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Originating from a game of sliding large British coins down a table, shuffleboard is a simple yet fast-paced game that is traditionally played one-on-one with two players sliding their pucks across the table into their opponents to gather the most points. It’s super versatile fun that’s easy enough to pick up since it’s suitable to be played by those of any age group. This makes it the best choice if you’re looking for a game that can be enjoyed by serious and casual players alike, especially in party environments.  

Choosing the best shuffleboard table for yourself depends on your space requirements and play environment, as well as the type of material used. Many shuffleboard tables are generally made from various hardwoods that are resistant to changes in humidity (perfect for Singapore’s tropical humid weather!) while providing a solid surface to work on. However, it is also important to treat and maintain the table surface of your shuffleboard on a regular basis to make sure it maintains that signature slip n’ slide feel whenever playing for the best results. 

While it might seem like a certain amount of work to maintain, The Men’s Cave team guarantees you that shuffleboard tables are an excellent investment for any home game room looking for something that provides ample fun with its many different playstyles to choose from! If you’re interested in learning more about shuffleboards in general, you can also check our Shuffleboard Space Guide.