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What Does The Millennial Workforce Really Want?

Every office has its own culture and identity. Some office spaces are well-suited to encourage collaboration and inclusivity, while others (especially in larger companies) tend to foster individual production and focus. As millennials currently make up a growing percentage of the workforce—representing around 50% of corporate jobs—recent studies have shown that following the outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic, millennials are keen to ditch office life in favour of working from home.  This is because they feel physical office environments can make it hard for office workers to decompress and relax when necessary, affecting their productivity and quality of work for a company in the long run.  As such, it has become important for employers to incorporate office break rooms in physical offices to redefine the traditional office for their millennial employees, focusing on creating office spaces that will cultivate efficient and productive workers who can work independently or collaboratively as needed.    Disconnecting: The Office Problem For Millennials With the rise of technology and our equally fast, quick lifestyle, many millennials are forced to lead sedimentary lifestyles that can be detrimental to their health in the long term. The millennial generation has been identified as the most socially connected group ever; 85% check their social media accounts within 15 minutes after waking up. It was even discovered that one out of four millennials check their social media accounts before they go to sleep. This phenomenon is only made worse by office environments that emphasize constant communication and collaboration. Something that has not changed even after the post-pandemic shift to work-from-home. While this may seem like a great idea for team building and creativity at first glance, it's actually proven that such a lifestyle breeds distraction, stress, and deteriorating mental health. Technology's increasing accessibility creates the demand for workers to be constantly connected or available on-demand, making it harder for employees to detach from their work beyond physical locations or set hours. As a result, office break rooms must now accommodate this shift, creating multipurpose spaces where employees can take a break from their desks both physically and mentally as needed. [caption id="attachment_10704" align="aligncenter" width="843"] A Customised Bonzini Babyfoot Table in Spotify Singapore's Office.[/caption]   Making An Office Break Room Extraordinary It is clear that office break rooms are not just about providing a place to eat anymore. In fact, office break rooms are quickly becoming office centres for collaboration, productivity, and even play as more office workers turn to the gig economy. There are many ways that to approach building an office break room. For example, you can use a casual office space layout with simple game tables to help foster impromptu "breakout sessions" when teams might need a creative push to jumpstart their next big project while promoting the use of creative outlets for problem-solving for more effective results.  Other office break room spaces have been transformed into comfortable gaming areas where employees can use their breaks in a fun way through video games and other activities.  Of course, how you build your office's break room depends on the needs of each company’s employees and the office space allocated.  [caption id="attachment_10698" align="aligncenter" width="897"] Is it a conference table or a ping pong table? Regardless of what you might think, the You & Me Ping Pong Table fits right at home in any office or play environment.[/caption] Use Multipurpose Game Tables As Your Entry Point If you have doubts over what investments to make to your office's break room, our recommendation is to start with multipurpose game tables that can instantly change any space into work or play/relaxation space, depending on your needs. For starters, we recommend purchasing durable and easy-to-maintain multipurpose gaming tables for corporate spaces like the You & Me Ping Pong Table or the RS#3 Foosball Table range that caters to both indoor and outdoor environments. You can also look into and get inspired with lifestyle brands like RS Barcelona, a great brand for any company looking into practical and quality multipurpose game tables that fit well in any modern office space. [caption id="attachment_10699" align="aligncenter" width="516"] Values in gender equality - an essential theme today - can even be portrayed in a football table like the RS#3 by RS Barcelona, further accentuating the company's stand in matters.[/caption]   Final Words It is obvious that these office break rooms have become an important office space for companies to invest in. Essentially multipurpose spaces that encourage creativity, innovation, and growth among millennial employees, we believe that a little bit goes a long way in creating a more sustainable working environment and keeping a healthy working culture for the decades to come.  There's no better time to start investing in your company's future through your employees than now. If you're interested in starting building your own corporate break room or any other recreational space, you can email or message us on our official WhatsApp to make a booking. Our team provides free consultation and showroom tours that will allow you to test out the products for yourself.

