Exploring the Types of Games Rooms in Singapore Homes: The Game Room Guide

There’s undoubtedly a growing trend in furnishing homes to fit our Singapore lifestyle, whether amongst families or young couples. As the lifestyle furnishing industry continues to expand in Singapore, homeowners are crafting unique and personalised spaces that cater to their relaxation preferences and lifestyle within our bustling and hectic schedule. In this article, let us guide you on the different types of games rooms in Singapore homes that we often work on to inspire creativity for your future games room layout.

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The Types of Games Rooms for Singapore Homes

Creating a games room in your home in Singapore is a great way to bring the family together for some fun and relaxation. More than that, it’s a place of solace for some needed stress relief and a place to engage in your hobbies, among many other benefits, without traveling far to escape rooms or entertainment centres in Singapore.

So, if you’re looking to build your own home games room in Singapore but looking for more inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the common types or categories of games rooms available in Singapore homes:

1. HDB/Apartment Game Room

Ideal for: Young couples in SG with lots of friends coming over

Over the last few years, we are seeing a growing determination among our clients in Singapore to create more living spaces within their apartments beyond the conventional. The SG HBD or apartment games room setup has helped this team desire become a reality for many.

Typically seen in condominiums or HDB flats in Singapore, this kind of game room transforms the living space into a gaming experience in and of itself. Gaming equipment has been smartly integrated into basic furnishing without diminishing its purpose.

For instance, you may have a pool dining table in your room for meal time, as well as play. Beer taps built into kitchen cabinets are also ideal examples. Even the coffee table doubles up as a board game table or an arcade machine. The ultimate trick is by serving up multifunctionality in these things and considering the creative use of your furniture.

Best gaming devices to have for this game room type:

– Foldable gaming tables (Mahjong/Foosball)

– Wall-mounted dartboards

– Multigame arcade machines

– Pool dining tables

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Make It Your Own by:

Investing in Vertical Storage Solutions. Make the most of your Singapore room’s vertical space by installing wall shelves or floating storage units. These can hold your cables, game accessories, and other things and memorabilia while keeping them easily accessible. Vertical storage also helps keep the floor room clutter- and hazard-free.

2. Home Entertainment Game Room

Ideal for: Large family entertainment in SG

Designed for large-scale family or team entertainment, the home entertainment game room is most common among HDB flats, condominiums, or even good-class bungalows (GCBs) in Singapore. And in our previous review projects, this game room setup is not entirely reliant on space.

Even within smaller areas in Singapore, we’ve seen homeowners find an opening to set up their home entertainment room. In these instances, there would be a lack of a team of large gaming equipment. Rather, in place, these spaces in Singapore would incorporate simpler home theatre sofa setups, surround sound systems, and — to complete the room games vibe — popcorn carts.

Best gaming devices to have for this game room type:

– Golf simulator x Home cinema system

– Pool tables

– Jukeboxes

– Racing simulators

Make It Your Own by:

Dividing (and Conquering). Use room dividers, furniture arrangements, visual cues, or other things to delineate different areas within your game room in Singapore. This helps maintain order and prevents overcrowding during group activities and gaming hours. It’s also a good use of space.

3. Outdoor Game Room

Ideal for: Outdoor parties in SG, sunshine, and barbecues

In our previous projects, an outdoor game room is the preferred setup for homeowners in Singapore looking to upgrade their outdoor entertainment room with games. Typically seen in penthouses in Singapore cities, this type of games room works best with a spacious balcony or patio.

With an outdoor game room like this, Singapore’s finest homeowners, families, friends can enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and the cityscape while playing their favourite games. These are only some of the Singapore things that make sense.

Best gaming devices to have for this game room type:

– Outdoor pool dining table

– Outdoor table tennis table
(Our Pick: the Outdoor You & Me table series)

– Outdoor football table

Make It Your Own by:

Installing All-Weather Extensions. For a temporary setup, consider having a tent loom over your gaming area in Singapore. For more permanent gaming spaces in Singapore, try converting an outdoor shed, gazebo, or unused garage into a fully equipped outdoor game room. This allows you to create a fun and dedicated team gaming room with friends that’s protected from the elements and ready for an entertainment escape.

