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Space Guide: Table Tennis

How do you fit one into your own home? Table tennis tables are one of our largest items, with a full-sized table tennis table typically measuring around 2.73m x 1.53m (9ft x 5ft). That’s around the size of a 9ft table.  Calculating The Area Required The official tournament space requirement for a table tennis table is 14m x 7m (46ft x 23ft). This is considered an extravagant amount of space that renders it almost impractical for home users. However, if you're interested in playing casual table tennis at home, the minimum space recommended is 6.76m x 3.83m (22.1ft x 12.5ft). In fact, why not opt for one of our smart foldable tables? They make it really convenient to own a proper table tennis table if that's what you're looking for. Or if you want the added convenience of it being multifunctional, you can also take a look at the You & Me Ping Pong Table by RS Barcelona. P.S. The Men's Cave team has tested the measurements mentioned above, so we guarantee they're legit! If you're interested in seeing how our other products will fit in your home, please remember to check out our Space Guide series!   #BuildYourMen'sCave

Table Tennis: How To Know Your Tables

While Table Tennis tables come primarily in one size—don't bother with the mini ones—there are a fair bit of differences when it comes to the details; 16/18/22mm boards, MDF vs Resin, etc. Our expert team is here today to write a quick guide on what to look out for when buying a table tennis table.   The thickness of the tabletop & why it matters The first thing to look out for is the tabletop thickness. This is the key factor that determines the bounce quality of the ball. The thickness of table tops can start at 10mm for a basic table, and goes to 22mm for a tournament table. As a general rule of thumb, the thicker the tabletop, the better the bounce which will lead to faster and more satisfying gameplay. Outdoor tables, however, operate on a different platform. Instead of MDF, Resin is used to provide waterproofing and thickness typically comes in between 3.5mm - 7.0mm. Once again, the thicker the tabletop, the better. Our recommendation? 22mm is designed for professional/ training users and is recommended for schools or people looking for the best experience. 19mm, however, is what we consider to be a really good thickness for the majority of users.   Frame & Chassis If you're a table tennis player, then you would know that the table does get a certain amount of wear and tear from the constant knocking and brushing during games. This is where the frame & chassis comes into play. Look at the thickness and design of the frame. Users with higher usage should be looking at a more solid frame, which is typically comprising of thicker square section steel with additional reinforcements around the tabletop. Despite that, casual users will find round section tables to be mostly sufficient. Our recommendation? Don't make your decision purely from the type of support frame. Take a good look at how the frame is designed, especially if it's flimsy or made with very thin steel. These are all factors we look at when appraising a table tennis table.   Compare the features By now you would have covered two of the most important factors in gauging the quality of a table tennis table, and if a particular table is well built or worth the money you're paying for it. The last thing to do, however, is to compare the finer features between the tables. Some important features that good tables should have include: • Ball & bat storage • Playback facility • Ease of foldability • Ball dispenser • Adjustable net - Height & tension • UV coated tabletop Our recommendations? These are some very important features to look out for in your table, and so make sure that you compare tables on the basis of these features as well. Adjustable net, as well as playback facilities, are two of the most important ones that we will recommend.   Final Word If you have reached this part of the guide, then congratulations as you're now on your way to being a discerning buyer of a good table tennis table. We hope this guide will prove to be useful for you and do let us know if you need advice or opinions on a particular table! We also recommend looking at the rest of our guides if you're interested in learning more about the best game tables for you!  

