arcade cabinets filled with a great sense of dilemma as to which cabinet deserved slotting our precious and limited possessions into. This gave me a great sense of nostalgia, which is why we decided to go back in time and write our pick of the 10 Greatest Games for the 80s babies (late 80s - 90s).   10. NBA Jam Date Released: 1993 Genre: Sports Quite possibly the greatest sports arcade game ever, NBA Jam is sn iconic as it is crazily unrealistic—but hey, where's the fun if you're not having Scottie Pippen pot a 3-pointer from the other end of the court, right? Not forgetting the overly excited commentary, flashing scores digits and 20-foot jumps and dunks.   9. Michael Jackson Moonwalker Date Released: 1990 Genre: Beat 'em Up Not easily found in local arcades but it makes it into our list for the wonderful depiction of pop culture back then. Play as an impeccably-dressed Michael Jackson, beat up bad guys by moonwalking, and save kidnapped children all while bobbing your head to the tunes of 'Smooth Criminal', 'Thriller', and 'Beat it'. 8. X-Men vs Street Fighters Date Released: 1997 Genre: Fighting Newer than the rest on the list, X-Men vs Street Fighters can be best remembered as being one of the greatest fighting crossovers of all time. It wasn't just playing as Ryu or Wolverine, but you could actually play both characters from two universes in the same team, all while performing elaborate combos on your hapless opponents. Avengers, who?   7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Date Released: 1989 Genre: Beat 'em Up Based on every guy's favourite childhood cartoon, TMNT allows you to choose from 4 playable turtles to go on a crusade and save kidnapped April O'Neil from the evil Shredder. Of course, you're saving the world while eating pizzas and bashing up homogeneous footman with cones, fire hydrants, and oil drums.   6. WWF Wrestlefest Date Released: 1991 Genre: Fighting Now, take a look at the screenshot and tell me you don't remember mashing your buttons crazily to get out of the 3, 2, 1 pins! This game was simply huge with a massive roster of incredibly iconic characters—Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Mr Perfect, Big Boss Man. As a WWF watching 7-year old, this was the simplest form of a dream come true. It truly is the greatest WWF game of all time. 4. KOF 98 Date Released: 1998 Genre: Fighting Another latecomer of the era. KOF (King of Fighter) 98 is easily the best and most iconic version of the KOF series. It was never a surprise to see multiple KOF machines lining up in the arcades, all fully occupied with players exhibiting their combos. Even now, KOF 98 represents the benchmark of what a fighting game should be like.   3. Golden Axe Date Released: 1989 Genre: Beat 'em Up Easily the most asked-for game by our patrons, Golden Axe is the pioneer of the fantasy genre that would go on to inspire some of the greatest titles in history. As a Beat 'em Up, Golden Axe features unique characteristics like spells, making it vastly different from the regular hack-and-slash that you'd encounter aplenty during that gaming period.   2. Metal Slug Date Released: 1996 Genre: Beat 'em Up You know, I love Contra. In fact, I grew up playing Contra. But Metal Slug just blows it out of the water, simple as that. From the very first instalment, the attention to details of this epic war Beat em Up was just incredible. You have tonnes of different weapons to choose from, grenades to throw, POWs to save and tanks to ride in. What more can we say? And now to the Number 1...   1. Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Date Released: 1991 Genre: Fighting One of the greatest—if not the greatest—of all time. How many times during your childhood have you tried performing Ryu's Hurricane Kick/ Shoryuken on your hapless siblings? I rest my case. Despite having simpler gameplay as compared to later titles, SFII still remained timeless when the editors replayed it on one of our own cabinets. The fighting dynamics are so perfectly designed to combine both skill and strategic timing, while every character remains uniquely balanced and playable. But it's not just the fighting that makes SFII the best. It is how the sound of the plane zooming across the map from the moment you've inserted your coin, to having Ryu's iconic theme song blast through the cabinet. The goosebumps rise on your skin, adrenaline and blood pumping through as you actually believe for a moment that you're indeed on a quest to becoming the World Warrior. Simply put, there's no greater arcade game for this generation than Street Fighter II. That rounds up our list of the 10 Greatest Arcade Games for the 80s babies, and if like us, you're itching to play some of these games all over again, check out our range of Retrocade Series in person, and have a go at these games again on a full-sized cabinet with authentic arcade controls! You can also take a look at our updated favourites here as well.

