Bahrenherz Foosballs (Pack)


The Bahrenherz Foosball Balls are the official ITSF endorsed tournament balls for Garlando tables. While most traditional balls are either quick or grippy, the Bahrenherz balls made its name by being both quick and grippy.

As a result, these balls fully bring out the exhilarating speed of Garlando tables while allowing exceptional control over the ball.

The versatility on this setup is incredible, allowing players to play all sorts of styles and moves; Wall passes, Stick Passes, Pull Shot, Front Pin, Back Pin, Snake Shots, Kicks and Dinks. This is certainly a great product to get more out of your Garlando foosball table.

Important: The Bahrenherz Foosball Balls are only suitable for the Moplen unbreakable figurines of Garlando tables and may cause breakage in the figurines of other tables due to the hardness of the ball.

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