Our Brands: Representing Life Through Quality

Pioneers of lifestyle products within Singapore, we test and source our products worldwide to provide you with the best there is to offer. This means making sure that all product quality is upheld before being passed to consumers and that the things we bring in are truly what we believe will help bring your lifestyle to the next level. Therefore, we have decided that it is important for us to shed some light to both present and future customers on some of the brands we represent and advocate for within The Men’s Cave   RS Barcelona A brand that truly encapsulates what it means to live in the moment. We believe that Spanish-brand RS Barcelona has never stopped short of producing products that are fun and practical regardless of your environment. In fact, founder Rafael Rodriguez Castillo encourages customers to think outside the box, providing a range of fully customisable options and sourcing locally-made materials of the highest quality to guarantee customer satisfaction every single time.  With a motto like ‘intense living’, RS Barcelona certainly hits the nail on the head when it comes to those who want both design and practicality, whether it’s at home or in the office. When each of their game tables comes with a multifunctional purpose that allows you to turn a conference table into a makeshift ping pong game, it’s hard to say no to living in the moment.  [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="750"] The You & Me Ping Pong Table is the perfect example of working hard and playing even harder. Simple and elegant in design, it becomes a practical conference or dining table within any living space in the blink of an eye.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_5868" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Who says that you have to put away your games at the dining table? Meet the RS#2 Dining Football Table, breaking boundaries and social etiquette to bring your next dinner party to the next level. With this, you won't ever have to worry about entertaining guests.[/caption] Stern Pinball  Are you a kid of the 80s? Did you ever hang out in strip mall arcades during the weekends with your friends while saving all the spare change from the pocket money your parents used to give you every week? If you are then the Stern household name is probably familiar to you.  A love of pinball passed down from father to son, Stern Pinball is one of the largest pinball manufacturers in America that have done well to keep mechanical pinball machines alive and still sought-after. Whether you’re looking for a home statement piece or are just a collector, Stern provides all of that and more.  [caption id="attachment_7350" align="aligncenter" width="2048"] Our team's personal favourite—the Iron Maiden. Reminiscent of their hit tour: Legacy Of The Beast, top pinball designer Keith Elwin makes a mark within the pinhead community with this particular pinball machine and with good reason. With deep-set rules and gameplay that's coupled with an addictive album track, it is truly an immersive experience.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_7362" align="aligncenter" width="1875"] Love him or hate him, Deadpool is everyone's favourite, fourth-wall-breaking, pottymouth antihero that Stern has translated so lovingly into their pinball machine. With custom voice lines by Nolan North and an original soundtrack made specifically for this game, you won't realise how much time you've sunk into this game once you start playing.[/caption]   Sound Leisure There’s something personal in owning and listening to vinyl, which is why we believe the way you experience them should matter as well. Considered one of the last two vinyl jukebox makers in the world (the British counterpart to the iconic Rock-Ola), Sound Leisure remain a prominent figure in the creation of original mechanical jukeboxes by combining their expertise in jukebox making with the latest sound technology to create an unforgettable audiophile experience. Whether you’re looking for a more classic look with bubblers or a hybrid player that will allow both vinyl and Bluetooth tracks, Sound Leisure has got your back. In fact, most of their products are made to order and handmade from start to finish, so you can accommodate the jukebox to your tastes rather than the other way around.  [caption id="attachment_8155" align="aligncenter" width="600"] If it's not broken, don't fix it: Sound Leisure's CD series takes inspiration from classic jukeboxes to give you that retro feel with the latest sound technology for the best music-listening experience.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_7626" align="aligncenter" width="1365"] Who says a jukebox is a waste of space? With Sound Leisure, as long as you can think of it, the customisation choices are endless![/caption]   Retrocade What is better than having your own arcade game in your home? Being able to personalise it into a bespoke experience to make it a one-of-a-kind item you will cherish for the years to come. The Retrocade series is considered our own in-house brand, a collaboration between the designers and creative minds of The Men’s Cave to create the retro arcade game of your dreams. Our R&D team constantly sources out premium and authentic arcade parts in their constant efforts to improve and build better arcade machines by the day.   In fact, we’re always available if you want to pop us a message to discuss your own dream build or any other ideas you might have.

Designer Or Professional: Which Table Tennis Table Should You Go For?

