Our Favourite Arcade Machines for a DIY Home Barcade.

Do you miss going to bars or arcades when you could? Longing for the days when you could hang out with your friends and family without having to expose them and yourself to any risks in Singapore’s concrete jungle? 

Whatever the reason might be, many of us are now spending more time at home than we ever dreamed of. 

However, that doesn’t mean that life at home can’t be fun. Instead of dreaming about the past, we feel it has become more important than ever to make houses into homes that are fun and enjoyable if we’re going to be spending so much more time in them.

In fact, why not bring the arcade experience right into your own home by making your very own barcade!

While everyone’s interpretation is different, a barcade is essentially the concept of a pub/arcade that has been converted into a single location so you can have the best of both worlds. There isn’t anything stopping you from introducing these two things into the comfort of your own home!

I mean, how many of us have had to cut a good winning streak short just because the arcade was closing and you needed to go back home? With a home barcade, such a problem will just become a thing of the past!


Believe it or not. People are turning homes into personal bars.

Following the saying, “Work hard and play harder,” games also provide so many benefits to your home and work life. Just having a space at home that allows you to disconnect and even destress whenever it might be a rough day has been proven to help reduce your mental and physical tension, actually increasing your overall productivity throughout the day. 

Also, don’t be fooled by the misconception that you need a lot of space to have your own barcade! You can utilise any space limitations (if you have them!) by choosing items based on your own preferences. 

There are plenty of options for all your gaming needs, both big and small!

At The Men’s Cave, we don’t believe in cutting corners and only source the best and coolest gadgets and games for your entertainment!

Over the years, we’ve managed to create a wide range of products that will make you spoilt for choice!

Here are some of our personal favourites that we recommend you try out if you’re tight on space and just starting out!:

VDarts Mini Plus, Convenience and Quality in One!


Offering both convenience and quality at a fraction of most retail prices, the VDarts Mini Plus condenses the professional experience of dart playing into the comforts of your own home or office space.


The One and Only, Stern The Mandalorian Pinball Machine

A treat for any Star Wars fan, the Stern Mandalorian Pinball Machine will transport and immerse you in the beloved world of The Mandalorian series with its fast gameplay, exciting visual effects, and brilliant soundtrack taken straight from the series itself.

The Classic Atari Pong Coffee Table

A classic game that began the revolution of video games as we know it today, the ATARI Pong Coffee Table will make waking up in the mornings with your morning coffee just all the more exciting!


Meet James, and his Bishi Bashi in his studio apartment

The quintessential arcade machine, the Bishi Bashi Arcade Machine is a hit, button-smashing fun for groups of all ages. Bright and colourful with a variety of different game genres to choose from, it’ll be a household favourite for sure!


How to get started quickly?

If you’d like some advice on how to kickstart your barcade adventures at home, we’re happy to provide you with a consultation session (they’ll always be free!) on WhatsApp or in our showroom to test any products you’re interested in. 

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Let us make your homes the most fun place to be! 

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