Golf Simulators Data Explained: What does a Golf Simulator track?

We all know how important the accuracy of data is when playing with an indoor golf simulator - be it training or leisure, you will want the golf simulators data explained to be reflective of your actual game. Otherwise, why purchase a golf simulator? The QED range of simulators are some of the best in the business, not only with its privacy and accuracy, but its wide variety of data points that helps you understand your game, so you can be a better player in no time. But what do these data points actually mean?  In this article, we'll be using the flagship Uneekor EYEXO and will explain — in detail — the data points tracked by this QED product and some other features worth checking out that SkyTrak and other simulator products don't have! If you're keeping your golf simulator buying options open, we also have a wide collection of QED golf simulators for your choosing. Each has their own unique features for your best golf play. But before that, let's get down to learn the EYE of the details. Golf Simulator Feature: Uneekor EYE XO Launch Monitor Data The Uneekor EYE XO Golf Simulator takes your golf game to extreme heights. With high point accuracy and fast data tracking and feedback, it goes all out. It promises no visual shot delay and a greater chance of making adjustments to your technique as needed. Improving your overall game is doable! This overhead golf simulator launch monitor offers a seamless transition to any interior design, and best of all, it doesn't cut corners on detailed data presentation. Using proprietary motion sensors and cameras that operate at over 3,000 fps, golfers can view detailed metrics of their golf shot in real time. These data points are then broken down into two main categories: ball and club data. And these categories make way for more specific metrics, including club speed, acceleration, angle of attack, ball launch angle, spin rate, landing angle, and more. Ready to see all these metrics in detail? EYE XO's Data Feedback: 23 Parameters to Check for Ball Flight All in all, the EYE XO Golf Simulator measures 23 parameters in its launch monitor data. This offers a highly extensive set of metrics that every golf player can count on to measure and improve their game. Compared to other launch monitors and simulators, like SkyTrak, Trackman, and GCquad, this range in metrics is a step-up! Most simulators, like the brands mentioned above, only retain and present basic data that don’t exceed 23 parameters. More importantly, QED’s commitment to detailed data analysis and real-time feedback with no visual shot delays make this product a preferred one for many golfers. This makes this an ideal pick for those choosing to transform their ordinary room into a golf simulator room. We discussed more of this transformation in one of our articles on creating an ideal golf simulator space. EYE XO Ball Data The EYE XO Golf Simulator measures measures various data points of a golf swing, one of which is ball data. Golfers can use this data to gain a better understanding of their swing mechanics and make adjustments to improve their game. Take a look at these measurements: 1. Ball Speed: This refers to the speed at which the golf ball is travelling immediately after impact with the golf club. In the EYE XO metric system, ball speed is taken at miles per hour (mph), but can be swapped for kilometers per hour if that’s the preferred metric. Ball speed is often one of the most important determinants of distance. This important metric helps golfers assess the power and efficiency of their swings and estimates the distance the ball might travel. 2. Run Distance: This refers to the distance that the golf ball travels after it has landed on the ground following its initial flight. It's the distance the ball rolls on the virtual fairway or green within the simulator environment.  The run distance takes into consideration the gradient of the course, which makes the experience hyper realistic.  3. Carry Distance: This metric measures how far a golf ball travels through the air to its landing spot.  Understanding carry distances allows golfers to make better decisions on the golf course, including making swing improvements and improving shot strategy. 4. Total Distance: The total distance metric measures how far a golf ball has travelled from the tee to the landing spot, including carry distance and rollout. In other words, "total distance" is an estimate of how far the ball was hit. Knowing the total distance helps golfers make accurate approach shots, select the appropriate club for a shot, and make decisions about how to navigate a golf course effectively. 5. Flight Time: Flight time refers to the amount of time it takes for the golf ball to travel from the moment it leaves the clubface to the moment it reaches the highest point in its trajectory, also known as the apex.  Golfers and instructors can use flight time to assess the consistency of their swings and make adjustments to achieve better ball flight and distance control. 6. Distance to Apex: Distance to apex is the horizontal distance that the golf ball covers from the point of impact to the highest point of its trajectory (the apex). This metric is useful for understanding how far the ball travels before reaching its peak height.  Ultimately, golfers can use the ball distance to apex to fine-tune their shot strategy for a hyper realistic golf practice session. EYE XO's Advantage: EYE XO takes the ball tracking process to the extreme without requiring marked balls for golfers. Through detailed dimple reading, measuring ball data, including ball speed and distance metrics, is convenient and comfortable for players with specific ball preferences. EYE XO Club Data The EYE XO Golf Simulator also captures a variety of club data to provide an accurate assessment of any golf swing's effectiveness. These data points include club head speed, acceleration, angle of attack, path angle, and more.  With these metrics, golfers can more easily understand how their swing affects the ball's trajectory and performance.  7. Club Speed: Club speed (measured in mph) in simulators refers to the speed at which the golf club head is moving just before it strikes the golf ball. It's an important metric that provides insights into the power and tempo of a golfer's swing. Club speed is a critical factor in determining how far a player can hit the ball and is a key component in generating club head power; thus, ideally aiding a golfer in their putting performance. 8. Dynamic Loft: This metric in simulators refers to the effective loft angle of the golf club head at the moment of impact with the golf ball. This takes into account how the clubhead de-lofts or adds loft during the downswing and through impact due to several factors.  