Teqball Match with Four Players

Introducing Teqball: When Football Meets Ping Pong

Congratulations! You’re the owner of a new Teqball table! Or perhaps you’re here because you’re interested in knowing more about the game and want to play?

Regardless of the reason, this rule guide is here to help answer any questions you might have about what Teqball is, how to play it, and some of the many ways you can use a Teqball table to play Teqball and other sports for new styles of gameplay.


What Is Teqball?

To give a more general explanation, Teqball is based on conventional football but played on a specially-built curved table called the Teq table with any sort of football. It’s a game that can be played with both men, women, and children, split between two teams of one (singles) or two (doubles). The sport uses a points-based scoring system (best-out-of-three, with each team needing to reach 12 points first per set) and can be played both indoors and outdoors on all types of surfaces. There are no differences in gameplay between the two settings. Players are only allowed to touch the ball a maximum of three times before needing to pass it to their opponent and no physical contact is allowed between the players or with the table itself, reducing the risk of physical injuries.


How Do You Play Teqball?

Teqball is a surprisingly simple game to pick up but requires tons of skill to master. 

To start, the game is played with a conventional size 5 football (has a circumference of 68-70cm and weighs 410-450g) on any Teqball table. Court lines should be drawn beforehand in this layout:

The service line must be drawn 3.5m away from the middle of the table, which is where players must serve the ball at the start of each match. 

Much like badminton, it has been mentioned earlier that conventional Teqball can be played as either singles (one player per side) or doubles (two players per side). This is then further divided based on gender restrictions, where teams can either be mixed or just one gender only based on tournament or house rules.

You must also choose a team captain during doubles play as they are required to do a coin toss to determine which team starts first and which side of the table they will be playing from. 

These are what the official FITEQ coins look like! They’re different colours on each side so that they’re distinguishable from each other.


Players each choose one colour of the coin (or heads or tails if you’re using a normal coin). The receiving team selects who their receiver will be before the serving team declares their server. 

Playing Teqball itself feels like a mix between football and table tennis. You must make sure to bounce the ball onto your opponent’s side of the table but you cannot touch the ball with your hands and arms. You also cannot touch the ball with the same body part twice in a row while playing. You gain a point when you manage to successfully land the ball on your opponent’s side of the table without them being able to return the ball to your side. 

However, if an ‘edgeball’ occurs—the ball bounces off the side of the table—the point does not count and must be replayed. This is also the same case if the ball hits the net and bounces on the table at least three times before being returned back by either side. 

Teams switch serving after every four points, in best of three sets. The winning team is determined based on the first team to reach 20 points overall. 

For more in-depth rules, you can look at the official TIFEQ rulebook for playing Teqball here.



However, the adaptability of Teqball’s innovation doesn’t just stop there! 

With a Teqball table, you can change a variety of classic games into new ones, such as beach Teqball, Teqpong (ping pong), Teqtennis, and more. This list hardly scratches the surface of sports that are being introduced for the Teqtable’s use. The table’s curved surface creates a new and fun challenge for these tried and tested sports, breathing new life into them while showcasing the Teqtable’s versatility. It’s also a great option if you’re tight on space but want a physical play space that gives you plenty of play options in both indoor and outdoor settings.  


If you’re interested but have initial doubts or any other questions, why not book a free appointment with our showroom today to try Teqball out for yourself! 

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