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Guide: How much space do you need for a Pool Table?

How much space do you need for a Pool Table?

Pool Tables are one of our most popular products, and the number #1 question that we get is always around the subject of the space requirements of installing a pool table at home, or in an office. To make things easy for the first-timer, we have put together a guide that can comprehensively guide you through this process.

All you need will just be a household measuring tape, and if you’d like to mark out the pool table in the preferred placement, then some masking tapes as well. 


Calculating The Area Required

In order to get the maximum enjoyment out of your pool table, it’s important that you allow for sufficient playing space surrounding the table. We will advise you of the recommended area and some useful alternatives if you have space constraints.

When it comes to calculating the area required for a pool table, it’s rather simple—just use this formula and you will arrive at the ideal space necessary for a pool table. This works for the many different variants of pool tables, from a 7FT English Pool, to a 12FT Snooker Table. 

Pool Playing Area Formula:

Calculations are based on a standard 57″ cue, or commonly thought of as a 5ft cue.

Ideal Length of Room = Length of Pool Table + 5′ + 5′ 

Ideal Width of Room: Width of Pool Table + 5′ + 5′

As an example. If you are looking at a 7′ pool table which will measure around 4′ in width, then the room that is required is Length (7’+5’+5′) x Width (4’+5’+5′) which will work out to 17ft x 14ft.

The above example is based on an ideal, but as much as 70% of our customers do not have such an open space to spare, and if that’s you, carry on reading!

Space Saving Alternative

In the case where space is limited, a 48” troubleshooter cue can be used when shots at the edge of the table are to be taken. In this case, you could reduce the space required by a further 2ft (0.6m) on both the length and width. These are specially designed cues that are shorter in length to be used for tight spaces.

Therefore, a 7ft (2.1m) table would only require 15ft x 11.5ft, which is a much smaller area than the original space calculated in the above example.

It is also important to note that there are many lengths of such troubleshooter cues which will even give you the flexibility of choosing a larger table for your space. We often equip clients with the right sized troubleshooter cues (at no extra charge!) to ensure that every table when delivered, is fully playable and satisfactory. 

Need Help with Pool Table Sizing?

If you’re still unsure about the space requirements of a pool table, we’ve got an easier solution for you. Just contact us and we will be sure to guide you different sizes of tables that you can fit – We do provide free site survey, as well as consultation over phone so long as you have the dimensions on hand.

If you found this guide useful – As an extension to this guide, we do have a more detailed buyer’s guide that breaks it down to you what you need to look out for when purchasing your first Pool table. 

We hope we have helped you one way or another, and if you’ve measured and now know that you can fit a pool table, do check out our range of exciting pool tables sourced from the best makers in the world!

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