5 Awesomely Unusual Gifts He’ll Love This Christmas

Christmas season is just around the corner and we bet you ladies are having a hard time coming up with something original to buy for the boys in your life (Both the old one and the young ones). You probably face this conundrum yearly. You know, brainstorming for hours and wind up getting a watch, a belt, or a briefcase. Here's where we come in. Of course, as you may already imagine, we're the authority when it comes to getting awesome stuff for men. And so, the editors gathered around the round table, participated in our usual beer and TCSS, and came up with 5 of our most original products that will guarantee excitement within the family this Christmas. 1. Retrocade Super Mini WHY THEY WILL LOVE IT! ✔   Having an Arcade at home is equivalent to a woman having a full-length shoe rack at home. ✔   Endless retro games included: 600+ to keep them busy all year, let alone Christmas! ✔   Some proper Papa-Kiddo video-game bonding over the joysticks.   Editor's thoughts: There's no doubt that Papa's gonna love this. Stocked with all the vintage games that he grew up with, this is like going back to the candy store we grew up with. And it's not just about the games itself—this machine is a total beast with more than 600 to toggle between but the idea of having your very own personal arcade machine at home? That's the best Christmas ever. The Super Mini Arcade Machine is available for you to try out, or you can check out more arcade machines here.   2. MEISTER-XT FOOSBALL TABLE WHY THEY WILL LOVE IT! ✔   Beer with Buddies, Football on Telly, Banter, Chips and of course, Foosball. ✔   Gushes with manly appeal with a blockish look, along with football inspired Mancave emblem. ✔   A fantastic family game for four.   Editor's thoughts: Firstly, this is a really legit foosball table and this is coming from us, people who see different makes of foosball tables day in and day out. The Meister XT plays very well and you can definitely be sure that this table will see plenty of use during the festive season. Don't let space be a reason not to get a foosball table though. You can always consider a foldable table like the Garlando Foldy Evolution. Check out the Meister XT Foosball Table in its full glory in our showroom, or explore more foosball tables here!   3. VDarts H2L WHY THEY WILL LOVE IT! ✔   If they have been spending lots of money on darts in the pub, this is it. ✔   It's perfect when groups of friends come by. ✔   And if practising is boring, play online!   Editor's thoughts: Chances are that your guy has been spending plenty of time and money playing darts on weekends, so here is a dartboard that replicates the EXACT experience in the bar at home. The best part? It's a fraction of the actual machine. How awesome is that? Check out the VDarts H2L Electronic Dartboard here, also available for viewing at our showroom. 4. Motion-XT 2 in 1 Game Table WHY THEY WILL LOVE IT! ✔   Swap games when you feel like it! ✔   Legit size that doesn't feel gimmicky to play on. ✔   Pool is the perfect adult game, while children will love the Air Hockey feature.   Editor's thoughts: The problem with most Multi Game tables is like the old adage of being the jack of all trades, master of none. There are 7-in-1, 10-in-1s but will you actually play any of those games? What we really like about the Motion-XT is how despite being a Multi Game table, the Motion-XT aims to do well at just two of the most played games in the world. That's what makes it a highly versatile table for your young ones or the adults. If you're still not satisfied, you can also easily add Table Tennis to the mix by getting a two-piece tabletop. Check out the Motion-XT right here.   5. Rega Planar 1 Turntable WHY THEY WILL LOVE IT! ✔   Vinyl sounds better and it's how they were recorded to sound. ✔   The entire experience makes you appreciate music better. ✔   Unnecessary, excess, and fancy. But it's why they'll love it.   Editor's thoughts: Vinyl records are getting fashionable again, and rightly so. It's nostalgic, it's interesting and of course, there is not a more refined way of listening to music at home. With time being a premium for most grownups, would you prefer to relax to Spotify, or to your favourite tracks spinning on a 180g LP? Furthermore, the Rega Planar 1 is a fantastic start to the world of vinyl. Despite packing a humble price tag, the Rega Planar 1 still remains the flagship of entry-level turntables, bearing Rega's signature spritely and expressive sound. For anyone looking to get a start, this is the perfect one. You can find the Rega Planar 1 Turntable here, also available for viewing at our showroom. And that sums up our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide with 5 of the most original products you can get for this season. Did you manage to find something that your husband/kids would like? We hope you did. And if you have any questions, do drop us a call or email and we'll be glad to talk to you about it! Merry Christmas!

