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Is Godzilla Pinball the Best Release in a Decade? We think so.

Monster battles, an alien invasion, and the endless destruction of cities all around.

It’s been 23 years since the release of SEGA Godzilla and this time around, Stern is bringing the King of the Monsters back to the pinball community, a much beefier and mightier Godzilla than its predecessor rising out from its deep slumber to let us know who’s in charge.

Considered one of Stern’s most anticipated titles of the year—with plenty of Youtuber endorsements from the pinhead community and Limited Edition models selling out within just days of its official release—it isn’t hard to see where the hype for the Stern Godzilla comes from. 

While it always does feel fun to play the hero and save the day, Godzilla is quite the opposite: destructive, territorial, and here to remind both humans and monsters that Earth is his playground.

After all, who needs to care about consequences when you’re King of the Monsters? We certainly don’t have a problem with that!

The trailer and gameplay perfectly encapsulate this feeling right off the bat, starring MVP designer Keith Elwin as we get a sneak peek into how players will be thrown into the chaos of the Godzilla universe from the moment they start playing.

In fact, we were surprised—and pleasantly so—that the Stern Godzilla seemed much more mechanical than most modern pinball titles we’ve seen in a while, especially when compared to the recent release Led Zeppelin.

Stars of the show: Elwin and the crew bring in new interactive mech features such as the collapsible bridge, Magna Grab, and 5-level interactive collapsible tower to emulate Godzilla’s rampant destruction across the city.

The various moving parts and mechanisms that were used to emulate the destruction of the city and Godzilla’s monster battles gave it a kind of complexity that hasn’t been seen for some time in pinball. It is decidedly old-school, but we think it works well for a title like this where being able to physically interact and see the physical changes in the playfield allows you to truly let you feel like you are Godzilla himself. 

Of course, game complexity and interactive features are quite typical of an Elwin game as Keith Elwin has always been known for designing his titles with deep rulesets and gameplay complexity that challenges even veterans. 

However, it’s always done in such a way that makes unlocking or completing challenges quite satisfying rather than frustrating. Also, it’s what makes pinball games in general endlessly replayable, so we’re practically bouncing off our seats at this point in anticipation for the first batch of units that ship out in October. 

After all, videos only do so much justice compared to experiencing the gameplay for yourself! 

It’s also quite interesting to note that Stern decided to base the game on the original Toho Godzilla rather than its western counterpart. Players will even have the option of choosing either Japanese or English audio when they play, which brings the immersion of playing this fan-favourite monster to the next level.

For us, it’s considered a refreshing take on a franchise that has become increasingly westernised while also paying tribute to Godzilla’s origins, showcasing actual footage from the first 10 Toho movies where Godzilla was first conceptualised. 

Stern Godzilla will also be pinheads’ first real look into the new Stern Insider Connected system, an online system that allows players from all over the world to connect to any Stern pinball machine and collect their achievements online for future bragging rights and cool rewards from your local community. 

Now you get to bring your progress and achievements with you wherever you go!

image of godzilla and stern insider connected on pinball machine
A new feature for future Stern Pinball machines, the Stern Insider Connected system will let you share achievements and challenge other pros from across the globe!

Stern Pinball is the gift that keeps giving, especially towards the steadily growing pinball community that exists in Singapore and other parts of the world. 

It’s things like this that remind us why digital games will never be able to fully replace analogue games like well-crafted mechanical pinball machines. The Stern Godzilla is clear proof of this, taking the pinball community by storm by reminding us of the good times while giving us a title that is sure to become a classic for the decades to come. 

The Stern Godzilla Pinball Machine is placed in store for viewing and appreciation. If you’re keen on viewing, WhatsApp us and we can setup an appointment in-store with our Pinball expert to walk you through this stunning machine.

Otherwise, feel free to explore the other Pinball Machines in production today.

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