Monitoring dynamic loft helps golfers achieve the desired ball flight characteristics for different clubs and shots. 9. Smash Factor: This describes the efficiency of a golf club's impact on the ball. It's a ratio that represents the relationship between ball speed and club speed.  Players can use the smash factor definition to gauge the quality of their strikes and refine their impact consistency. 10. Club Path: The club path tracks the direction in which the club is travelling during a golf swing and how it affects the ball's trajectory.  This metric allows golfers to fine-tune their swing to produce the desired ball flight and helps them adjust for different playing conditions or shot requirements. 11. Club Face to Path: This is a measurement that indicates whether the clubface was open, closed, or square to the swing path at impact. It is a key factor that influences the initial direction and curvature (slice or hook) of the golf ball's flight.  These metrics can help golfers understand and correct issues, such as hooks or slices. 12. and 13. Impact Point Vertical and Horizontal: This refers to the vertical and horizontal location on the clubface where the golf ball makes contact.  These impact data points help players improve their distance control, accuracy, and overall shot play performance. EYE XO's Advantage: For a more realistic approach to the club data and club OPTIX measurements, the EYE XO features a slow-motion video of the real-time impact of the golf as it hits the ball. You don't only get numbers and statistical references; you also get to visualise the actual shot per frame during putting and professional play. EYE XO Spin Rates The spin rate measures how much spin is imparted into the golf ball as it is hit off of the tee. The two spin rate reviews measured by the EYE XO Golf Simulator include: 14. Side Spin 15. Back Spin Golfers can use spin rates to control the height of their shots, which is crucial for hitting greens accurately and avoiding obstacles on the course. EYE XO's Advantage: Unlike other golf simulators, the EYE XO's spin rates offer a back-to-back measurement of two spin rate systems, instead of a combined axis parameter. This allows golfers to get an approximate number of their spin rates. EYE XO Angle Metrics 16. Side Angle: Side angles refer to the horizontal angles that describe the direction of the golf ball's flight in relation to the target line. Understanding the side angle helps golfers control the direction of their shots and make adjustments to achieve the desired ball flight. 17. Launch Angle: The launch angle tracks the vertical angle with which the ball leaves the tee, created by a golfer's swing. This metric can help prepare players in maximising carry distance, optimising distance control, and avoiding obstacles on the course. 18. Total Angle: Total angles are a combination of vertical and horizontal angles that describe the complete trajectory of the golf ball. Golfers can adjust the total angle to control the angle of descent and optimise shot performance. 19. The Angle of Descent/Land Angle: The angle of descent is the angle at which the golf ball descends toward the ground after reaching its apex. Golfers can use the angle of descent to tailor their shots for specific landing conditions and pin placements. 20. Angle of Attack The angle of attack is the vertical angle at which the golf club head is moving downward or upward at impact. Understanding and utilising the angle of attack helps golfers achieve the desired ball flight and control spin rates, which are crucial for distance, accuracy, and shot consistency. 21., 22., and 23. Club Face Angle, Lie Angle, and Club Loft Angle These angles measure the golfer data between the face of the golf club and the target line at impact, between the shaft of the golf club and the ground when the club is at rest on the ground, and between the clubface and a vertical plane when the club is at rest, respectively. The club face angle, lie angle, and club loft angle are crucial for achieving consistent and desirable outcomes on the golf course. EYE XO's Advantage: When it comes to angle data measurements, the EYE XO golf simulator — together with its OPTIX technology — offers a realistic simulation of the ball, including a close-up image of the position and angle of the ball shot. After every shot, there's also a visual presentation of the ball's actual spin. EYE XO Top-Notch Software: Uneekor OPTIX Technology All the data points above would not be possible without EYE XO's impeccable software. The EYE XO Golf Simulator utilises the revolutionary Uneekor OPTIX Technology, which leverages embedded sensor systems to record and capture swing data points. This technology allows golfers to instantly view their swings in 3D animation, as well as access detailed number metrics on each data point. Key Advantage 1: Uneekor PowerU Cloud Service The EYE XO Golf Simulator also features the Uneekor PowerU Cloud Service. This feature seamlessly syncs all user data between the simulator and your smartphone or tablet. This allows players to review their swing data anytime, anywhere. Key Advantage 2: In-House Software Options EYE XO's OPTIX technology can be made more efficient and effective with upgraded software options. These options include View/Refine/Refine+, which offers more simulation features, including a driving range and multiple golf courses to choose to play in. Key Advantage 3: Connectivity to 3rd-Party Software The EYE XO Golf Simulator is compatible with 3rd-party software such as Golf Genius, Hole19, and Swing Catalyst. These allow golfers to further analyse their swing, ball, and club data for more detailed insights into their game. A Golf Digest: The Final Conclusion Golf simulators will measure different data sets depending on the tracking system. As for the EYE XO, this golf simulator remains on top with an astounding 23 parameters. The EYE XO Golf Simulator is a revolutionary piece of golf technology that allows golfers to measure and track their swing data with pinpoint accuracy. With its ability to measure 6 ball data metrics, 7 club data metrics, 8 angle metrics, and spin rates, and its top-notch software, it's set for world domination in the golf simulation shop industry. Within the QED catalogue, the EYE XO truly shines as a unique product. It provides golfers with unprecedented golf simulators data explained and detailed insight into their game. Whether you're looking to improve your swing in a detailed practice session or simply prefer to have a good time in privacy, the EYE XO Golf Simulator is the perfect choice for any golfer. Ready for More, Golfers? If you liked this article, then you might like a separate article we made on how realistic golf simulators are. We discussed the accuracy, player preference, and sensory replication. We wish you all the best on your indoor golf journey ahead!

