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3 Key Reasons to Upgrade to an Automatic Mahjong Table


Solor Slimline Mahjong Table

Why you should consider upgrading to an Auto Mahjong Table.

Automatic mahjong tables have revolutionised the way we play this beloved game. With their advanced features and innovative design, these tables offer a range of benefits that enhance the overall playing experience. It’s really one of those things that you will truly appreciate once you’ve gotten into it, and wondered why you did not do it sooner. 

If you’re still using your traditional mahjong table, read on because in this article, we will cover three major reasons why you should consider upgrading over to an automatic mahjong table. 

1. Instant Shuffling, Means More Play, Less Shuffling.

Solor T200 Mahjong Table

One of the significant advantages of an automatic mahjong table is its ability to significantly reduce game times by automatically shuffling your tiles. Traditional mahjong games can be time-consuming, often lasting two hours or more with the bulk of the time spent assembling the tiles.

With an automatic table, games can be completed in approximately 40% less time, saving players valuable hours. A full game of 东南西北 that would typically take two hours can now be played in just over an hour. This really means that with the same amount of time, you are able to play almost twice the amount of games, which in our view, really improves the experience and satisfaction of your Mahjong session.

2. Play Anytime, With Near Silent Shuffling.

Mahjong Table Shuffling Tiles

Perhaps due to the hectic schedules that we have, a big part of the Singaporean culture is to play Mahjong in an overnight session. Any player can easily empathise with the need to keep the volume low, to disrupt family member’s sleep time, or worse still, incur neighbour complaints! 

An automatic Mahjong table essentially eradicates these issues. As automatic Mahjong tables improve in design each year, the shuffling and dealing process has evolved to be way quieter as compared to manual shuffling, making it ideal for games in the evening. Besides the speed advantage, you now also have the freedom of playing anytime that you want to, without being concerned about disturbing people around you. 


3. Dual Purpose With Table Cover Add-on

Dual Function Auto Mahjong Table with Covers on.

Another significant advantage of automatic mahjong tables is their dual functionality. With the latest tables, such as our Solor Mahjong range, tables are designed to serve multiple purposes with an ingenious design hack. These tables come with a provided hard cover that can be easily placed on top, transforming the mahjong table into a secondary surface for work or dining. 

This feature is particularly beneficial in small apartments or homes where space is limited. Instead of having a dedicated space for both a dining table and a mahjong table, an automatic mahjong table offers a space-saving solution. Some of these tables are even foldable, as evidenced with our ever popular walnut finished, Solor Slimline Automatic Mahjong Table, which is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a modern & high quality table to fit your interior. 


By utilising the dual purpose feature, players can maximise their living space and enjoy the convenience of having a versatile table for both leisure and practical activities. With Singapore’s real estate being as costly as it is, dual functional equipment are great ways to add fun into a space. 



Automatic mahjong tables offer numerous benefits that enhance the overall experience of playing Singapore’s favourite ‘sport’. Being able to save so much time in your weekly mahjong games, while having the freedom and flexibility to play anytime is truly invaluable in today’s context. What more, having a secondary table doesn’t hurt in our space starved city.

By considering these advantages, players can make an informed decision to upgrade to an automatic mahjong table that offers convenience, efficiency, and versatility. 


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