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5 Awesomely Unusual Gifts He’ll Love This Christmas

Christmas season is just around the corner and we bet you ladies are having a hard time coming up with something original to buy for the boys in your life (Both the old one and the young ones). You probably face this conundrum yearly. You know, brainstorming for hours and wind up getting a watch, a belt, or a briefcase.

Here’s where we come in. Of course, as you may already imagine, we’re the authority when it comes to getting awesome stuff for men. And so, the editors gathered around the round table, participated in our usual beer and TCSS, and came up with 5 of our most original products that will guarantee excitement within the family this Christmas.

1. Retrocade Super Mini

Super Mini


✔   Having an Arcade at home is equivalent to a woman having a full-length shoe rack at home.

✔   Endless retro games included: 600+ to keep them busy all year, let alone Christmas!

✔   Some proper Papa-Kiddo video-game bonding over the joysticks.


Editor’s thoughts:

There’s no doubt that Papa’s gonna love this. Stocked with all the vintage games that he grew up with, this is like going back to the candy store we grew up with. And it’s not just about the games itself—this machine is a total beast with more than 600 to toggle between but the idea of having your very own personal arcade machine at home? That’s the best Christmas ever.

The Super Mini Arcade Machine is available for you to try out, or you can check out more arcade machines here.



Meister-XT Foosball Table


✔   Beer with Buddies, Football on Telly, Banter, Chips and of course, Foosball.

✔   Gushes with manly appeal with a blockish look, along with football inspired Mancave emblem.

✔   A fantastic family game for four.


Editor’s thoughts:

Firstly, this is a really legit foosball table and this is coming from us, people who see different makes of foosball tables day in and day out. The Meister XT plays very well and you can definitely be sure that this table will see plenty of use during the festive season.

Don’t let space be a reason not to get a foosball table though. You can always consider a foldable table like the Garlando Foldy Evolution.

Check out the Meister XT Foosball Table in its full glory in our showroom, or explore more foosball tables here!


3. VDarts H2L


✔   If they have been spending lots of money on darts in the pub, this is it.

✔   It’s perfect when groups of friends come by.

✔   And if practising is boring, play online!


Editor’s thoughts:

Chances are that your guy has been spending plenty of time and money playing darts on weekends, so here is a dartboard that replicates the EXACT experience in the bar at home. The best part? It’s a fraction of the actual machine. How awesome is that?

Check out the VDarts H2L Electronic Dartboard here, also available for viewing at our showroom.

4. Motion-XT 2 in 1 Game Table

Multi Game Table Motion XT Catalogue


✔   Swap games when you feel like it!

✔   Legit size that doesn’t feel gimmicky to play on.

✔   Pool is the perfect adult game, while children will love the Air Hockey feature.


Editor’s thoughts:

The problem with most Multi Game tables is like the old adage of being the jack of all trades, master of none. There are 7-in-1, 10-in-1s but will you actually play any of those games? What we really like about the Motion-XT is how despite being a Multi Game table, the Motion-XT aims to do well at just two of the most played games in the world.

That’s what makes it a highly versatile table for your young ones or the adults. If you’re still not satisfied, you can also easily add Table Tennis to the mix by getting a two-piece tabletop.

Check out the Motion-XT right here.


5. Rega Planar 1 Turntable

Rega Planar 1 Turntable


✔   Vinyl sounds better and it’s how they were recorded to sound.

✔   The entire experience makes you appreciate music better.

✔   Unnecessary, excess, and fancy. But it’s why they’ll love it.


Editor’s thoughts:

Vinyl records are getting fashionable again, and rightly so. It’s nostalgic, it’s interesting and of course, there is not a more refined way of listening to music at home. With time being a premium for most grownups, would you prefer to relax to Spotify, or to your favourite tracks spinning on a 180g LP?

Furthermore, the Rega Planar 1 is a fantastic start to the world of vinyl. Despite packing a humble price tag, the Rega Planar 1 still remains the flagship of entry-level turntables, bearing Rega’s signature spritely and expressive sound. For anyone looking to get a start, this is the perfect one.

You can find the Rega Planar 1 Turntable here, also available for viewing at our showroom.

And that sums up our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide with 5 of the most original products you can get for this season. Did you manage to find something that your husband/kids would like? We hope you did. And if you have any questions, do drop us a call or email and we’ll be glad to talk to you about it!

Merry Christmas!

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