Automatic Mahjong Table Review: Solor Slimline Series

Solor Slimline Mahjong Table Review: Why We Think It’s the Best in the Market We all agree that Mahjong to be Singapore’s national pastime, but despite so, there’s still a lack of resources & information about Mahjong tables in the internet, with just a handful of companies in the region offering high quality mahjong tables. Today, our editors will be reviewing the Solor Slimline Automatic Mahjong Table, with an up close look at it’s features and quality of finish. Read on as we explain why we genuinely believe that the Slimline model is quite simply the best in class in the market.  If you still are on the fence whether you should invest in a Mahjong table or not, check out our article on the benefits you will get when upgrading to an automatic table. Slimline Automatic Mahjong Table: Dining and Foldable The Solor Slimline is available in two variants - Dining and Foldable. Each have their use case, so let's get started with an introduction to the difference. Slimline Dining Mahjong Table  The Slimline Dining variant fits right into your home with its multi-purpose design. Not only does it serve as a first-rate mahjong table, but it is also purposefully designed to easily transform into a sleek, dining table. This is evident with the use of 4 bolted cylindrical legs that provides a very solid and stable feel. And with the main feature of this table, the Slimline possesses one of the slimmest cabinets in the market which makes it comfortable for use as a dining table. This cannot be said of other models in the industry.  Slimline Foldable Mahjong Table If you however prefer portability, then the Slimline Foldable model is probably the mahjong table for you.   This foldable table allows you the privilege advantage of playing on a high-quality automatic mahjong table anywhere, everywhere. No space is too small for an exciting game of mahjong. The smart design features a 90-degree folding mechanism while easily wheelable for easy storage. When stored, the table requires a total footprint of only just 56cm x 91cm.  Depth of just 56cm.  Width of just 92cm.  This is the perfect table if your preference is not to have a fixed, permanent fixture with your mahjong table.  Solor Slimline Automatic Mahjong Table: Key Features Now that I’ve discussed the two different variants in the Slimline line, we’ll discuss what makes them so special. Let’s dive right into the key features that make the Solor Slimline table a top contender in Singapore right now in 2023.  Ultra-Slim Profile The main advantage of the Slimline is as it’s name suggest, it’s ultra slim body. This ensures sufficient legroom which is the main issue with older automatic Mahjong tables.  Just 10cm thickness, excluding 2cm chamfered edges.  The cabinet measures just 10 cm in thickness & 12cm including the chamfered edges - the slimmest in the market. Here’s a look at how slim it measures. With the slimness, some of us were also able to fold our legs while seated!  Comfortably fold your legs with a standard chair, unheard with most tables! The slim profile is particularly appealing to those who prefer a minimalist or streamlined aesthetic. It doesn’t take too much visual space, whether you choose the dining or foldable option. Aside from its pragmatic value, the slim design also offers an aesthetically pleasing design, that is modern and differentiated from the Mahjong tables seen elsewhere. The aesthetic appeal of the slim profile also makes it a pragmatic choice as a piece of furniture at home. This is especially so if you are looking to have your Mahjong table double up as a dining table. In which case, the Slimline Dining model offers both looks and functionality well wrapped in one.  Whether you’re looking for a foldable mahjong table or a dining mahjong table, you will easily appreciate the slimness of the cabinet as one of the most important factors in your purchase.  Beautiful Wooden Finish It used to be impossible for an automatic mahjong table to sit nicely in an interior, with its plasticky, loud finishes in gold, pink or red. But we have a game changer here.  A key feature of the Solor series is in its beautiful, Walnut finish that is designed to blend your mahjong table as a furniture, and is really unseen in competing models in the industry.  Stunning walnut finish matches to home interior. The elegant and modern finish truly complements a wide range of home decor styles. The choice of walnut wood is perfect, as it’s versatile enough to blend in a classic theme, but it can also conform to a modern-day style. Solor then tops it off with a smoked tempered glass base, which is a whole level of class above the typical steel pedestals that you find in regular Mahjong tables. This is yet another fine detail from the maker. Reliable Engine From a Reliable Brand Solor is a widely-renowned mahjong maker, backed by over 1,500 retail stores carrying this brand. It’s also one of the pioneers in the automatic mahjong table technology, and are listed in the Shanghai Equity Exchange since 2014. The Slimline model carries this tradition of excellence. It’s equipped with a highly reliable engine that ensures smooth and consistent performance during our tests.  The interior of the mechanism is also fully padded, which reduces wear and tear and ensures a quieter shuffling experience.   Fully padded interior. Even the belted areas are padded (not seen in photo) The table build and component parts are also secure and solid, which is a big plus and should not be taken for granted with any Mahjong table.  Working with the product, we also really felt the emphasis in quality throughout every component of the table. This really provides the basis of a long lasting table that is designed to serve the user for years, evidenced by the very good warranty program for Solor tables. Add that with the best maintenance practices done specifically for these automatic mahjong tables, and the superior quality of this table will surely last for many years to come. User friendly design allows easy maintenance.  We also like that the design is extremely user-friendly for users to open the mechanism up if they were to drop stuff into the shuffling mechanism by accident. Rich in Features While the quiet automatic shuffling remains the Slimline Mahjong table best feature, there are several other features that’s worth a mention here. a. Multiple Game Variations The Slimline allows for different playstyles, including for the 3-player mahjong variation, which is useful if you find yourself lacking the players to play the usual 4 pax game.  b. Digital Dice The Slimline comes with a mechanical dice shuffle function, but on top of that, also has a digital dice version that is quicker, fuss free and quieter than the physical version. Definitely a good addition.  c. In-Built Memory Tracker Letting technology keep track of the points for you is pretty convenient. But the Slimline further simplifies gameplay by also remembering the dealer’s position as well as the number of times the dealer have retained dealership. Yet another nod to the details. d. Rollercoaster-Style Tiles and Diagonal Rollout The diagonal rollout of the Slimline beyond being a sight to behold - the tiles elevate into the table like a rollercoaster, hence the name, is also a very useful convenience. Players no longer have to take the additional step of shifting the wall diagonally like that might have to do with the regular rollout tables. Lastly, Great Value How does the Solor Slimline fare against its competitors? While the Solor Slimline is undoubted slightly more costly than other models in the market, we think that the Slimline is truly justifies its price tag and more. This is especially so when seen in person.  Its overall performance sets it apart from similar tables available in the market, providing good value for money, especially if quality of finish and finer details are important to you. Furthermore, the comprehensive warranty can help you gain peace of mind, enhancing its value proposition.  Conclusion The Solor Slimline Automatic Mahjong table, available in dining table and foldable variants, is an exceptional unit in every way. Its smart features, like score tracking, position tracking, and tile counter help create a truly immersive experience. The focus on convenience didn’t take anything away from its beautiful craftsmanship and structural integrity. Looking to invest in a new high quality mahjong table? Check out our Automatic Mahjong range here.   

Is Godzilla Pinball the Best Release in a Decade? We think so.

