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Pool Table Size Guide: Pool Table Dimensions & Sizes

Choosing the correct pool table is a challenging, as you need to consider the size of your space and make precise calculations based off it. It’s not enough that the pool table fits. You also need adequate space from all sides to play properly. Ideally, you also need to make room for a cue rack or cabinet.

The good news is that pool tables come in various sizes, accommodating limited spaces and professional halls alike.

Pool table sizes varies and different sizes come with unique characteristics that lend to different gameplay dynamics. Pool tables typically ranges from six to nine feet long, catering to different spaces at home. Whether you’re looking for recreational entertainment or competitive gameplay, this guide will help you find the perfect size of pool table that caters to your preferences and skill level.  

Note: The below article applies to slated-bed tables, and may not be representative of wood-bedded pool tables in the market. Please read this article if you’d like to learn about the differences. 

Different Pool Table Sizes & Room Dimensions

6 FT UK Pool

English Pool Pockets

English Pool Pockets 

This is the smallest pool table size, averaging 6 feet in length and 3.5 feet in width.

This space-saving pool table is perfect for tight recreational spaces, allowing casual players to bring the fun of billiards right into their own homes.

It’s also a popular option for entertainment venues with smaller spaces. As an authentic UK pool table size, such pool tables are often a common sight in bars across Britain.

The 6 FT English pool table configuration features a napped woollen cloth, a slower table cloth that encourages shot accuracy over speed and power. In addition, smaller rounded pockets are used in tandem with 50mm balls – smaller than the 57.2mm American balls. Finally, the shorter playfield makes it easier to score shots, which makes it more suitable for casual players who are looking for a smaller pool table due to limited room at home. 

If you’ve room only for a 6FT pool table, our genuine recommendation is to stick to a UK configuration as above.

7 FT UK Pool

Ashbury 7FT Pool Table

Ashbury English Pool – 7FT

With an average size of 7 feet in length by 4 feet in widrth, this pool table balances size and gameplay difficulty.

This pool is also called a bar-sized pool table, as you would find it in most bars and pubs all over the region. It’s also fitted with the more traditional woollen table cloth, and with official English Pool configurations as mentioned above. 

The 7FT UK Pool table is also the standard size that the professional leagues in UK uses, attesting to the quality of play that you can expect from a pool table of this configuration.

This is also a great option for intermediate players and enthusiasts who want to train on their cue skills, as a 7FT English game requires a lot precision as well as great cue ball control given the tighter playing field. 

We recommend this size and specifications if you have the space maximum for a 7FT table, but yet want a proper, professional playing experience with a large lifespan for the ultimate playing experience


7 FT American Pool

Brunswick Allenton 7FT Pool Table
Brunswick Allenton American Pool – 7FT

A 7 FT American pool table has an average size of 7 feet in length by 3.5 feet in width, but note that this refers to the playing surface.

This is contrary to its English counterpart, which refers to the overall size of the cabinet. As such, a 7 FT American pool table is slightly larger than a 7 FT UK model. 

Apart from being more popular in the United States, an American pool table of this size also features larger pockets and balls. The balls in use here are 57.2mm as opposed to the 50mm balls used by their English cousins. 

American pool tables primarily use a napless synthetic material, which is thinner. It’s also smoother, offering less resistance. Balls on this type of cloth roll faster, further and is why it’s best suited to be played on a larger 8FT or 9Ft pool table ideally.

Given the smaller sized tables with relatively larger pockets, the game can play fairly easy to the intermediate player. The 7FT American pool table is suited for a casual player with limited space but are looking for an American Pool experience. 

8 FT American Pool

Safran Pool Table

Billard Montfort Safran American Pool – 8FT

The 8 feet in length by 4 feet wide American pool table offers more playing surface, making it perfect for use in pool halls and competitive venues.

This is the most popular size in commercial establishments and pool halls everywhere. It’s the perfect centerpiece in a recreational area where players can enjoy more challenging gameplay.

As with all American Pool tables, they feature the speedy, napless synthetic cloth that provides a much faster playing experience when compared to the English pool tables. 

The 8FT American is a very popular size for homes and general play, as the American game is more popular worldwide, and the 8FT provides a very decent challenge while fitting well in most homes.

9FT American Pool: Standard Pool Table Size

Brunswick Gold Crown 9FT

Brunswick Gold Crown Tournament American Pool – 9FT

The 9 feet by 4.5 feet measurement is considered the standard pool table size in professional tournaments. This size of table is played professionally whether you’re playing 8-Ball or 9-Ball pool. 

This regulation-size pool table offers a larger playing surface, which requires more skill and precision. This pool table is best suited for more advanced players.

This is the perfect size for you if you’re looking to train competitively and practice advanced gameplay strategies.

If you have space, we recommend this over the 8 FT pool table, even if you’re still practicing. With a larger pool table, the runway for players to develop the skills is longer, and mastering a 9FT pool table will mean that you will have no issue dominating smaller pool tables if you encounter them. 

10 FT Carom Pool Table

Gabriel's Carom Billiard

Credits: Gabriel’s Carom Billiards – 10FT

Carom pool tables come in various sizes, but the most common size is 10 feet in length and 5 feet wide.

This type of pool table is designed specifically for Carom billiards, also known as French billiards. The pool game features three balls (one red, two white) played on a table without pockets. 

The basic goal is that players must drive the cue ball into both object balls to score a point. If they fail to do so, they yield the next turn to the opponent. The game ends when a player has reached 50 points or another agreed-upon number.

Carom billiards is a popular variation in Europe and Asia. It also comes in different types, such as straight rail and three-cushion carom. 

This pool table typically uses cloth made from napless worsted wool. It provides a fast surface with little resistance for balls to roll much further, thereby highlighting the skill of a player in controlling the cue ball.  Given the unique dynamics of the Carom game, a 10ft table is really what we recommend for anybody who wishes to play this version of pool. 

12 FT Snooker Table


Snooker Table – 12FT

A full-sized snooker table is 12 feet in length and 6 feet wide, which is the perfect size for tournaments. Smaller sizes, such as 9 FT or 10 FT, are also available though they are considered non-regulation. 

The standard size provides a larger playing surface and longer shots for Snooker, a game with one cue ball, 15 red balls, and six colored balls. Snooker is a really challenging yet fun game for advanced players. 

The napped woolen cloth from the English pool tables was originally found on snooker tables. Having this type of material, this game also requires a higher skill level for more precise gameplay. 

If you’re looking at a Snooker table for your establishment (or home), our recommended size is the 12FT size which plays the best.

How Much Space for Cues?

As a general rule of thumb, ensure that you have 1.5m/ 5ft of space all round the table to allow for a standard length cue. Having said that, it is very common for rooms with less space to opt for troubleshooter cues, which can come in at 3FT or 4FT. It is vital to ensure that you have sufficient cue space in order to have an enjoyable game of pool.

Which Size of Pool Table Should You Choose?

The perfect size for you depends on several factors, such as:

• Personal Preference

• Space Limitations

• Skill Level

Do you want to play casual matches against friends and family? Or are you aiming to be a professional player and compete in tournaments? Assess your needs and preferences before making a choice. Start by deciding the type of pool you enjoy, and then figure out the size that you need.

Alternatively, do get in touch with us and we will be happy to provide professional advise on this matter. In the meantime, browse our amazing collection of Pool Tables and let us know when you find one you like!



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