Space Guide: Foosball

“Quick, shoot, shoot! GOAL!” Want to play football but find yourself out of luck in finding teammates? Well, you can play football even if there are only two of you. I'm sure that sentence made you think, "How is that possible?" Well, get a foosball table! With it, you can play foosball with just two to four people. In this series, you will find out the exact space you need to fit a foosball table in your man cave. Remember to check out our extensive selection of foosball tables designed to be robust enough for adult usage. In general, a foosball table is relatively space-saving. You will just need to cater to some additional space around the table for movement during gameplay.   Calculating The Area Required Using a Garlando Foosball table as a guide, the area required is 150cm x 125cm. As a rule of thumb, you'll need an area of 150cm x 189cm for the table and its gameplay. If you are facing space constraints, you can consider getting a foldable foosball table which saves more space when folded up nicely. You can also put it near the wall when not in use. [caption id="attachment_2315" align="aligncenter" width="700"] The Garlando Foldy Evo Foosball Table provides a great example of what a space-saving and practical foosball table should look and feel like.[/caption] Simply choose a perfect spot in your man cave and follow our space guide measurements to fit your foosball table. If you're unsure which style of foosball table to get, check out our buying guide on picking your first foosball table. I'm sure this article will give you more insight on the best foosball table that suits you the most. For more information about game table sizing in general, check out our Space Guide series. Already started playing with your foosball table? We've got an article on how you can improve your skills, beat your competitors with ease, and become a foosball champ! #BuildYourMen'sCave