Monster battles, an alien invasion, and the endless destruction of cities all around. It's been 23 years since the release of SEGA Godzilla and this time around, Stern is bringing the King of the Monsters back to the pinball community, a much beefier and mightier Godzilla than its predecessor rising out from its deep slumber to let us know who's in charge. Considered one of Stern’s most anticipated titles of the year—with plenty of Youtuber endorsements from the pinhead community and Limited Edition models selling out within just days of its official release—it isn’t hard to see where the hype for the Stern Godzilla comes from.  While it always does feel fun to play the hero and save the day, Godzilla is quite the opposite: destructive, territorial, and here to remind both humans and monsters that Earth is his playground. After all, who needs to care about consequences when you’re King of the Monsters? We certainly don’t have a problem with that! The trailer and gameplay perfectly encapsulate this feeling right off the bat, starring MVP designer Keith Elwin as we get a sneak peek into how players will be thrown into the chaos of the Godzilla universe from the moment they start playing. In fact, we were surprised—and pleasantly so—that the Stern Godzilla seemed much more mechanical than most modern pinball titles we’ve seen in a while, especially when compared to the recent release Led Zeppelin. [caption id="attachment_10758" align="aligncenter" width="1440"] Stars of the show: Elwin and the crew bring in new interactive mech features such as the collapsible bridge, Magna Grab, and 5-level interactive collapsible tower to emulate Godzilla's rampant destruction across the city.[/caption] The various moving parts and mechanisms that were used to emulate the destruction of the city and Godzilla’s monster battles gave it a kind of complexity that hasn’t been seen for some time in pinball. It is decidedly old-school, but we think it works well for a title like this where being able to physically interact and see the physical changes in the playfield allows you to truly let you feel like you are Godzilla himself.  Of course, game complexity and interactive features are quite typical of an Elwin game as Keith Elwin has always been known for designing his titles with deep rulesets and gameplay complexity that challenges even veterans.  However, it’s always done in such a way that makes unlocking or completing challenges quite satisfying rather than frustrating. Also, it’s what makes pinball games in general endlessly replayable, so we’re practically bouncing off our seats at this point in anticipation for the first batch of units that ship out in October.  After all, videos only do so much justice compared to experiencing the gameplay for yourself!  It’s also quite interesting to note that Stern decided to base the game on the original Toho Godzilla rather than its western counterpart. Players will even have the option of choosing either Japanese or English audio when they play, which brings the immersion of playing this fan-favourite monster to the next level. For us, it’s considered a refreshing take on a franchise that has become increasingly westernised while also paying tribute to Godzilla’s origins, showcasing actual footage from the first 10 Toho movies where Godzilla was first conceptualised.  Stern Godzilla will also be pinheads’ first real look into the new Stern Insider Connected system, an online system that allows players from all over the world to connect to any Stern pinball machine and collect their achievements online for future bragging rights and cool rewards from your local community.  Now you get to bring your progress and achievements with you wherever you go! [caption id="attachment_10757" align="aligncenter" width="600"] A new feature for future Stern Pinball machines, the Stern Insider Connected system will let you share achievements and challenge other pros from across the globe![/caption] Stern Pinball is the gift that keeps giving, especially towards the steadily growing pinball community that exists in Singapore and other parts of the world.  It’s things like this that remind us why digital games will never be able to fully replace analogue games like well-crafted mechanical pinball machines. The Stern Godzilla is clear proof of this, taking the pinball community by storm by reminding us of the good times while giving us a title that is sure to become a classic for the decades to come.  The Stern Godzilla Pinball Machine is placed in store for viewing and appreciation. If you're keen on viewing, WhatsApp us and we can setup an appointment in-store with our Pinball expert to walk you through this stunning machine. Otherwise, feel free to explore the other Pinball Machines in production today. You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter to get all the latest news and even exclusive invites to product launches, sent straight to your mailbox.

TMC Reviews: 2-in-1 Multipurpose Game Tables Fit For Modern Homes

The modern home is a place where you can be comfortable, but still want to have fun. This makes it vital for your furnishings and decor pieces to be able to reflect this sentiment while also being practical. Multipurpose game tables are one of the best ways to furnish modern living spaces without compromising on either style and function. Following our ethos that everyone should be able to have fun in their homes, we've decided to compile and review some of our team's particular favourites to share!   RS Barcelona's RS#2 Dining Foosball Table [caption id="attachment_10586" align="aligncenter" width="900"] With the additional tempered glass top for dining and the ability to continue playing at the table, you'll be able to keep your game going while staying on schedule![/caption]   The modern home is typically a place of modern conveniences, modern décor, and modern amenities. However, they also tend to be on the smaller side than a typical landed property. Therefore, items for modern homes such as furniture, flooring, and so on are often designed with the modern space in mind. It's brands like RS Barcelona that understand this idea and have taken it into consideration when designing their multipurpose game tables for modern homes. Over the years, they've created multipurpose game tables that offer modern convenience while still being a great piece of design to place in any modern home. Their debut piece that made their presence known on the game table market, the RS#2 Dining Foosball Table is perfect for small spaces due to its lack of depth and sleek profile. Now you can have your own dining table that doubles as a two-player dining soccer table, providing hours of entertainment for the entire family. Great for modern homes or any other modern space that needs a bit more life to it! If you're interested in something bigger, you can also consider the RS Max Dining Foosball Table if you're looking for a foosball table with a modern design aesthetic and enough room to fit 8 to 12 guests/players. This modern game table features a sleek modern profile with rounded corners and an overall modern design that's perfect for wow-ing any friends you might be inviting over for dinner.   Billiards Montfort’s Lewis Dining Pool Table [caption id="attachment_10669" align="aligncenter" width="570"] Form meets function: Billiards Montfort’s Lewis Dining Pool Table is our go-to option for pool lovers that want to squeeze more usability from their dining room table.[/caption]   The Lewis Dining Pool Table is a modern table that can be used as a multipurpose game table. It's a tournament-level pool table in all aspects (slate bed, wooden tabletop, high-quality materials and build) but also functions as a dining room table whenever you need it too. Whether you opt for beech or oak wood, dark burgundy or electric blue, Billiard Montfort’s Lewis Dining Pool Table is fully customisable in all aspects to suit any form or function. In fact, its clean lines and a more contemporary, space-conscious design make this one of the best dining table models currently on the market. The Lewis Dining Pool Table also includes a two-piece wooden tabletop that can be raised to make a large, flat surface for eating. It is perfect for protecting surfaces from stains and dirt, as well as sun damage to the cloth when not in use. Why worry when it has all been thought out for you!   The District Eight Conference Ping Pong Table [caption id="attachment_10588" align="aligncenter" width="600"] The D8 Conference Ping Pong Table is the perfect fit for those interested in both interactive and functional achievements.[/caption]   The D8 Conference Ping Pong Table is a modern and space-saving table that comes at an affordable price for its quality. For modern homes, it's a great option for entertaining guests or for playing games with family members. It also features an innovative design that is inspired and upcycled from old colonial structures in Vietnam. Maximizing the available space with its unique shape, it's also the perfect conversation starter for any party! The table is designed to complement modern homes and features a smoked oak playing field with a hand-stitched leather net and brass details. The timeless foundation of durability and craftsmanship ensures the smoothness of any activity performed on the table. This ping pong table, through its mix of old and new features, combines the best of both worlds.   The ATARI Pong Coffee Table [caption id="attachment_10670" align="aligncenter" width="1632"] A coffee table with a twist: Whether it’s serious discussions or just a break in between work, the ATARI Pong Coffee Table can do it all.[/caption]   With a Real-life ATARI Pong Coffee Table, the Virtual Pong Arcade Game has now been redefined into modern life!  A perfect coffee table for the video games enthusiast, this game is as addictive and great as the classic Pong Arcade Game! The ATARI Pong Coffee Table is a playable mechanical homage to the classic retro Pong Arcade Game. Made from industrial-grade materials, it doubles up as an interactive design piece. It features built-in speakers that can be controlled with a remote control or even your smartphone, making it sound just like you're at the arcade! In addition to being great at home, this would also make a perfect present for someone who loves playing games but might already have gaming consoles like the PS4 or an Xbox. Perfect for any occasion such as birthdays and Christmas, this gift is sure to impress and create fun times for all.    The modern game tables in this review are perfect for modern homes and modern lives - they're practical, space-conscious, and natural statement pieces that can help you strike conversations at any time. But what's also most important to remember when choosing a multipurpose game table is its ability to bring you joy. Whether it's gaming with friends or playing ping pong with family members, the right game table will be able to bring you joy on all occasions of life.   At The Men’s Cave, we review, curate, and strive to provide quality content and inspiration on the coolest games from all around the world. 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Review of The Stern Mandalorian Pinball Machine: General Gameplay & Game Modes

