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Automatic Mahjong Table Review: Solor Slimline Series

Solor Slimline Mahjong Table Review: Why We Think It’s the Best in the Market

We all agree that Mahjong to be Singapore’s national pastime, but despite so, there’s still a lack of resources & information about Mahjong tables in the internet, with just a handful of companies in the region offering high quality mahjong tables.

Today, our editors will be reviewing the Solor Slimline Automatic Mahjong Table, with an up close look at it’s features and quality of finish. Read on as we explain why we genuinely believe that the Slimline model is quite simply the best in class in the market. 

If you still are on the fence whether you should invest in a Mahjong table or not, check out our article on the benefits you will get when upgrading to an automatic table.

Slimline Automatic Mahjong Table: Dining and Foldable

The Solor Slimline is available in two variants – Dining and Foldable. Each have their use case, so let’s get started with an introduction to the difference.

Slimline Dining Mahjong Table 

The Slimline Dining variant fits right into your home with its multi-purpose design. Not only does it serve as a first-rate mahjong table, but it is also purposefully designed to easily transform into a sleek, dining table.

This is evident with the use of 4 bolted cylindrical legs that provides a very solid and stable feel. And with the main feature of this table, the Slimline possesses one of the slimmest cabinets in the market which makes it comfortable for use as a dining table. This cannot be said of other models in the industry. 

Slimline Foldable Mahjong Table

If you however prefer portability, then the Slimline Foldable model is probably the mahjong table for you.  

This foldable table allows you the privilege advantage of playing on a high-quality automatic mahjong table anywhere, everywhere.

No space is too small for an exciting game of mahjong. The smart design features a 90-degree folding mechanism while easily wheelable for easy storage. When stored, the table requires a total footprint of only just 56cm x 91cm. 

Mahjong Table Folded Dimensions Depth
Depth of just 56cm. 
Mahjong Table Folded Dimensions WidthWidth of just 92cm. 

This is the perfect table if your preference is not to have a fixed, permanent fixture with your mahjong table. 

Solor Slimline Automatic Mahjong Table: Key Features

Now that I’ve discussed the two different variants in the Slimline line, we’ll discuss what makes them so special.

Let’s dive right into the key features that make the Solor Slimline table a top contender in Singapore right now in 2023. 

Ultra-Slim Profile

The main advantage of the Slimline is as it’s name suggest, it’s ultra slim body. This ensures sufficient legroom which is the main issue with older automatic Mahjong tables. 

Automatic Mahjong Table Slimness DimensionJust 10cm thickness, excluding 2cm chamfered edges. 

The cabinet measures just 10 cm in thickness & 12cm including the chamfered edges – the slimmest in the market. Here’s a look at how slim it measures. With the slimness, some of us were also able to fold our legs while seated! 

Automatic Mahjong Table Leg Rise
Comfortably fold your legs with a standard chair, unheard with most tables!

The slim profile is particularly appealing to those who prefer a minimalist or streamlined aesthetic. It doesn’t take too much visual space, whether you choose the dining or foldable option.

Aside from its pragmatic value, the slim design also offers an aesthetically pleasing design, that is modern and differentiated from the Mahjong tables seen elsewhere.

The aesthetic appeal of the slim profile also makes it a pragmatic choice as a piece of furniture at home. This is especially so if you are looking to have your Mahjong table double up as a dining table. In which case, the Slimline Dining model offers both looks and functionality well wrapped in one. 

Whether you’re looking for a foldable mahjong table or a dining mahjong table, you will easily appreciate the slimness of the cabinet as one of the most important factors in your purchase. 

Beautiful Wooden Finish

It used to be impossible for an automatic mahjong table to sit nicely in an interior, with its plasticky, loud finishes in gold, pink or red. But we have a game changer here. 

A key feature of the Solor series is in its beautiful, Walnut finish that is designed to blend your mahjong table as a furniture, and is really unseen in competing models in the industry. 

Finish of Mahjong Table

Stunning walnut finish matches to home interior.

The elegant and modern finish truly complements a wide range of home decor styles. The choice of walnut wood is perfect, as it’s versatile enough to blend in a classic theme, but it can also conform to a modern-day style.

Solor then tops it off with a smoked tempered glass base, which is a whole level of class above the typical steel pedestals that you find in regular Mahjong tables. This is yet another fine detail from the maker.

Reliable Engine From a Reliable Brand

Solor is a widely-renowned mahjong maker, backed by over 1,500 retail stores carrying this brand. It’s also one of the pioneers in the automatic mahjong table technology, and are listed in the Shanghai Equity Exchange since 2014.

The Slimline model carries this tradition of excellence. It’s equipped with a highly reliable engine that ensures smooth and consistent performance during our tests. 

The interior of the mechanism is also fully padded, which reduces wear and tear and ensures a quieter shuffling experience.

Automatic Mahjong Table Interior  Fully padded interior. Even the belted areas are padded (not seen in photo)

The table build and component parts are also secure and solid, which is a big plus and should not be taken for granted with any Mahjong table. 

Working with the product, we also really felt the emphasis in quality throughout every component of the table. This really provides the basis of a long lasting table that is designed to serve the user for years, evidenced by the very good warranty program for Solor tables. Add that with the best maintenance practices done specifically for these automatic mahjong tables, and the superior quality of this table will surely last for many years to come.

Mahjong Table OpenedUser friendly design allows easy maintenance. 

We also like that the design is extremely user-friendly for users to open the mechanism up if they were to drop stuff into the shuffling mechanism by accident.

Rich in Features

While the quiet automatic shuffling remains the Slimline Mahjong table best feature, there are several other features that’s worth a mention here.

a. Multiple Game Variations

The Slimline allows for different playstyles, including for the 3-player mahjong variation, which is useful if you find yourself lacking the players to play the usual 4 pax game. 

b. Digital Dice

The Slimline comes with a mechanical dice shuffle function, but on top of that, also has a digital dice version that is quicker, fuss free and quieter than the physical version. Definitely a good addition.

 c. In-Built Memory Tracker

Letting technology keep track of the points for you is pretty convenient. But the Slimline further simplifies gameplay by also remembering the dealer’s position as well as the number of times the dealer have retained dealership. Yet another nod to the details.

d. Rollercoaster-Style Tiles and Diagonal Rollout

The diagonal rollout of the Slimline beyond being a sight to behold – the tiles elevate into the table like a rollercoaster, hence the name, is also a very useful convenience. Players no longer have to take the additional step of shifting the wall diagonally like that might have to do with the regular rollout tables.

Lastly, Great Value

How does the Solor Slimline fare against its competitors?

While the Solor Slimline is undoubted slightly more costly than other models in the market, we think that the Slimline is truly justifies its price tag and more. This is especially so when seen in person. 

Its overall performance sets it apart from similar tables available in the market, providing good value for money, especially if quality of finish and finer details are important to you. Furthermore, the comprehensive warranty can help you gain peace of mind, enhancing its value proposition. 


The Solor Slimline Automatic Mahjong table, available in dining table and foldable variants, is an exceptional unit in every way.

Its smart features, like score tracking, position tracking, and tile counter help create a truly immersive experience. The focus on convenience didn’t take anything away from its beautiful craftsmanship and structural integrity.

Looking to invest in a new high quality mahjong table? Check out our Automatic Mahjong range here. 


Derek C

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