How to Pick Your First Foosball Table: An Insider Guide

Ready to pick your first foosball table? Choosing a foosball table can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it's essential to make an informed decision to ensure you get a table that suits your needs and preferences. From buying options to the different foosball table considerations to take note, we've got you!   Buying a Foosball Table We started by specialising in foosball tables, so it's safe to say that this is one of our favourite subjects. With foosball tables priced for as low as $300 to as much as $5000, we'll show you what to look out for while searching for your perfect foosball table in this comprehensible buying guide.   Options to Select: Kid-Sized or Adult-Sized Table? Let's begin with this question: Is this table for a child (< 10 years old) or for an adult? This is the most important question to begin with, as all tables in the market can be segregated into either one of these sizes. Kid-sized tables are smaller, shorter and lighter, and are therefore not meant to be used for adults. The table below will help you find out which category a particular foosball table falls into. Our Recommendation? It's really simple. If it's meant for adult usage, you need an adult table. Kid-sized tables are lightweight and are not meant to take the impact of adult's playing force and gameplay. Kid-sized tables may be less costly, but it won't matter if you have to replace it after two months. If space is a constraint and you need an adult table, then choose a proper adult table that is foldable like the Garlando Champion. While most foldable tables are made for kids (again, you will know simply by looking at it's weight), the Garlando Champion is a very competent foldable table that is fully suitable for adult usage. If you're still unsure about sizes and dimensions, take a look at our space guide on foosball tables.   What's Your Usage Level? Another question to ask yourself is your usage level. Knowing your usage level and being realistic and honest about it can help you pick a foosball table that is just right for you. The objective really is to settle on a table that will suit you for years and years, and not one that you might outgrow in 3 months. Here are a few examples of common usage levels to think about. • Space Constraint Homes • Family Usage • Training Usage • Daily Office Usage • Outdoor Usage Depending on your type of usage, different models in the market are well suited for different kinds of usage. For example, homes with space constraints should be looking at a foldable table (as covered above), while someone with a keen interest in getting good at foosball should look at an ITSF training table. Most professional manufacturers like Garlando, Bonzini or Tornado will have high quality tables fulfilling different purposes and usage level. Look at each range in detail or if you're not feeling the research, speak to a product specialist to get a recommendation tailored to you. Our Recommendation? Once you know what sort of usage you're looking at, make sure to choose the right tables for the right purpose. It's critical for places with very high usage - like offices, schools - to look for tables that are sturdier. ITSF approved tables will be the ideal pick for such usage level.   Choose Between the Table Brands After you've sorted the two questions above, it's time to look at a few brands in the market for your table of choice. Just like when shopping for a camera, you would look at the big brands like Canon, Nikon & Sony, it is no different when looking for a foosball table. Our advice is this: stick to the well-reviewed brands for foosball tables, they may be slightly pricier but will play much better while lasting longer. If you actually spend time on the run-of-the-mill tables, and then with tables from the big brands, you will realise it's a comparison between toys and proper tables. We will now run through 3 professional brands available in Singapore that are used in the ITSF World Championships.   Garlando - Italy Garlando tables are made in Alessandria, Italy, and are home to the largest manufacturer in the world for foosball tables. European styled with a 1-man goalie and side ramps, Garlando tables provide gameplay that is best described as fast-paced with great control. The key quality in Garlando tables would be the moplen unbreakable figurines, which guarantees that these figurines on the playing surface are 100% unbreakable. Garlando also has the largest range and inventory of parts, with tables for practically every kind of usage. Key Feature Unique to This Brand: One key feature that is unique to Garlando foosball tables is their telescopic rods. The telescopic rod design is a safety feature that makes Garlando foosball tables particularly appealing, especially for families with young children or in environments where safety is a priority. With the telescopic rods, the ends of the rods do not protrude from the opposite side of the table, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries during gameplay.   Bonzini - France Widely known by enthusiasts as the world's number 1 brand for football tables, Bonzini tables are characterised by their incredible built-for-lifetime durability. This foosball table from Paris is amongst the most exquisite out there, with tables fully handcrafted to superior excellence. Bonzini gameplay is well characterised for providing the best control among any other brands due to the use of linoleum in the playing field. Key Feature Unique to This Brand: The key feature that is unique to Bonzini foosball tables is their iconic player figures, known as the "Bonzini men" or "Bonzini players." These player figures are distinct in design and construction, setting Bonzini foosball tables apart from other foosball tables on the market. With their rounded feet and colorful uniforms, playing foosball is just as fun as it is visually appealing. Read More: We also just did a review on the Bonzini B90, which is a superior model you should check out if you're eyeing this brand.   Tornado - U.S.A Another brand that is very well-liked by enthusiasts, Tornado produces quality foosball tables and is best known for their American-styled game-play. The table is played with 3-men goalies, which eliminates the requirements of ramps, and is liked by some players. Tornado figurines are known to have wider feet, which allows them to catch passes better than other tables. Tornado tables are characterised by great control with slower gameplay. Key Feature Unique to This Brand: Tornado foosball tables allow players to customize the level of grip or "foos" of the player figures by adjusting the level of silicone used on the rods. This customization allows players to tailor the table's performance to their playing style. At the same time, it sets them apart from other foosball tables and contributes to their popularity among serious foosball players and for the different kinds of professional tournaments.   Our Recommendation? Do your research, and look at the professional brands that specialises in Foosball, like the 3 mentioned above. After all, brands that are used in tournaments are specially approved for heavy usage, and it tells a lot. Lastly, always try one out in person if possible. Every table is different in the playing experience, and you definitely should try it to see if you like it before you select one.   Picking Your Foosball Tables: The Final Word Choosing your first foosball table can be intimidating. There are so many options to choose from! But when you know your preferences and purpose of buying, it'll be easier to find the foosball table that works for you and your home. Know your purpose, usage level, and brand preferences, and you're good to choose to your heart's content.   Ready to Spice Up Your Custom Game Room? Now that we've come to the conclusion of this quick guide, if you're following closely, you can be assured that you're on track to the right foosball table purchase. If you however, would like to speak to a specialist in foosball, do feel free to visit us in our showroom or contact us here. We can also speak to you about other big boy toys, including hockey tables, tennis tables, and arcade machines, that we have in our catalog. Meanwhile, happy exploring the rest of our Foosball Table range!

