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Space Guide : Retro Arcade Machine

80’s favourite Retro Arcade Machine

Every time I saw the street fighter in the arcade. It always brings me down my memories lane. 80% of my time, I am sitting in the arcade playing street fighter with my friends

In this series of space guide, we will guide you how to fit these “bulky” retrocade machine in your home.

Despite the common misconception about how bulky these arcade machines are, many are surprised by the actual footprint of one of these machines.

Calculating The Area Required

The recommended space for a retro arcade machine is 68cm x 68cm (2.2ft x 2.2ft) – which is slightly above 4 sqft.

Ideal spot for the machine will be leaning against the wall next to power socket, as the machine run on 240v AC.

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The Men's Cave Sign Off

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