Top 10 Arcade Games That Will Bring You Back To The ’80s

Before today's digital role-playing games that endorse graphic violence, we enjoyed amusement arcade games, a notable success in the 1970s and 1980s popular culture. These games are the pioneers in the gaming industry we now know today. We appreciated their simplicity in the midst of a hustling global economy. Yet, the novelty of arcade games began to wear off in the late 1980s, as a result of technological advancement that shifted production and consumer demand to video game consoles. Nonetheless, the nostalgia attached to these arcade games is hard to erase -- especially if they were the peak of your childhood. Thankfully, these arcade games are still very much alive today, particularly in our showroom! So, be it purchasing an arcade machine for yourself, renting one for an event, or simply just dropping by our showroom to have a go at it, do visit our site for more information. Here are our personal favourites, and let us know if you agree!   10. Gauntlet Released in 1985 by Atari, designed by Ed Logg [embed][/embed] A fantasy-themed hack and slash arcade game, it brought the dungeon-crawling action of pen and paper role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons to the arcade environment. A party of 1 to 4 players fight their way through endless dungeons, both cooperating to kill enemies and competing to collect gold and upgrades. You can choose among 4 characters (Thor the Warrior, Thyra the Valkyrie, Merlin the Wizard or Questor the Elf) with varying powers. Interestingly, the game employed the voice of an unseen narrator who alternately helps the players by giving tips or mocks them when they destroy food, are nearing death, or begin a difficult level. Cabinets sold: 7,848   9. Galaga Released in 1981 by Namco [embed][/embed] You were a warrior and now you're in control of a spaceship. This game requires you to destroy insect-like enemy aliens while avoiding them and their bullets or you'll lose a life. Reach a score of 20,000 and then 70,000 and you'll be awarded an extra life respectively. But beware! A "Boss Galaga" will attempt to capture your ship using a tractor beam (as shown in 2:30 of the video). If captured, the ship joins the alien and you must free it. You have a few pathways now: 1. If you're successful, you are able to control two ships simultaneously. 2. If you shoot the ship instead, it is destroyed and does not return. The game ends when your last ship is destroyed or captured.   8. Pole Position Released in 1982 by Namco/Atari, designed by Toru Iwatani [embed][/embed] A straightforward racing game, Pole Position will test your skills in avoiding enemy cars and road signs. You can control the speed of your car with the gas pedal and brake. The race is completed when your car drives under a large Pole Position sign to the finish line. Cabinets sold: 24,550 Revenue by 1988: $60.9m   7. Pac-Man Released in 1980 by Namco, designed by Toru Iwatani and programmed by Shigeo Funaki Now, this is a game that people of all generations should know. What many might not know though, is that each ghost (enemy) is designed with its own distinct personality in the original game. The red guy, Blinky, is known as the chaser. The pink guy whose name you might not have guessed, Pinky, is the ambusher where they will aim for a position in front of Pac-Man's mouth. On the other hand, the blue guy, Inky, is programmed to be fickle-minded and they head towards Pac-Man on some occasions and on others, away. Finally, the orange guy, Clyde, feigns ignorance and behaves randomly. Though Pac-Man was designed to have no ending, as always, all good things must come to an end -- a bug corrupts the entire right half of the maze at level 256. This makes it the de facto ultimate level, or "the split-screen". Nonetheless, you can achieve a perfect score of 3,333,360 by eating every edible item and ghost on the first 255 levels and using all extra lives to score as many points as possible on level 256. Cabinets sold: 400,000 Revenue by 1985: $3.5bn   6. Asteroids Released in 1979 by Atari, designed by Lyle Rains, Ed Logg and Dominic Walsh [embed][/embed] In this space-themed game, your objective is to destroy asteroids and saucers using a triangular ship. Though the rules are simple, the difficulty lies in the lack of break time. Real-world physics were introduced in video games for the first time in history as Logg programmed this vector game and made it such that the graphics are composed of lines drawn on a vector (XY) monitor. Cabinets sold: 100,000 Revenue by 1991: $800m   5. Defender Released in 1981 by Williams Electronics, developed by Eugene Jarvis, Larry DeMar, Sam Dicker and Paul Dussault This game is one of the enduring icons of the Golden Age of Arcades in the 1980s and features an intimidating number of buttons. The joystick controls the ship's elevation while the five buttons control its horizontal direction and weapons. Defender's groundbreaking design paved the way for a whole era of horizontal shooting games and made a significant contribution to the video game industry. As Jarvis' first video game project, it drew inspiration from our other top-listers, Space Invaders and Asteroids. Cabinets sold: 60,000 Revenue by 1993: $1bn   4. Tetris Released in 1984, designed and programmed by Alexey Pajitnov The first version of Tetris run on an emulator of the Electronika 60 A game featuring tetrominoes popularised not by arcades or home computer platforms but by the Game Boy, Tetris was established as the Greatest Game of All Time in Electronic Gaming Monthly's 100th issue. Historically, various companies fought for rights to this game such as Atari and Nintendo and eventually, The Tetris Company was founded in 1996 in the US. We have good news for those who still play this game -- psychologically, results from social experiments suggest that playing Tetris enhances cognitive abilities, reduces the effects of trauma, kicks addiction and treats amblyopia. A phenomenon familiar with gamers where they devote so much time and attention to an activity that it begins to pattern their thoughts, mental images and dreams is also named after this very game, the Tetris effect.   