In the second article of our review series on Stern's The Mandalorian Pinball Machine, we will now be jumping into more details after spending some time to really get to know the game and how we feel about it to give you our most honest review. In case you missed the first article, we recommend reading that first before diving into Part II. So without further ado, let's get right to it!   Some General Gameplay Observations: For starters, we just want to say that we really enjoyed how intuitive the gameplay felt, even for beginners who might not be familiar with pinball mechanisms. The main game modes and rules were easy to follow and understand. Yes, the rulesets are still considered deep enough to keep experienced players on their toes and interested, but the long play experience seemed to pass by in the blink of an eye with everything being so fun. Fun for all types of pinball players without trying to be overly complicated, it's definitely a game we can recommend for both pinheads and even Mandalorian fans alike. We also realized that with the Mandalorian, Stern decided to try something different with their fan layout, with a beginner-friendly Razor Crest multiball target, and a multi-functional scoop. This made the general feel of the playfield quite smooth, fast, and honestly refreshing. [caption id="attachment_10597" align="aligncenter" width="1145"] The Mandalorian Pinball Machine features a fan layout with easily accessible game modes right in the middle of the playfield for a faster and smoother experience.[/caption] The highlights of most machines are typically the ramps. With Mandalorian, they were really smooth to hit, so shots felt all the more satisfying. This was especially true for the left ramp, which either feeds the ball to go around the playfield and back to your right flipper, or cleverly diverted into the unique mini-playfield for the Encounters mode. There was even exhilaration and excitement whenever the ball zoomed up and was stopped by the divider to be guided into the upper game playfield where you would be able to access your extra flipper to play on the mini Hunter playfield. Yet another very innovative feature observed that is very welcomed by players!    Game Modes: A key aspect of any gameplay for pinball machines, the game modes reflect the story of the TV series as a treat to fans and to truly bring the game to life. For Stern's Mandalorian Pinball Machine, it's obvious that each mode highlighted a part of Mando's adventure within the series. The main ones can be broken down as:   --> Missions: you complete missions that feature iconic scenes from the Disney+ series. The added time limitations for each of these missions give players a sense of excitement, keenness and anticipation to complete the mission themselves, regardless of the points gained. --> Encounters: these are triggered as time passes, advancing for up to three stages that give players certain challenges to face along the way. This requires players to strategise their gameplay differently as time progresses and make better decisions to ensure they don't hit any obstacles along the way to victory. --> Razor Crest Multiball: there are actually several different multiball modes such as Ice spider, Jetpack, and Pirates. This variety was interesting because it gives the player a chance to experience the different scenarios just like the Mandalorian himself! The eagerness of seeing which enemy you have to battle brings a new light to the gameplay every time your ball is on the playfield, making things always feel fresh.   [caption id="attachment_10598" align="aligncenter" width="1144"] Experiencing the same obstacles as Mando during the Razor Crest multiball mode really gives you a newfound appreciation for the journey he goes through within the series![/caption] Since we noted earlier that shots are generally beginner-friendly, it was also fairly easy to activate the game modes we wanted once we got the hang of it.  We thought it was great that the activations were easy to follow and understand so that players can easily advance and rack up points in a way that's fast and exciting rather than it being time-consuming. Skill-based games are still great but for this particular fan-favorite title, Stern and Brian Eddy clearly built the game to be an enjoyable experience for all fans. There are also two special gameplay modes that we felt really delivered an experience both gameplay and story-wise.   Foundry: --> The unique use of the Foundry as a weapon shop for players to purchase items, weapons, and even an extra ball with their hard-earned Beskar currency throughout the game. --> It gives players an incentive to plan out their strategies and gameplay to maximize the currency they can obtain from  --> Foundry mode was interesting and novel because each equipment purchase offers unique perks and support that made every game different from the one before. We're still having fun with it even now!   [caption id="attachment_10599" align="aligncenter" width="1142"] A force to be reckoned with: Don’t let appearances fool you! While Grogu might look innocent, he is a powerful ally that can really help you when you’re in a tight spot.[/caption] The Child: --> A cute and useful mystery feature (baby Grogu!) that will give out a reward to players at random once the CHILD lights are lit. It’s a great feature that allows the Child to be part of the gameplay in such a distinctive way.  --> Some of the rewards given by the Child include some rare ones, such as an extra ball or even 'Light Heal', which can only be obtained using Beskar currency at the Foundry.    Through hours of endless gameplay the previous few weeks.  Stern's Mandalorian Pinball Machine has established itself as a  fun and exciting game for pinball enthusiasts and newbies to enjoy. Stern has clearly done their research in order to create an experience that both entertains the player and brings the TV series alive with gameplay modes, rewards, and mystery features. If by now you're itching to experience the Mandalorian Pinball Machine in person, do not hesitate Contact Us to check if this title is on display in our showroom. Alternatively, check out the latest models that are in production in our Pinball Range here!