Why The B90 Is The World’s Best Foosball Table

To the untrained eye, every foosball table looks the same. However, there are a lot of details that differ from table to table, brand to brand. Today, we will review the Bonzini B90 to find out if it indeed lives up to its huge reputation as one of the best foosball tables in the world.  Playfield (5/5) The Bonzini B90 uses a linoleum playfield. This is exclusively used for Bonzini tables, allowing a level of control higher than any other table in the world. The playfield compresses slightly to enable users to trap and pin the ball when passing from man to man. Figurines (5/5) Other than the playfield, the figurines are the most important part in assessing the playability of a foosball table. Bonzini B90 uses heavy aluminium figurines and their density allows players to have a real ‘feel’ of the ball. These figurines are guaranteed to be unbreakable and have wide feet that allow for better control when passing. The deep ‘V’ feet allows you to pin the ball, which is the basis of many pin shots that are only possible with a Bonzini Babyfoot. Style of play / Playability (5/5) Played with an iconic cork ball instead of the usual plastic balls, Bonzini tables mimic the European style of play. The gameplay involves more passing and control, deviating away from speed and power. This is the kind of table where the skilled expert will almost always beat a novice. The Bonzini B90 is also the official ITSF tournament table for the Pro Tour series, which makes it a keen favourite among top players like Meckes Sebastien, Travers Frederic, and co. For the curious, here's a video of a B90 in action. Durability (5/5) The Bonzini B90 is one of the few products in today’s age that can truly fulfil its claim: Built for Life. Each table is handcrafted in France using only the finest materials. With a full-body cabinet made from solid beech wood and guaranteed unbreakable figurines, this table is able to take a beating like no other. Among the 5 official ITSF brands, only Bonzini tables are made with solid wood. Auxiliary (4.5/5) Being a traditional model with little change in design over the past 50 years, the Bonzini B90 is equipped with basic score counters. However, the table cabinet and players are fully customisable. You can play out football’s biggest rivalries, El Classico, the North London derby, etc while choosing your own side by customising the table cabinet. Its full customisation options is a major bonus as compared to other tables. Overall (5/5) The Bonzini B90 is constantly rated as the best foosball table. Although they don't come cheap, they're certainly a worthy investment considering their lifelong usage. It is a 5 star in all major departments, and points are given for being fully customisable. However, it does not have certain auxiliary features that some other tables provide. We could really use the bottle holder for our beer!   Read More Did you like this review? Then, you might also like a similar review we did on the Garlando Pro Champion, another foosball table for the books. Interested in getting a good table? Check out our range of quality foosball tables here. And if you're ready to own a foosball table for your home, be sure to check out a buying guide we made to help you pick your first foosball table. Good luck!