3. Space Invaders Released in 1978 by Taito, designed by Tomohiro Nishikado [embed][/embed] The oldest game on our list, Space Invaders is widely considered to be the game that revolutionalised the video game industry. Its success led to the expansion of the industry from a novelty into a global industry. The video is self-explanatory -- you control a laser cannon by moving it horizontally and firing at descending aliens. Defeat all aliens and you will move on to the next level. Let the aliens reach the bottom or have your cannons destroyed and you lose. Cabinets sold: 360,000 Revenue by 1982: $2.7bn   2. Donkey Kong Released in 1981 by Nintendo, created by Shigeru Miyamoto This game primarily features the widely popular character all should know, Mario who was once known as Jumpman (Mario still jumps though), a damsel-in-distress Lady/Pauline, and the gigantic pet gorilla Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong will surely test your virtual agility and in actuality, your dexterity, as you navigate your character past barrels. Cabinets sold: 132,000 Revenue by 1982: $280m   1. Street Fighter II Released in 1991 by Capcom [embed][/embed] And now we have come to the number 1 in our list, Street Fighter II. Despite the decline in the late 1980s, arcades experienced a major resurgence thanks to the release of this fighting game in 1991. Street Fighter II took the original elements a quantum leap forward and set a benchmark for the fighting genre. The gameplay features an 8-directional joystick and 6 attack buttons which allow you to perform special moves by inputting a combination of directional and button-based commands. By 1994, Street Fighter II had already been played by over 25 million people in America and all versions are estimated to have exceeded $10bn in gross revenue, making it one of the highest-grossing video games and biggest successes of arcade games of all time. Cabinets sold: 200,000 Revenue by 1995: $2.31bn   Miss playing these games? You can get a multi-game retro arcade machine for your office or your house! This space guide will also give you the area needed for your very own arcade machine.

Are Arcade Machines Still Popular in 2023?

The Arcade Era, is the Magic Really Over? You pass the doorway and it’s like you’ve stepped into a different world from the one you’re used to, people hunched over mechanical machines in dimly-lit corners as they insert tokens into its slot to be greeted by 2-bit animated sprites and retro soundtracks that remind you of a simpler time.  For many of us of this generation, arcades are a limbo of both old and new, a combination of analogue love and technology that has given birth to such a classic and iconic gaming medium. It is a concept so deeply enmeshed into pop culture that even if we aren’t familiar with it in real life, we still find it so recognisable through the media’s romanticisation of nostalgia. However, in essence, what are they really? Are arcades merely a confined space in which we play classic titles in ‘dimly-lit corners’, or are they representational of gaming as a whole? Can we truly say that analogue games like pinball and the original Street Fighter are rapidly becoming obsolete when they are so many remakes of these games in different mediums? What does the future have in store for this beloved childhood space?  I’m here to dig deep down into finding out the answers to some of these questions.    Cultivating Childhood Love While it’s been argued countless times that video games’ popularity is what triggered arcades sharp decline in the 90s, it is video games that have enabled arcade games to reach the broader masses. For example, classic games like Donkey Kong and Atari’s Pong are those that are still considered family favourites and labelled as endlessly replayable. It’s no wonder that reboots and remakes are now an ongoing trend with pop culture: if it’s not broken then don’t fix it, right?   It cannot be argued that even back in its heydays, reinterpretation amongst games has always been a norm, paying homage to our childhood memories and creating something new that can be enjoyed by future generations to come. Therefore, video games have actually helped sustain this culture of nostalgia that shines a new light back on arcade games and their timelessness.   Technology & Video Games: The Arcade’s Make Or Break? Modernisation is a tricky thing to talk about regarding this topic. This is because it’s a double-edged sword for both arcades and the gaming industry, allowing us to create better machines and consoles by the year while simultaneously challenging the creative minds behind some of our favourite titles to keep coming up with more original stories with each iteration. There’s constant pressure behind the success of each title game and its predecessors, which means that so many ongoing series face the dilemma of falling flat on gamers’ expectations in aspects of story-telling rather than gameplay. While remakes and reboots are certainly popular, they only do so much to bring old players back into replaying what is already familiar and dear to them.  