Why The B90 Is The World’s Best Foosball Table

To the untrained eye, every foosball table looks the same. However, there are a lot of details that differ from table to table, brand to brand. Today, we will review the Bonzini B90 to find out if it indeed lives up to its huge reputation as one of the best foosball tables in the world.  Playfield (5/5) The Bonzini B90 uses a linoleum playfield. This is exclusively used for Bonzini tables, allowing a level of control higher than any other table in the world. The playfield compresses slightly to enable users to trap and pin the ball when passing from man to man. Figurines (5/5) Other than the playfield, the figurines are the most important part in assessing the playability of a foosball table. Bonzini B90 uses heavy aluminium figurines and their density allows players to have a real ‘feel’ of the ball. These figurines are guaranteed to be unbreakable and have wide feet that allow for better control when passing. The deep ‘V’ feet allows you to pin the ball, which is the basis of many pin shots that are only possible with a Bonzini Babyfoot. Style of play / Playability (5/5) Played with an iconic cork ball instead of the usual plastic balls, Bonzini tables mimic the European style of play. The gameplay involves more passing and control, deviating away from speed and power. This is the kind of table where the skilled expert will almost always beat a novice. The Bonzini B90 is also the official ITSF tournament table for the Pro Tour series, which makes it a keen favourite among top players like Meckes Sebastien, Travers Frederic, and co. For the curious, here's a video of a B90 in action. Durability (5/5) The Bonzini B90 is one of the few products in today’s age that can truly fulfil its claim: Built for Life. Each table is handcrafted in France using only the finest materials. With a full-body cabinet made from solid beech wood and guaranteed unbreakable figurines, this table is able to take a beating like no other. Among the 5 official ITSF brands, only Bonzini tables are made with solid wood. Auxiliary (4.5/5) Being a traditional model with little change in design over the past 50 years, the Bonzini B90 is equipped with basic score counters. However, the table cabinet and players are fully customisable. You can play out football’s biggest rivalries, El Classico, the North London derby, etc while choosing your own side by customising the table cabinet. Its full customisation options is a major bonus as compared to other tables. Overall (5/5) The Bonzini B90 is constantly rated as the best foosball table. Although they don't come cheap, they're certainly a worthy investment considering their lifelong usage. It is a 5 star in all major departments, and points are given for being fully customisable. However, it does not have certain auxiliary features that some other tables provide. We could really use the bottle holder for our beer!   Read More Did you like this review? Then, you might also like a similar review we did on the Garlando Pro Champion, another foosball table for the books. Interested in getting a good table? Check out our range of quality foosball tables here. And if you're ready to own a foosball table for your home, be sure to check out a buying guide we made to help you pick your first foosball table. Good luck!

Garlando Pro Champion—An Unbeatable Foosball Table For The Money

Our readers and customers challenged us to find the ultimate foosball table without breaking the bank. And despite the many types and styles of foosball tables in the market, we finally narrowed our answers to one—The Garlando Pro Champion. As an official ITSF endorsed tournament table, the Garlando Pro Champion has solid credentials that far belies its humble price tag. But is there really such a thing as a great foosball table? Lucky for you, the editor is in a geeky mood today to fully strip down the Pro Champion in its entirety for your reading pleasure.   Playfield (4.8/5) The Pro Champion uses a sandblasted glass playing field that is unique and different from the more common plastic laminate found on other tables. The smooth playing surface encourages speed play, making it ideal for offices.   Figurines (4.8/5) The players are the other factor that determines the playability of a foosball table. The Pro Champion comes with moplen unbreakable figurines in traditional red and blue teams. The deep ‘V’ feet of the players allows the Pro Champion to retain a high level of control where passing between rods is not an issue.   Style of Play/Playability (5/5) Played with traditional plastic balls on a sandblasted surface, the Garlando promotes speed play while still being able to retain a high level of control when passing from rod to rod. While the style of play is less European and more English, the table plays fast and exciting, certainly worth its 5-star rating.   Durability (4.8/5) As one of the official ITSF tournament tables, the Pro Champion is built to handle the rough play during competitive events. With a 25mm-thick MDF cabinetry and 90mm x 90mm square metal legs, the table is designed for the heaviest of usage in offices or recreational spaces. Coupled with unbreakable figurines, this table will last the better part of a decade.   Auxiliary (4.7/5) Being the official ITSF tournament table, the Garlando Pro Champion has auxiliary features for a tournament setting. The score counter allows players to keep track of games, sets and goals, and a ball entry point in the middle of the table. Leg levellers enable the playing surface to be completely flat for a tournament setting and while we could do with beer holders, we fully understand why the table doesn’t come with them.   Overall (4.8/5) For a table of such quality, the Pro Champion is very reasonably priced. Best placed in offices, schools, and recreational spaces where heavy usage is expected, the table is highly rated in all departments and only marginally behind the Bonzini in durability.   Who is this for? Anybody, really. Anybody looking for a foosball table should basically eliminate all other options and look squarely at the Pro Champion. Durable, great playing, and well priced, the Pro Champion is the undisputed dollar for dollar, pound for pound, champion of the foosball world.   Read More Did you like this review we did? We also have another product review; this time of the B90, which is also one of the best foosball tables to look out for! Interested in picking up a quality foosball table? Check out our range of foosball tables here.

VDarts H2L Reviewed: VDarts’ Answer to the iDarts?