Garlando Pro Champion—An Unbeatable Foosball Table For The Money

Our readers and customers challenged us to find the ultimate foosball table without breaking the bank. And despite the many types and styles of foosball tables in the market, we finally narrowed our answers to one—The Garlando Pro Champion. As an official ITSF endorsed tournament table, the Garlando Pro Champion has solid credentials that far belies its humble price tag. But is there really such a thing as a great foosball table? Lucky for you, the editor is in a geeky mood today to fully strip down the Pro Champion in its entirety for your reading pleasure.   Playfield (4.8/5) The Pro Champion uses a sandblasted glass playing field that is unique and different from the more common plastic laminate found on other tables. The smooth playing surface encourages speed play, making it ideal for offices.   Figurines (4.8/5) The players are the other factor that determines the playability of a foosball table. The Pro Champion comes with moplen unbreakable figurines in traditional red and blue teams. The deep ‘V’ feet of the players allows the Pro Champion to retain a high level of control where passing between rods is not an issue.   Style of Play/Playability (5/5) Played with traditional plastic balls on a sandblasted surface, the Garlando promotes speed play while still being able to retain a high level of control when passing from rod to rod. While the style of play is less European and more English, the table plays fast and exciting, certainly worth its 5-star rating.   Durability (4.8/5) As one of the official ITSF tournament tables, the Pro Champion is built to handle the rough play during competitive events. With a 25mm-thick MDF cabinetry and 90mm x 90mm square metal legs, the table is designed for the heaviest of usage in offices or recreational spaces. Coupled with unbreakable figurines, this table will last the better part of a decade.   Auxiliary (4.7/5) Being the official ITSF tournament table, the Garlando Pro Champion has auxiliary features for a tournament setting. The score counter allows players to keep track of games, sets and goals, and a ball entry point in the middle of the table. Leg levellers enable the playing surface to be completely flat for a tournament setting and while we could do with beer holders, we fully understand why the table doesn’t come with them.   Overall (4.8/5) For a table of such quality, the Pro Champion is very reasonably priced. Best placed in offices, schools, and recreational spaces where heavy usage is expected, the table is highly rated in all departments and only marginally behind the Bonzini in durability.   Who is this for? Anybody, really. Anybody looking for a foosball table should basically eliminate all other options and look squarely at the Pro Champion. Durable, great playing, and well priced, the Pro Champion is the undisputed dollar for dollar, pound for pound, champion of the foosball world.   Read More Did you like this review we did? We also have another product review; this time of the B90, which is also one of the best foosball tables to look out for! Interested in picking up a quality foosball table? Check out our range of foosball tables here.

