ITSF Bonzini Balls (Pack)


The Official ITSF sanctioned tournament balls for Bonzini Babyfoot. Do not confuse these with the Bahrenherz balls, which has some major differences in terms of weight and surface.

As ITSF World Championship features 5 brands in total, these ITSF Bonzini Balls are designed to ‘standardise’ the unique cork-based Bonzini gameplay to something that is more similar to Garlando, Tornado and other brands. The “B” balls are much harder and heavier, which will lend itself better to certain shots like the Snake shot.

These balls are designed for professional high control play, and if you are interested in professional foosball, do drop by ITSF official site to get a better idea.

Important: These balls are specifically designed for the aluminium cast figurines of Bonzini tables. Using it on other tables may result in figurine breakage.

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