Made from a composition of 80% corn meal and 20% silicon, Brunswick’s shuffleboard wax ensures consistent quality and optimum playability of your shuffleboard all year long. To get optimal gameplay, use these shuffleboard wax on an original Brunswick shuffleboard table, like the Andover. 

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a beginner getting into it for the first time, shuffleboard wax is a necessity for all shuffleboards to provide that signature frictionless slide between a puck and shuffleboard table. Just ensure that your shuffleboard surface is clean and dry—preferably treated with a shuffleboard-designed silicone spray beforehand—before you sprinkle the wax over evenly on its surface. Just like that, it’s ready for play!

The shuffleboard wax comes in a 454g canister that is ready for immediate use. 


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Got a Garlando Foldy Evolution, really great investment as Its sturdy despite its folding features. Many thanks to Gabriel who was very willing to work around my renovation schedule and have the delivery re-arranged multiple times. Much appreciated! Overall great customer service, great product, great experience.

Ben Yap Avatar Ben Yap

I have just bought Garlando Progress Indoor Table Tennis Table. I love the sleek design! I wanted an indoor table tennis table so that I can play and train with my son often. So I did some research online and finally settled on Garlando Progress. It is made in Germany. Unlike traditional tables ( made in China, Malaysia, etc ) which unfold in 2 pieces, this unique Germany table unfold... read more

Liew Kong Fui Avatar Liew Kong Fui

my brother Josiah Tan bought a foosball table from the mens cave and it was awesome. Thanks for the speedy service and great recommendations as well

Nicolea Tan Avatar Nicolea Tan

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