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How Singaporeans Can Revive Their Vinyl/CD Collection

We remember the process of choosing which albums we wanted at the music store, bring our purchases back home before carefully opening up the packages and running our fingers over the edges before placing the disc into a player and just anticipating its magical sound.

If you’re familiar with this feeling, I would assume that you have a vinyl or CD collection that has been gathering dust. Perhaps you’ve been pondering for some time on how to give it the appreciation it needs.

Having a designated player could be the solution to your problems, but there aren’t a lot of options when it comes to how you’ll keep, track, and sort your collection in a way that makes listening easy. 

Or at least, that’s what you might think.

The solution to that? A modern jukebox!

Rock-Ola’s CD Bubbler Jukebox in Crystal Edition pays tribute to the classic Bubbler form made famous during its heydays and is a treat for both the eyes and the ears.

Exactly why is this the case, you might ask? Through modern-day jukeboxes, we can now go back to a time when music was both a tactile and sensory experience, rather than just a digital one.

In an age where we can now do almost anything on our smartphones, jukeboxes make listening to music a shared experience, whether you’re at home, in a nightclub, at a bar, in an office, or at a cafe.

Also, you can just see from the picture how they’re a piece of art! Jukeboxes are bold statement pieces that can be a great conversation starter while also contributing to keeping a wonderful piece of music history alive.

They bring your social media-driven lives back down to earth, giving you something that neither Spotify nor Apple Music can provide.

For us especially, what makes listening to CD or vinyl so special is that it forces us to slow down and appreciate music differently; you can’t just simply skip through tracks or make playlists at random on your phone.

(There’s also a certain sense of satisfaction in being able to have enough space to see our vinyl and CD collections grow over time. Take that, space!)

Nostalgic for the click and spin of a vinyl-playing jukebox? Sound Leisure’s Vinyl Rocket Jukebox will remind you of the good old days as you jive to your favourite albums with just the press of a button.
A glimpse within: Vinyl jukebox players make it so much easier to organise your vinyl collection systematically.

This is why investing in a jukebox makes both collecting and listening all the easier. It’s so easy to curate the albums you want to listen to while storing them in a systematic manner, especially in apartments where you can also hoard so much – there’s a reason why everyone has tried to Marie Kondo their living space at some point in their lives.

Plus, the modern-day jukebox can house both CDs and vinyl depending on your preference or collection!

With more old-school record stores popping up in local scenes, the Singaporean interest in vinyl and CDs has never looked stronger.

Now that vinyl and CDs are no longer a niche interest for collectors, we feel that it is high time the vinyl and CD community gives a shot to the tried-and-tested jukebox that is perfect for collectors and avid music listeners alike.

If you’re looking for your very first jukebox, our recommendations are Rock-Ola’s Bubbler CD Jukebox, Sound Leisure’s Vinyl Rocket Jukebox, and if you’re looking for something that encompasses the best of both worlds, we’ve had great experiences with Rock-Ola’s Authentic Bubbler Vinyl 45 that is both vinyl and Bluetooth compatible!

Test out some jukeboxes here today!

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