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Pool Dining Tables: Incredible Use of Space

A house is not a home.

This is a saying that many of us know, regardless of where we’re from or what generation we hail from. While the concept is easy to understand, I would argue that many young, modern Singaporeans—and young people in other Asian and Western countries too—are facing the problem of living in a ‘house’ rather than a ‘home’.

I’m certain there are plenty of us that treat our houses—especially apartments—as just a place to eat and sleep before going about with the rest of our days. I’ve seen many people, both friends and family, who live with having the bare minimum in their houses simply because they feel they don’t actually stay there much during the day and would rather be outside.

This should not be the case. 


So what does this have to do with dining pool tables?

Having something valuable that creates joy in your home life is the first step into making your house into a home. 

I believe that a dining pool table can help you make the transition from a house into a home. It provides you with an outlet for play while also making sure that you also have a practical space to use during work and meal times. The dual-purpose table allows you to efficiently utilise the largest space in your home and this is especially true for the modern home where space conservation is necessary. 

Yes, having your own personalised game room will always be the dream. However, we cannot deny the fact that apartment spaces and CBD flats make having a dedicated playroom quite difficult. This is where owning your own dining pool table so appealing. With it, you won’t need to think about designing and creating a dedicated gaming room just to accommodate all your cool games and gadgets: you can just make them your living room’s centrepiece!


Practical Functionality: What More Can You Ask For?

Dining pool tables facilitate themselves as being both a dining table and a pool table, but do you know that they can also come with other play options as well? In fact, some dining pool table tops are repurposed and advertised as being multi-functional for other types of games such as ping pong and air hockey. With a range of gaming options, dining pool tables can help you keep them all in one space (or table) while not compromising build quality or gameplay. 

If you’re someone that’s more conscious about picking out furniture that fits your home, you won’t have to compromise and settle on having either aesthetic or functionality when purchasing a dining pool table. Most dining pool tables are completed with a wood or metallic finish so that they are functional and easy to maintain. This design feature pairs magnificently with the dining table side as it creates a beautiful centrepiece for you to serve any guests or family you might have over. When the pool table aspect is covered and not in use, dining pool tables look just like any other table, providing you an elegant and classy dining table while still being a fully functional pool table underneath it all. 

In addition, the additional ‘table’ surface also acts as an extra layer of protection that helps to hide and protect your more delicate pool table accessories from potential pets or a child’s wandering hands. It’s essentially the table’s own secret storage compartment. 

Perhaps you’re not keen on some of the standard designs on the market but fret not! Brands like Billiards Montfort offer a range of customisable options for you to create your own bespoke dining pool table. Instead of settling for just any dining pool table, why not just make one that is the right fit for you and your home rather than the other way around?

Moreover, you won’t have to worry if you’re truly using it to its fullest. We understand that dining pool tables do have a substantial price tag on them, which is why it’s important to make sure the purchase is worthwhile for such a valuable investment. The pool table’s 2-in-1 build ensures it is regularly in use rather than being left aside in a corner (especially with lockdowns and social distancing). For families, a dining pool table would help to encourage your loved ones to join in on the fun, allowing for bonding sessions after dinner or during weekends when you just want to wind down and have some fun.

If you’re worried about whether a dining pool table would be enough to accommodate yourself, friends, and family in the future without needing extra space, that won’t pose much of a problem. Dining pool tables follow standard pool table measurements, which means most dining pool tables can easily accommodate a minimum of 8 people. There won’t be a need for an extra table or having to consider upgrading (unless you want a new dining pool table!) in the future. With so many choices and versatility, it’s no wonder dining pool tables have been making such a big hit in the Singaporean market over recent years.  


Who knows? Maybe by the end of it, this purchase will help to encourage the growth of your very own personalised man cave in the future. We certainly believe that a dining pool table is a step in the right direction for indulging the inner child in you. 

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