Your One-Stop, Quick Shuffleboard Guide

Are you interested in buying your own shuffleboard table but not sure where to begin? Perhaps you’re wondering if this is the right game for you? Maybe you’re a fan of air hockey who is looking for a similar game with tons of different playstyle options? If any of the above applies to your situation or you have other similar concerns, this is the right guide for you!    What Is Shuffleboard? Shuffleboard is played on a levelled surface with pucks that are pushed across the table with your hands—making it super easy to learn and pick up on the go. The players take turns sliding their pucks across the table to their opponent’s side to score points (each table segment that the puck is on is a certain amount of points) while trying to knock their opponent’s pucks off the playing field. Yes, it’s within the rules that you’re required to knock them out of the game! The winner is decided based on who is the first to get up to 15 points in total. Traditional shuffleboard games are usually played with either 2 to 4 players, but you can take turns for larger groups as most games are finished up quite quickly due to its fast gameplay style and simple mechanics.    Calculating The Area Required: Shuffleboard tables are long but narrow, coming in a range of different lengths which make them relatively space-saving for most living spaces or game rooms. The tables usually range from around 9 feet minimum to as long as 22 feet in total. 22-feet long shuffleboard tables are considered the standard size for professional shuffleboard tables that qualify for competitive use. This measurement list also includes the suitable puck size needed for each specific shuffleboard table length:    Please ensure that you have at least an extra 3 feet (around 91.44cm) of playing room on all sides of the shuffleboard table as this is recommended by professionals to keep your playing space at an optimum.  If you’re tight on space and just looking at a shuffleboard table for casual play, you should aim for a length of about 14 to 20 feet. This will provide you with plenty of playing room while making it more beginner-friendly depending on your requirements.    High Replayability Through Various Playstyles: Getting a shuffleboard table is a great investment because of the many different variations of the game that exist. There is also the option of turning your shuffleboard table into a makeshift “bowling alley” with our wooden shuffleboard pins, spicing up random game nights at home.  In fact, table shuffleboard itself is considered a miniature version of floor shuffleboard, a popular version of shuffleboard usually played on cruise ship decks or in retirement homes amongst old people due to its low-intensity physical requirements. As the namesake suggests, this version of shuffleboard is played on the floor with much larger pucks, showcasing its versatility.   Therefore, what are you waiting for? Your shuffleboard table options and playstyles are endless! If you’re interested in other types of game tables, you can take a look at the rest of our Space Guide series. 

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