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Space Guide: TeqBall

Are you interested in buying your own teqball table but not sure where to begin?

With new skin in the game, Teqball is a new sport based on conventional football that is currently taking the world by storm. With endorsement by many famous footballers such as Messi, Beckham, and Ronaldinho, it seems like no surprise to see more and more people trying the game themselves. 


If you’re interested in purchasing a Teqball table to get started, this space guide will help provide you with a better idea of some basic requirements you will need to figure out beforehand.


Calculating The Area Required:

Since the game is based on football, a certain amount of space is necessary even if the ball is never meant to touch the floor during the game unlike its predecessor. Therefore if you’re planning to buy a Teqball table, please keep in mind that the official Teqball court measurements are 12m (width) x 16m (length) x 7m (height). 

If you only have an indoor environment to place the table and are tight on space, you should make sure that your total playing space is at least be 10m long and wide, with at least 4m of ceiling height for optimal gameplay.

Most full-spec Teqball tables have the following measurements:

Length: 300cm
Width: 150/170cm (without/with net)
Height: 90cm (with net)

Here is also an image to help you visualise what a Teqball court should look like when you’re playing Teqball:

The halfway line and service line of at least 1cm thickness should be painted or marked starting from the edge of the table to the end of the court’s boundaries. You should also make sure to use a different colour from your flooring so that all segments are visible while playing. 

The service baseline on both ends should be 1.5m long and at least a meter away from both ends of the Teqball table (3.5m from the halfway point). 

For more space-efficiency options, you can opt for the Teq Lite model as it is made from lighter material while having a foldable feature that allows it to be kept aside when not in use. This is good for indoor environments, especially in multipurpose game rooms or public areas. 


If this guide was useful to you, you can take a look at our Space Guide series for more tips on space and other requirements for your Men’s Cave favourites!

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