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Inside Billiards Montfort—The World’s Best Dining Pool Table Manufacturer

When one thinks of pool tables, Billiards Montfort is the brand that most professional pool players and enthusiasts will swear by. Founded by Joseph Montfort in 1908, the carpentry family were avid enthusiasts of woodwork, admiring this creation of nature and its malleability to be crafted into something new for everyone. When the billiards scene began to blend in with this love, this is when Joseph had decided to dabble into making pool tables and the brand known as Billiards Montfort was formed. 

Billards Montfort Capelan Pool Table
Billiards Montfort’s Montfort Capelan works perfectly as both a professionally finished pool table that can be converted into an elegant dining table when not in use.


Billards Montfort Capelan With Dining Covers
This pure white dining pool table is a practical and fun statement piece for any modern home.


True to its origins, Billiards Montfort has been around for over a century, dedicating their lives to the pool scene for almost five generations! Since then, they have only grown as a company, showcasing their skills and craftsmanship while branching out into the international market. 40% of all Billiards Montfort sales are concentrated out of its hometown in Missilac, France. However, the company has made sure that this expansion has not caused them to compromise their signature quality, crafting and manufacturing all their pool tables in Missillac to ensure quality, longevity, and playability is what always comes first. 

Billiards Montfort also makes sure to keep things fresh for the brand, introducing new designs and collaborations on a regular, while constantly revamping and improving their four standard designs—Heritage, Timeless, Creator, and Luxurious. Each name itself represents a theme, taking inspiration from classic and timeless historical designs that exist all around us (Heritage), innovating customer favourites (Timeless), or creating more daring and innovative features to the iconic pool table (Creator & Luxurious). 

The Safran (Creator line) comes with a steel chassis and solid wood accents that complement its more modern and innovative leg design.
Named Nagoya, this pool table originally under the Heritage line (which has now expanded into the Timeless and Creator line) takes inspiration from Japan’s famous Torii archway and the city’s own architectural prowess.
Under the Luxury (Luxe) line, the Amboise is the epitome of decadence with its solid wood finish painted in gold and paired with a gold Simonis drape cloth.

This has allowed them to amass a bountiful collection over the decades. However, I would argue that one of their stronger points of creation lies in their ability to craft fully customisable dining pool table options while keeping the professional playing standards of each table consistent for the ultimate pool table enthusiasts. 

In fact, all designs from Billiards Montfort usually come with a range of customisable options to ensure that none of their pool tables are just the bulk standard without cutting corners. Materials sourced are of the highest quality, such as Simonis and Strachan drape cloth depending on your preferred playfield style, varying slate bed thickness, and two solid wood options (beech or oak) that are available for all their pool tables. These are only some of the many choices you can choose from when designing your own Billiards Montfort pool table. 

TMC advocates for Billiards Montfort and the passion they stand for to create something for everyone. This is because the best pool table is one that speaks to your needs, both in design and practicality. While most would assume certain finishings and design choices are trivial, the Montfort family understands through their carpentry history that these factors are what enhance the enjoyment and playability of each individual piece.

Truly, it is Joseph Motforts’s continuous love for the craft that has been passed down to his descendants, allowing them to create and foster such a timeless brand. We understand that the right pool table is meant to last you a lifetime, and Billiards Montford is here to deliver. 


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