Here’s a trivia that we learned about Alibaba’s mascot, it was originally modeled after ants. The unlikely creature that was first called Tao-Ant is now known as Tao Doll and resembles a cute orange chat bubble, which is the new face of the mega e-commerce site Taobao. For the TMC team, we were positively inspired by it in our recent collaboration with Alibaba.

As a welcomed addition to’s new office in Singapore, we customised a Virtual Pinball Machine for their employee lounge. The branded machine got the quality works comprising of a fully custom artwork that featured Tao Doll and Alibaba brand in bold print. As for why we choose pinball, we believe that it best represents Alibaba’s online marketplace and team-oriented ideals.

Like the online marketplace behind the screen, the Virtual Pinball has its own world beneath the glass cover and is a game that anyone can enjoy – much like how anyone can shop on Taobao.


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