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Customer Feature: Building a Game Room in Condominiums

Our customers range from private event holders, corporations, schools, and families. Recently, we’re proud to supply a condominium management executive who wanted to build a gaming room in his condominium. He contentedly gave us his customer review of The Men’s Cave based on a few questions.

We sold him a Crown VI Pool Table along with a VDarts Mini Plus.


1. How do you go about selecting the types of game products for your residents?

A few factors were considered when we started shortlisting the different games we wanted.
a) Does the new item add value to the property? What kind of image does it portray to prospective buyers as well as current residents?
b) Is the game appealing to a larger age group of residents? Does it fit the demographics of the property?
c) Are the games we are shortlisting able to fit the space and budget constraints that we have?
d) What kind of maintenance regime and cost are we adopting along with the new game?
So it was important that the selection needed to fulfil the above criteria.


2. What made you decide on purchasing a pool table for the common space in the condo?

The pool table was aptly fitting well into our above criteria. It adds an upmarket value to the property. It allows for play at any time of the day. It appeals to people of a good age range, from young adults to seniors. It also came in various size options where we were able to select the right table that would fit into our allocated room. And a good pool table guaranteed longevity and lower maintenance cost.


3. Could you kindly tell us more about your experience during the showroom tour here at The Men’s Cave?

When I first visited TMC, I wasn’t very sure of what to expect as I was fumbling to understand the various options I had at hand when selecting the games. But Mr Gabriel ensured me that I was right at home. It was indeed a very good learning experience as well as an eye-opener into the work of recreation gaming.

For a start, he explained the pros and cons associated with the options I already had in mind and took the time to understand the kind of environment and usage we are expecting. He was immediately able to recommend various options that suit my needs.

It was an added advantage that the TMC showroom had almost every type of item I was looking for, and even more. For example, the various types of pool tables on display had ample space for firsthand tryouts, and that provided a direct experience of its texture and touch. It really simplified the shortlisting of options.

I was encouraged to lay my hands on almost every item in the showroom and experience the joy they brought to the player. It felt very personalized and by the end of the visit, I left better aware of the options at hand. It was more assuring that this awareness was not purely based on reading alone, but was also based on how they looked, felt like and were played.


4. If money isn’t a factor to consider, how would you have built the game room for the condo differently?

I do not think I would have built it any different, as the items we shortlisted and bought were very reasonably priced and still were of the highest quality that we expected. I didn’t feel that I had to cut down on my expectations in order to meet the budget. If anything, I would have opted for a greater range of items to be placed at various parts of the condo if there weren’t any other restrictions. Eg: Foosball Tables, Basketball Hoops, and Outdoor Table Tennis Tables are some of the options I would like to add in the future.


5. Which products are the more popular ones amongst the residents in your common space?

The pool table and the electronic dartboard are major hits amongst the residents. While the pool table brings in a sense of familiarity to the players, the dartboard offers a very easy and intuitive way for new players to get hooked to the game. I have even proposed and installed another dartboard from TMC at my office for my colleagues to enjoy a relaxing game of darts in between the busy work schedule.


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