Unless you've been living under a shell, you would have seen the recent revival of darts exploding in your favourite bars and nightspots all around Singapore. That's right, we're talking about iDarts. And if you're like us—hooked onto the wonderful game of electronic darts—then this post is perfect for you. Today, we're reviewing the VDarts H2L—Dartslive's major competitor and a home play dartboard, to see how this board stacks up against the iDarts experience. Playfield (5/5) Just like the iDarts machines, the VDarts H2L uses a 15-inch playing field coupled with an external catch ring to catch stray darts. 15" is basically the standard size for soft-tip play, and you'll find the dimensions to be exactly what you might expect when playing in pubs.  What really sets the VDarts H2L apart from the likes of the Granboard—iDarts 200s—is the interactive LED segment that is the iconic feature of most pub games. Each individual segment lights up whenever it gets a hit, with special lighting effects occurring when bullseye/ hat tricks/low tons are activated. The VDarts H2L with its LED feature is without a doubt the current leader of the home dartboard system.  For players who frequent Dartslive machines though, do note that the VDarts H2L board does feel a little more rigid, even if it hardly affect your game in any way. Playability (4.8/5) The V Darts H2L is different from other offline dartboards as it requires a smart device (phone/tablet) to operate the dartboard. Games are selected via an app (free, of course) with scores and visual effects displayed on the smart device itself. The V Darts app allows you to play both traditional 01 games or fun games that are suited for casual play among friends. For enthusiasts, Cricket/ 01s are the standard but for social players, games like Tic Tac Toe/ Sniper are all included, along with instructions. When connected to a screen, the VDarts game interface is indeed colourfully designed and does feel less sterile and boring as compared to the other boards in the market. Here's a video of how the VDarts interface looks like: Durability (4.4/5) The VDarts set does feel well-made and solid as compared to the traditional models in the market. You should still note that unlike a normal pub set, the H2L is not designed for commercial usage and should not be kept switched on indefinitely. With its many sensors for scores and LED lights, the VDarts H2L biggest issue arises when your personal darts are heavier than the recommended maximum weight of 20g. Although able to handle personal darts of up to 25g, heavier darts will tend to have their tips broken more often and over time, this might damage the dartboard's sensors. As a reference, most personal darts are between 16-20g and the house darts given are 14g. [caption id="attachment_5223" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Accessories Included.[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_5224" align="aligncenter" width="700"] The VDarts House Dart in detail.[/caption]   Auxiliary (5/5) The H2L does come with a rather decent basic kit, featuring 6 VDarts house darts, tape, spare tips, and an online membership token. The darts and tips are of rather high quality and are similar to the ones used in pubs. As an online dartboard, the H2L allows users to create an ID to track their overall grade to monitor their progress. The online function also allows you to challenge the growing VDarts community to the standard 01 or cricket games. Overall (4.8/5) All in all, the VDarts H2L is highly rated by us because of its unique playing experience among wall-mounted dartboards. While points for playability have been deducted due to the need for a smart device, the board sits perfectly in a home as access to a phone/tablet, with the app is readily available. While the board is relatively durable, it is still not designed for heavy usage and for bars or commercial spaces as we would still recommend a standing dartboard instead. However, at such a price, dartboards present themselves to be the best value for entertainment and the VDarts H2L is no exception. In conclusion, we will say this: The VDarts H2L is quite easily the most advanced home board in the market and the closest to the pub experience you're ever going to get at a fraction of the price. Are you bitten by the Darts fever? Check out our range of electronic dartboards.

Bring Back Your Inner Child: Review On The Retrocade Pro

While the missus might not understand your addiction to gaming, The Men’s Cave certainly does. We review the Retrocade Pro, the grown man’s (and kid's) dream and the missus’s living nightmare.   Screen Size & Configuration (4.5/5) The Retrocade Pro uses a 19” industrial-grade monitor as its playing screen. With a 2 player 6 button configuration, tag together for a beat’em up game or clash in classic fighting games like the Street Fighter series. Overall for a cabinet of this size, the screen is slightly small and this is where points are deducted.   Playability (4.8/5) The Retrocade Pro comes with over 600 games featuring many classic arcade games from the 90s to the early 2000s. Older games such as Tetris, Pacman, Donkey Kong and Space Invaders are also available to cater to the slightly older generation. With a cabinet width of 63cm, the machine easily fits 2 players standing/sitting side by side mashing buttons.   Durability (5/5) Meant for heavy usage, the Retrocade Pro is designed to be placed in commercial spaces used on a daily basis. Not everyone plays on an arcade with finesse and so the machine is designed to take a beating from frustrated users after inserting their 16th credit into Metal Slug.   Auxiliary (5/5) The Retrocade Pro comes with several auxiliary features. It comes with a coin mechanism that accepts real tokens for the original authentic arcade feel. Feels good when you don’t have to actually pay 50c for a token. With wheels attached, the machine can be easily relocated and stoppers allow it to stay in place even through vigorous button mashing. With a LED marquee and undercabinet lighting, the Retrocade Pro is best placed in a dim area where it really stands out. Bonus points for the customisable side decals and marquee.   Overall (4.8/5) All in all, the Retrocade Pro gives the very original arcade experience where hours and dollars were spent trying to complete games on a single credit or challenging others in fighting games until you beat them. With over 600 games in HD, you can relive your younger days once again and defeat that boss that you were unable to when you ran out of money. The only major upgrade required would be a bigger screen.   If you're interested in purchasing one for yourself, you can check out our full list of Retrocade models here or get a better idea of whether it's the right fit for you through our Space Guide series.

Quantum Air Hockey Reviewed: The First LED Air Hockey Table

A favourite among kids, air hockey tables were a common sight in arcades in the 90s. A game that combines speed, tactics, and accuracy, we review our favourite air hockey table; the Quantum.   Playfield (4.8/5) The Quantum Air Hockey uses a one-piece 16mm thick playfield suitable for passionate kids to exert their full strength. With a modern colour scheme, the Quantum will match the interior of most places. With side rails to ensure the puck stays in play at all times, the playfield is no different from the tables used in professional tournaments.   Playability (4.8/5) Measuring between 6 and 7FT, the Quantum Air Hockey is suitable for a 1v1 or 2v2 gameplay. With a high-performance blower motor, friction is reduced to a minimum which allows for maximum speed.   Durability (4.4/5) While not being the biggest table, the Quantum Air Hockey is made from a combination of thick MDF and plywood. While it is more commonly used during a 1v1 game, the table is durable to handle a 2v2 game when parents play with their kids. However, it should not be mistaken for a commercial air hockey table that is used 365 days a year.   Auxiliary (5/5) Arguably the part we loved the most about the Quantum, this Air Hockey table features LED cabinetry on the side as well as LED pucks and strikers making it especially stunning. With leg levellers attached to the legs, the table can be levelled to ensure an even playing surface. A basic electronic score counter at the side allows you to keep track of the score with ease.   Overall (4.8/5) For its price, the Quantum Air Hockey table really impresses in many regards. Aesthetically pleasing and reasonably durable, the only drawback it isn't a full 7FT table to match the tournament size. Definitely a table that is well-loved by kids!   If you're interested in getting an air hockey table for your home, why not check out our Air Hockey Space Guide or other air hockey tables that we might have!

Is The Avant Garde The Ultimate Dining Pool Table Of The 21st Century?