The Different Styles and Types Of Foosball Tables & Why They Matter

Did you know that there are different types of foosball tables? Here in our retail showroom, when we have people dropping by to look for a foosball table, we tend to have a conversation along this line: Customer: Hello, I'm here to look for foosball tables.TMC: Right. Do you know what sort of table you're looking for?Customer: *Blank look followed by a moment's silence*Customer: THERE'S MORE THAN ONE TYPE??? Well, there sure is! Foosball is played in many countries each with their preferred type of table. With varying 'foosball nationalism', you can imagine that there are more than just a handful of different types. Therefore, it's time for The Foosball Aficionados to set the record straight with 5 of the most prominent types of tables available in the world. In this article, we'll also highlight each of their unique features and benefits to help you make an informed choice when selecting the perfect table for your gaming pleasure.   Foosball Tables List: The Types and Styles to Look Out for 1. Italian (Garlando, Roberto Sport, FAS) Unlike the actual Italian Men's team, Italian foosball, also known as Calcio Balilla in Italy, is played at a really quick pace and some local rules even consider it a foul if the ball stops in the table for a split second. More emphasis is placed on reflex & speed of thought as opposed to calculated control, which means that proper Italian tables are often found to be equipped with a glass playfield, tinier figurines, and lighter rods. Moreover, Italian foosball tables are typically constructed using high-quality materials such as solid hardwood, stainless steel, and tempered glass. These materials ensure the tables' sturdiness and longevity, making them suitable for both home and commercial use. As a result, the Italian sort of gameplay is an exciting, varied, and suitable for players of all skill levels. These are also why many Italian foosball tables are built to meet international tournament standards, making them a popular choice for professional players and foosball enthusiasts who participate in competitive events. For a more in-depth understanding of what Italian foosball tables offer, you can check out our review on the Garlando Pro Champion, one of the best models in this category.   2. French Tables (Bonzini, Sulpie) Ask any Frenchmen what a good football table is, and the unequivocal response is the ' Babyfoot'. That refers to the french style of table—heavy aluminium figurines, rubbery playfield, and light cork balls. And of course, in French colours! Another characteristic to note about these foosball tables is that are generally smaller and more compact compared to other foosball tables. Thus, they are designed to fit in smaller spaces, making them ideal for homes, bars, cafes, and other social environments. All these factors contribute to gameplay that is unmatched in ball control and is extremely skill-driven. As a side, authentic French tables are always built by master craftsmen and are known to be the most durable tables in the world. On another note, French foosball tables typically feature a single-goalie setup, meaning there is only one goalie player on each goal line. This differs from American-style foosball tables that often have a three-goalie configuration.   3. American Tables (Tornado, Shelti) The only kind of tables to offer 13 figurines a-side on a playfield as opposed to 11 a-side, American tables are most favored by you guessed it - Americans. Typically played on a plastic laminated playfield with wide-foot figurines, the emphasis is on passing the ball and in this regard, American tables are amongst the best. Many American foosball tables also have ramped corners, which prevent the ball from getting stuck in the corners and ensure a continuous flow of the game. At the same time, the playing surface is usually covered with rubber bumpers, providing a better grip on the ball and reducing dead spots. Gameplay, as a result of the larger feet and playing surface bumpers, becomes a slower-paced affair and, in our opinion, is more catered to enthusiasts with a specific liking for slower, controlled gameplay. 4. German Tables (Leonhart, Carromco, Tecball) Another major style of play, German foosball is a blend of American's sports pragmatism coupled with European finesse. Designed very similarly to Americans, German figurines feel lighter than its American inspiration, which lends to better pinning as a result. German foosball tables, with their solid construction, precision engineering, and smooth gameplay, have undeniably earned a reputation for excellence in the world of foosball. The use of telescopic rods, counterbalanced players, and optional goalie configurations as key characteristics make these tables suitable for players of all skill levels. Additionally, many German foosball tables come with counterbalanced players, where the players' figures are weighted to stay horizontal when released. This feature allows for improved ball control and passing. The way to sum of this style of game-play is moderately fast, with good control and a more consistent/ predictable game-play. So, if you value precision and durability in your foosball table, a German foosball table may be the ideal choice to elevate your gaming experience.   5. Spanish Tables (RS Barcelona) Spanish football tables' characteristic dimensions are wholly unique and heavily inspired by Spanish men's football which considers the midfield to be the domineering aspect. As a result, its foosball tables slopes towards the middle in a "U" shape. This ensures that the midfield gets most of the balls, while the back pins are utilised as the primary way of controlling the ball. Interesting, but it can be tough to get used to! Mirroring soccer, Spanish tables have metal players separated by two feet instead of a single toe. Its playing surfaces may come in glass and acrylic, too. So, if you're looking for a more challenging way to play your foosball, these tables are the way to go. Foosball Tables: In Conclusion Now that you know the different styles, so what? It's important to consider what style suits your preference as this is the best way to get long-term value out of your purchase. Tables with faster, exhilarating gameplay are generally better choices for homes and offices, while people looking for a unique experience should go for the Spanish style. Here, we sum up our general rule of thumb for the foosball tables and their unique feature characteristic: Most Exhilarating Gameplay: Italian Most Durable Table: FrenchBest Ball Control: French Most Versatile Style: German/ Italian Most Suitable for Specific Training: American Most Unique Table: Spanish  We hope this guide has given you a good base of knowledge about the types of foosball table there are in the market. If you'd like to explore some of the brands that we've gone through, check out our range of foosball tables here which features practically all the styles of tables covered. We also have a list of standard foosball rules. In any case, nothing beats experiencing all these different tables in person. And the best way to do so? Visit our showroom and feel inspired by the number of choices available on-hand for you to get your hands on!