However, this doesn’t mean that technology has only been responsible for ushering in the death of arcades and analogue games. In fact, the rise of VR has provided new opportunities, incorporating a mechanical feel with VR immersion to create a whole new experience for old and new players alike. Rolling out this technology on a large scale is still unrealistic currently due to its high costs but with future developments down the line, there is certainly plenty of potential to bring back interests or even allow players to be able to experience the arcade scene in the comforts of their own home.    Social Opportunities: Breaking Stereotypes Arcades also provide a great form of socialising with family and friends, especially for those who cannot invest in their own consoles and PCs. Furthermore, arcade machines are bulky and generally a hefty investment, which just makes it easier to visit an arcade to try out arcade-exclusive titles and experience the game as it was originally intended to be played.  In fact, arcade joints are being seen as more than gaming hubs now; they’re about socialising and building a community. For example, many shop owners have embraced the ‘barcade’ concept to cater towards a continuously ageing crowd—merging food and boozy beverages to accompany your arcade gaming experience. This semi-casual environment has actually been a great way for allowing professional and casual players (kids and adults alike) to intermingle.  Barcades have also given leeway to arcade owners to venture into their own creative endeavours to entice customers, which includes the novelty idea of craft beer and game pairings—bars will provide you with a specific craft beer that is catered to the taste of your favourite arcade game to enhance the experience. It’s certainly a great way to encourage customers to try new things while keeping the experience fresh whether you’re there for the drinks, the games, or both.  Of course, there will always be events hosted for the more competitive crowd as people will always want to become better at the game without a doubt. However, arcades have also become a place for family fun and just a good place to hang out for most crowds on a Friday or weekend night.    One Man’s Trash, Another Man’s Treasure: Asian Popularity [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="4778"] While Japan has been responsible for the popularity of console gaming over the years, it is undeniable that the arcade scene still plays a big part within their culture.[/caption] Although arcades and arcade games were made popular in America, this medium actually continues to thrive in the Asian market despite the decline of its Western counterpart. Birthing a long-standing line of fighting genre titles like Tekken, Street Fighters, King of Fighters, Guilty Gear, and more, the arcade scene in Japan has never been healthier. In fact, one might even be able to catch a glimpse of some household classics and best-selling arcade games of all time hit the stands. I would even go to say that Maimai, the popular Japanese rhythm arcade game that released in 2012, has garnered a surprising amount of interest amongst Asian teens and young adults even to this day. Just shy of the beginning of 2020 when the COVID situation was still riffed with speculation, the lines queuing up for your own turn to play on the Maimai machines was nothing short of ridiculous. Growing Affluence Meets An Increased Appreciation for Lifestyle. Arcade machines are making a surprising comeback as individuals seek to furnish their homes with nostalgic gaming experiences. This resurgence can be attributed to a combination of growing affluence and a deep appreciation for a fulfilling lifestyle. Bringing arcade machines into homes goes beyond mere decoration; it is a deliberate choice to curate a space that reflects personality and embraces the joy of play. These captivating machines not only transport us back to a time of bustling arcades but also serve as statement pieces that enhance the overall ambiance. In a world dominated by screens, arcade machines offer a tactile and interactive source of entertainment, fostering connection and shared memories. The rising popularity of arcade machines in homes signifies a longing for genuine connection, shared experiences, and the pursuit of joy. By investing in these captivating machines, individuals are transforming their living spaces into havens of entertainment, personal expression, and nostalgia. Arcade machines are more than just nostalgic relics; they have found their place as timeless icons of play, reminding us to cherish the thrill of shared experiences and the joy of face-to-face interaction. Conclusion It is not difficult to see why Arcade Machines are winning the popularity contest —the revival of vinyl, the growing eSports scene, Asia’s expanding arcade market—I believe the most important thing about arcade games (or just games in general) is that it has enabled us to break social boundaries despite its limitation and should not be overlooked even with its stereotypes. As long as the gaming industry as a whole continues to thrive, I am certain that arcade games will still be around the corner for decades to come.  Inspired? Check out our range of Arcade Machines that promises to revive your excitement for nostalgia.

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