Now that you’re well-versed with table tennis tables, perhaps you want a statement piece rather than a full-sized professional table. This is where buying a designer table is great not only because brands usually take the liberty to create interesting pieces, but for the fact that they are usually multi-functional and can be repurposed as a dining or conference table when not in use, which makes them great statement pieces in homes, residential areas, and even offices. However, you should always keep in mind that your purchase decision should align with your use case and requirements.  To help you figure out what’s right for you, here is a list of our top four brands and some of their best models for designer and professional-spec table tennis tables:   Designer Types Best suited for clients with a discerning eye for aesthetics, designer tables are best for practicality and functionality without compromising aesthetics. As they aren’t tournament legal, brands usually come up with their own iconic designs and hidden storage compartments to keep all your table tennis components. Often, these tables are multipurpose in nature, where it's furniture like surface is often perfect for use as a dining table or a meeting table. To make the best use out of them, designer tables are generally better for discerning home entertainment spaces or as a general statement piece as they are designed to be both eye-catching but elegant.    RS Barcelona Known for their simplistic yet thoughtful designs, RS Barcelona is an advocate of what they dub 'Intense Living’ - Living life with play, practicality and quality.. This certainly shows in their work, where each detail is simple yet full of intention; every design feature of an RS Barcelona product is there for a reason, while never looking out of place in the modern home no matter where you place it.    The You & Me Ping Pong Table Series: [caption id="attachment_9480" align="aligncenter" width="900"] The use of iroko wood and a steel chassis makes the outdoor variant both practical and weatherproof even under rain or shine. Lightweight, practical, and elegant. What’s there not to love?[/caption] The You & Me is RS Barcelona's best selling product, and has won numerous design awards. Despite boasting a full size Table Tennis playfield, the You & Me is an incredibly elegant product that will not find itself out of place in a well furnished home or an office. The You & Me is available in several finishes, including the White, Black, Walnut or Oak. It's also available in a multitude of sizes to fit smaller spaces, and in two trims - Outdoor or Indoor. Whether you decide to opt for an Outdoor or Indoor model, both models comes with a waterproof top that makes the table universally practical as a general purpose or dining table at home. Finally, the Y&M features a magnetic hatch that stores bats and balls out of sight when not in use. With it's diversity in fun, practicality, materials and aesthetics - It's easy to see why the You & Me is the choice of designers and architects around the world.   District Eight Based humbly in Vietnam, District Eight is a promising new brand that has incorporated post-colonial industrial building designs into their lifestyle products to create something both modern and unique to them.    D8 Conference Ping Pong Table: [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"] By refurbishing parts from actual post-colonial bridges and buildings in Vietnam, the D8 Ping Pong Table is reminiscent of the industrial era with a modern touch.[/caption] District Eight designs are known for their use of industrial materials followed by modern designs, which is what District Eight’s table tennis table encompasses. With a practical and high-quality industrial aesthetic, each D8 Ping Pong Table is handcrafted and features a pedestal cast iron base and solid oak tabletop surface to provide you with an interactive and functional experience.  The D8 Ping Pong Table’s simplicity and practicality also mean it’s a great choice for office set-ups looking to provide break time incentives to workers and colleagues alike.    Professional Types In terms of playability, nothing will ever beat a proper competition-grade table tennis table. While they’re usually marked with a hefty price tag compared to most other choices, you can be guaranteed quality that will last you a lifetime for as long as it’s maintained well.  Most professional tables are usually all business and no-frills, so their appearance is quite standard to meet strict IFFT regulations. However, these tables are usually the best for low-maintenance environments (such as schools and shared public facilities) so don’t be too daunted by the price tag as you’re paying for quality.    Kettler A renowned German brand when it comes to home furniture and sports equipment, Kettler can usually be found on the international market as they are best known for their quality standards in sports and ITTF-approved table tennis tables in particular.  Kettler also has an official line of table tennis tables under the Atlanta series that they still manufacture and sell to this day—the same design of table tennis tables they had officially provided for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.    Kettler Indoor 10: [caption id="attachment_2272" align="aligncenter" width="700"] A premium indoor table tennis table that’s ITTF-approved, the Kettler Indoor 10 is also great for home and office environments with its easy storage function.[/caption] Specially designed for optimal indoor play, the Kettler Indoor 10 is both space-saving and heavy-duty for recreational and competition usage. For intermediate and more experienced players, the foldable table also provides you with solo training options—just fold the table in half and you’re ready to go! The additional square tube structures provide additional stability and are paired with a 22mm specially coated playfield to maintain the regulated ITTF ‘true bounce’ needed for tournament play.    JOOLA Focusing on the production of table tennis tables and accessories, JOOLA debuted in the Olympics around the same time as Kettler and currently dominate the table tennis scene in America. While JOOLA does provide a few of its own designer options, they are still best known for their competition-grade tables. Supplying table tennis tables for three Olympic venues over the past few decades, JOOLA is certainly the best brand to look at if you’re interested in investing in a table tennis table that will last you a lifetime.  Joola World Cup 25s ITTF Approved: One of the most popular Joola table in the Joola range, the JOOLA World Cup 25S has been fully optimised over the decades for the ultimate competitive playing experience. With a specially processed polyester coating that allows for an even bounce throughout, the JOOLA World Cup 25s is a great choice for competitive or training environments where heavy-duty equipment is required. It is completely foldable and which allows for playback training. Lastly, this ITTF approved table comes with heavy duty wheels that allows for easy moving and storage when not in use.    We hope this quick guide has given you some insight on the different styles and types of Table Tennis table available in the market. If you're unsure what might suit you, why not drop us a call and get professional advise from our product advisors? Otherwise, do check out our range of table tennis tables here.  

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