How to Improve Foosball Skills: 5 Techniques You Should Know

Foosball, also known as table soccer, is a fast-paced and thrilling game that requires a combination of strategy, reflexes, and precision. Whether you play for fun or competitively, improving your foosball skills can significantly enhance your game and elevate you to a higher level of play. But, then comes the question: how to improve foosball skills? Today, we will explore the various play foosball tricks and techniques that can help you improve your foosball gaming experience and dominate the table. Let's not waste time and get into action. Foosball Tips and Techniques to Improve Your Game 1- The Push Kick Spot a gap in the defense? Push the ball laterally between your strikers, aim, and shoot. The ball will become fast and super deadly. This trick is called the push kick, and it is easy to master and develop among all the other foosball tips and effective in games. The push kick is also versatile and can be used in various situations during a foosball game. It is effective for both shooting straight shots into the goal, as well as diagonal shots that can catch opponents off-guard. As you become more proficient with this shooting technique, you can combine it with other shots and strategies to become a more challenging player to beat on the foosball table. Master this important foosball skill and own your friends while playing foosball! [embed][/embed] 2- The Wall Brush Wall Brush is a passing technique where the first 5 – 3 men pass that everyone learns when starting out. It's simple yet super effective. The objective of "The Wall Brush" is to redirect the ball away from the goal and towards the sides of the foosball table or back towards your offensive zone. It’s done typically along the wall that is nearest to you, and only on tables that utilize tournament bumpers. Keep your 3-men tight by the wall and tilt. When done right, the result is a trapped ball on your 3 bar. After executing "The Wall Brush," be prepared for follow-up shots from your opponent. Quickly reset your defensive formation to be ready for further defensive maneuvers. [embed][/embed] 3- The Dink The dink is a sneaky little shot. It is often executed when the opposing defenders are tightly packed or when there's limited space for a powerful shot. More importantly, it is a useful offensive move that catches opponents off guard, especially when they least expect a soft and controlled shot. It’s a little push on the ball by the wide strikers, followed by a shot that’s designed to spray (angled) a little. The target is typically the near post gap, where defenders may occasionally leave out due to their focus being on the central striker. The dink is typically a secondary shot. P.S: After mastering both skills, The Dink Shot and The Push Kick, you can combine them together and perform a deadly combination shot to score. [embed][/embed] 4- Stick Passing The Stick Passing technique is used to pass the ball between players on the same rod (bar) without shooting or shooting for a goal. It is a fundamental skill that allows players to maintain possession, create strategic plays, and set up scoring opportunities. Stick passing is essential for team coordination and can be used in doubles foosball games too. This trick is similar to the Wall brush, but it requires you to fully utilize the 5-men bar. Maneuver the ball along the bar until you spot a lane in your opponent's five bar and pass the ball to your next lane quickly without being blocked. It's a great move to use and mix up with other tricks to achieve a desirable effect. In a way, it's also a strategic move. Consistent stick passing can frustrate your opponent, as it makes it harder for them to gain possession and disrupt your rhythm. [embed][/embed] 5- The Pin Shot One of the best shots to perform on a Garlando table is the pin shot. The pin shot begins with a setup to pin the ball in front of the goalie, followed by sliding left to right to create openings, and lastly, outracing the defense to pot. The name "Pin Shot" comes from the way the ball is pinned between the front man's foot and the playing surface before it is propelled into the goal. This shot is extremely effective and is considered a high percentile shot on a Garlando table due to its immense versatility. By mastering this shot and combining it with other shooting techniques and strategic plays, you can become a more formidable player on the foosball table and improve your scoring opportunities. [embed][/embed] But Before Gaming... To achieve wins every single play, practice is the key. Continually practicing foosball not only accustoms your mind to the common strengths and weaknesses of other players, but also allows you to think of your own. With constant gaming, you eventually pick up on what tricks to use to fool your opponent and what tricks don't work. You'll also get to react more quickly and defend your team when your opponent plays game tricks on you. Foosball Tips and Techniques: In Conclusion Now that you know the few basic techniques and foosball guides to winning your game of foosball with friends and family and how to improve your gameplay tactics, you can easily gain countless victories in the long run. With practice and continuous playing, you can even prepare yourself to learn more tricks and play professionally. Ready to Improve Your Skills and Learn More about the Game? Follow our Space Guide: Foosball to get your measurement for fitting a Foosball table in your own Man's Cave and check out for more Space Guide series here. For more information on which foosball table to get, take a look at our breakdown of different styles of foosball table here. Don't forget to visit our Foosball Table Range to find the foosball table you desired. We also have a range of table tennis and arcade games in our collection, if you're interested in that. #BuildYourMen'sCave

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