Not everyone has the luxury of space to fit a dedicated pool table and a dining table together into their home. However, we believe that is exactly what makes the Avant Garde such a perfect choice as a pool dining table. So, follow me today while we review this ingenious 2-in-1 pool dining table by Avant Garde.   1. Playfield (4.8/5) The Avant Garde uses a 19mm one-piece Brazilian slate as its playing surface. With the slate and rails covered in premium West of England Strachan cloth, this pool table is of a suitable standard for weekly one-day tournaments in the bars in Europe. The table comes in 2 sizes, the standard 7FT or slightly smaller 6FT. You can read more about slate bed tables in our Pool Table Buyer's Guide. 2. Playability (5/5) Following the English game of Pool, the 7FT Avant Garde plays using traditional red & yellow 2” Aramith balls with the white ball slightly smaller at 1⅞”. English cut pockets help it retain a certain level of mastery difficulty comparable to larger pool tables. The more commonly seen stripe & solid balls are also available. 3. Durability (4.7/5) While you might not play pool every day, the Avant Garde is expected to be used daily due to its built-in 2-in-1 purpose. Thus, its structure has been made durable to handle day-to-day usage. With a 36mm thick Birch plywood to support the slate, the table has reinforced strength and rigidity. This makes it a very durable table that's just a notch below the same traditional tables placed in bars. 4. Auxiliary (4.7/5) As a pool dining table, the table comes with matching 2 piece dining top covers. The underside of the table cabinet measure about 59cm from the floor which is sufficient for comfortable sitting during meals. It also allows it to be paired with most dining chairs or pool table benches should you prefer. The Avant Garde also comes with a ball return system built into the slender frame allowing for easier racking after every game. Overall (4.8/5) Made in Liverpool, UK, the Avant Garde is a high-quality pool dining table that impresses on both counts: being a dining table and being a pool table. Using a one-piece stone slate allows the table to maintain its professional standards over long periods of play and only the occasional levelling is required. Bonus points for the relatively easy assembly/disassembly so you don't have to panic if you are planning to move it in the future.   To find out more about table specifications, you can take a look at our Pool Table Space Guide to get the best out of your home space allocation. Or if you're interested in looking at other similar pool tables, we also have a full list of our pool table range here.   #BuildYourMen’sCave

RS Barcelona’s Motto: Embracing the Unconventional in a Conventional World

Multipurpose. Practical. Fun. What is it that makes them different from others? RS Barcelona prefers to answer this question and tell their story through their designs rather than words: at face value, it’s a twist of minimalism accompanied by child-like wonderment, their furniture and game tables comprising of solid, bright colours enhanced by the signature clean and playful feel each of their creations take. On the inside? It’s being able to embrace the child inside us all, using passion and creative endeavours to create pieces that help to foster and facilitate memories and relationships, allowing people to live life to their fullest. In 1975, founder Rafael Rodriguez Castillo was a Spanish metalworker who decided to move away from casual employment life as he wanted to start his own business and craft new and wondrous things on his own terms. Eventually, he was joined by his two sons, allowing them all to share their ideas and passion to create the brand’s very first custom foosball table, the RS2 football table. This was RS Barcelona’s first foray into the creative, being so well-received that it solidified their brand presence. The Castillo family has not looked back ever since.  [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="750"] A side-by-side comparison of the RS2 football table in indoor and outdoor settings.[/caption] The RS Barcelona team is a group of creatives out of create, not just to streamline a manufacturing process for the sake of money. Their innovative minds and exceptional designs have allowed them to become outliers in the norm, standing out amongst the crowd with their refreshing take on familiar, everyday objects and ideas while giving us something new in return. RS Barcelona are pioneers of the unconventional in a society of rules, priding themselves in creating things that can be fun and creative without losing any aspect of practicality.  A ping pong table that functions as a shared office table? Foosball tables that allow you to both eat and play on the go? Structurally sound stools just made out of cardboard?  As long as you can imagine it, RS Barcelona guarantees they can make it.    The idea behind ‘intense living’ "Yes, life is in the little things. In those fleeting, unique, and unrepeatable moments. They happen right there, at home, at work, in a hotel, or in a restaurant; in all those settings where you create your personal collage of little stories. Enjoying each and every one of those scenes, on your terms, is what authentic “intense living” is all about. Breaking from routine, positive outlook in any type of situation, allow you to live life to the fullest.” —RS Barcelona Product Catalogue Adopting a style of life they call ‘intense living’, RS Barcelona believes in encouraging spontaneity and fun, using their products to break social norms and barriers whether at home or at work. This means that each RS Barcelona gaming table is not your average, run-of-the-mill, bulk standard that you can get just about anywhere. They are products meant for people that are made by the people themselves. Each design is carefully crafted through laborious thought, and the love for life and the games themselves.  For example, RS Barcelona’s foosball tables hide their own little secret: inclusivity in their foosball tables through customisable foosball players, allowing you to have both mixed gendered and racial traits for each individual player on the field. No one is left out, regardless of what they might look like or believe in. RS Barcelona creates furniture that helps everyone to embrace ‘intense living’, surrounding us with things that give us joy while promising we never stop playing and learning altogether.  [embed][/embed] The brand constantly invites challenges and uses creativity as an innovative way to solve them. For Rodriguez, he says the brand’s success can be attributed to not getting carried away and to keep putting their all into every challenge and idea they want to capture. It is this passion that has allowed him and his team to accomplish creating products that epitomise the imagination of the kid within us all.   Creating furniture that’s meant to be shared [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="750"] Furniture from RS Barcelona is always more than meets the eye.[/caption] The best moments in life are those you share with others. RS Barcelona understands this, constantly innovating old projects and coming up with new ones that can be enjoyed by you and your loved ones without worries. All of RS Barcelona’s furniture tetters the fine line between being furniture and just plain fun, their game tables having a dual focus of providing quality gameplay while maintaining elegant and modern designs with practical functions beyond the game itself. Each piece is tailored to the modern home and office, space-efficient and practical for both settings. All you’re required to do is just live in the moment itself, providing a play aspect that brings people closer in all environments. Taking it one step further, RS Barcelona diligently sources and produces all products and materials in a local capacity to ensure high quality and sustainability. This helps to make you a product that lasts for the decades to come, regardless of whether you fix it, refurbish it, or repurpose it into something new in the distant future. True to their game, RS Barcelona products are meant to last and matter. They’re more than just a game table or a piece of furniture; RS Barcelona provides you with the stepping board to a lifestyle of intense living.  “We help you shed those layers of seriousness and bring out the bright-eyed child in you. We give you that last little push you need. But it’s up to you to take the great leap forward. Are you ready to leap?” —RS Barcelona

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