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Foosball Rules: You’ve Been Playing It Wrong

Many of us have played foosball, or at least attempted to — yet do you actually know the rules? The official rule book, known as the USTSA Rules of Play, is rather lengthy, which is why we’ve summarised a few simple rules below.

1. No spinning of rods

Under official foosball rules, you are not allowed to spin the rod 360 degrees without touching the ball. The opposing team can choose to either:
a. continue playing from the current position, or to
b. re-serve the ball.

2. No jarring

Jarring (slamming of rods against the wall of the foosball table), sliding or lifting of the table is illegal. It does not matter whether the table jarring is done intentionally.
Any distraction such as movement or sound made away from the rod where the ball is in play is not allowed. No point made as a result of a distraction will count.

3. Starting a foosball game

A coin toss is used to decide who starts the game, with each subsequent restart being taken by the player scored against. Take note to ask the opposing player if they’re ready before putting any ball into play.

4. Dead ball

A ball shall be declared a dead ball when it has completely stopped its motion and is not within reach of any player figure.

a. If the ball is declared dead between the goal and two-man rods. put the ball back into play by placing it in the corner nearest the spot of the dead ball and releasing it into play from rest.

b. If the ball is declared dead anywhere between the two-man rods, put the ball back into play with a serve by the team that originally served that ball.

5. Ball Off Table

If the ball should leave the playing area, put the ball back into play with a serve by the team that originally served that ball.

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