4. Barcade-Style Game Room Centres

Ideal for: Families with younger kids in SG

Popular with homeowners who live in landed housing in Singapore, typically with their own basement area, we are seeing quite a number of projects where homeowners transform an entire basement to an entertainment room.

One of the popular themes that we’ve noted in the setup of a barcade room is its universal appeal to every age in Singapore, adults and children. Moreover, the homeowners we’ve worked with in Singapore found convenience in both classic arcade gaming experience and club drinking in one place for entertainment for hours.

Best gaming devices to have for this game room type:

– Large commercial arcade cabinets

– Pinball machines

– Basketball machines

– Pool tables

Make It Your Own by:

Building a Custom Bar. The “bar” in “barcade” is just as important as the gaming experience. Design a sleek and functional bar area complete with bar stools, shelves for liquor and glassware, and a countertop for serving drinks. Consider adding a small refrigerator for cold beverages and snacks and other things to keep the gaming energy going in the room Singapore way.

5. Sports-Themed Games Room

Ideal for: Families in SG with teenage children who enjoy competitive bouts

Like the Barcade games room setup above, the sports-themed room is typically found in landed housing because of the space it requires. We’ve found this game setup a popular choice among Singaporean families. With this setup, many Singaporean children would grow up having some experience with sports in school. These can be the ultimate sports playgrounds for them.

Another upside of these game rooms is its opportunity for professional practice for Singapore families for hours on end. We’ve noticed that in families with loved ones who’ve ventured into a sports career, these rooms are a preferred choice.

Best gaming devices to have for this game room type:

– Table tennis tables

– Pool tables

– Shuffleboard tables

– Darts

– Foosball tables 

Make It Your Own by:

Incorporating Sports Equipment Decor. Repurpose actual sports equipment as decor in your room. Hang basketball hoops or display vintage sports gear and other sports things on the walls. These items not only add and share authenticity but also contribute to the overall experience.

6. Personal Space Game Room

Ideal for: Casual gamers in SG who prefer to unwind and relax alone

An idea that we find most popular with HDB flats or condo apartments in Singapore is the personal space game room. The personal space game room is the ideal setup for solo Singaporean gamers, who want to escape from daily life for a while.

Its customisable appeal has made it a usual preference for those living alone or who prefer to game alone in Singapore. Most often than not, our clients who have this room setup don’t only incorporate game equipment and furnishings but also special nooks for their hobbies and activities, like CD libraries and music players, for fun in several hours.

Best gaming devices to have for this game room type:

– Jukeboxes

– CD library

– Books

– Pinball machines

– Multigame arcade cabinets

Make It Your Own by:

Consider Sound Isolation. Consider soundproofing elements like acoustic foam or curtains for your room in Singapore. This prevents sound to escape the room. This also helps you avoid disturbing others within your room vicinity and adds to the peak acoustic quality, thus improving your gaming experience hour by hour. There are also free or DIY methods you can use.

Customization Is Key for Room Singapore Setups: The Final Insight

Designing a games room in Singapore — no matter the type — is all about creating an environment that reflects your gaming passion and enhances your overall enjoyment and escape from daily life. So, if you find yourself not only resonating with one type of game room — but multiple ones, it’s perfectly okay.

The important thing to remember when creating these kinds of rooms in Singapore is customisation. By customising your space, you’ll be able to make it specifically tailored to your interests and preferences. Then, you’ll be much more relaxed and happy to play with your gaming machines in your sort-of escape room for hours to your heart’s content. We talked more about this in another article about how to set up your own game room at home, so check it out sometime!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to think outside the box, escape from life, and let the peak home gaming experience begin in Singapore!

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