How to Pick Your First Foosball Table: An Insider Guide

Ready to pick your first foosball table? Choosing a foosball table can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it’s essential to make an informed decision to ensure you get a table that suits your needs and preferences. From buying options to the different foosball table considerations to take note, we’ve got you!


Buying a Foosball Table

We started by specialising in foosball tables, so it’s safe to say that this is one of our favourite subjects. With foosball tables priced for as low as $300 to as much as $5000, we’ll show you what to look out for while searching for your perfect foosball table in this comprehensible buying guide.


Options to Select: Kid-Sized or Adult-Sized Table?

Let’s begin with this question: Is this table for a child (< 10 years old) or for an adult?

This is the most important question to begin with, as all tables in the market can be segregated into either one of these sizes. Kid-sized tables are smaller, shorter and lighter, and are therefore not meant to be used for adults. The table below will help you find out which category a particular foosball table falls into.


Our Recommendation? It’s really simple. If it’s meant for adult usage, you need an adult table. Kid-sized tables are lightweight and are not meant to take the impact of adult’s playing force and gameplay. Kid-sized tables may be less costly, but it won’t matter if you have to replace it after two months.

If space is a constraint and you need an adult table, then choose a proper adult table that is foldable like the Garlando Champion. While most foldable tables are made for kids (again, you will know simply by looking at it’s weight), the Garlando Champion is a very competent foldable table that is fully suitable for adult usage.

If you’re still unsure about sizes and dimensions, take a look at our space guide on foosball tables.


What’s Your Usage Level?

Another question to ask yourself is your usage level. Knowing your usage level and being realistic and honest about it can help you pick a foosball table that is just right for you. The objective really is to settle on a table that will suit you for years and years, and not one that you might outgrow in 3 months.

Here are a few examples of common usage levels to think about.

• Space Constraint Homes
• Family Usage
• Training Usage
• Daily Office Usage
• Outdoor Usage

Depending on your type of usage, different models in the market are well suited for different kinds of usage. For example, homes with space constraints should be looking at a foldable table (as covered above), while someone with a keen interest in getting good at foosball should look at an ITSF training table.

Most professional manufacturers like Garlando, Bonzini or Tornado will have high quality tables fulfilling different purposes and usage level. Look at each range in detail or if you’re not feeling the research, speak to a product specialist to get a recommendation tailored to you.

Our Recommendation? Once you know what sort of usage you’re looking at, make sure to choose the right tables for the right purpose. It’s critical for places with very high usage – like offices, schools – to look for tables that are sturdier. ITSF approved tables will be the ideal pick for such usage level.


Choose Between the Table Brands

After you’ve sorted the two questions above, it’s time to look at a few brands in the market for your table of choice.

Just like when shopping for a camera, you would look at the big brands like Canon, Nikon & Sony, it is no different when looking for a foosball table. Our advice is this: stick to the well-reviewed brands for foosball tables, they may be slightly pricier but will play much better while lasting longer.

If you actually spend time on the run-of-the-mill tables, and then with tables from the big brands, you will realise it’s a comparison between toys and proper tables. We will now run through 3 professional brands available in Singapore that are used in the ITSF World Championships.


Garlando – Italy

Garlando tables are made in Alessandria, Italy, and are home to the largest manufacturer in the world for foosball tables. European styled with a 1-man goalie and side ramps, Garlando tables provide gameplay that is best described as fast-paced with great control. The key quality in Garlando tables would be the moplen unbreakable figurines, which guarantees that these figurines on the playing surface are 100% unbreakable. Garlando also has the largest range and inventory of parts, with tables for practically every kind of usage.

Key Feature Unique to This Brand:

One key feature that is unique to Garlando foosball tables is their telescopic rods.

The telescopic rod design is a safety feature that makes Garlando foosball tables particularly appealing, especially for families with young children or in environments where safety is a priority. With the telescopic rods, the ends of the rods do not protrude from the opposite side of the table, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries during gameplay.


Bonzini – France

Widely known by enthusiasts as the world’s number 1 brand for football tables, Bonzini tables are characterised by their incredible built-for-lifetime durability. This foosball table from Paris is amongst the most exquisite out there, with tables fully handcrafted to superior excellence. Bonzini gameplay is well characterised for providing the best control among any other brands due to the use of linoleum in the playing field.

Key Feature Unique to This Brand:

The key feature that is unique to Bonzini foosball tables is their iconic player figures, known as the “Bonzini men” or “Bonzini players.” These player figures are distinct in design and construction, setting Bonzini foosball tables apart from other foosball tables on the market. With their rounded feet and colorful uniforms, playing foosball is just as fun as it is visually appealing.

Read More: We also just did a review on the Bonzini B90, which is a superior model you should check out if you’re eyeing this brand.


Tornado – U.S.A

Another brand that is very well-liked by enthusiasts, Tornado produces quality foosball tables and is best known for their American-styled game-play. The table is played with 3-men goalies, which eliminates the requirements of ramps, and is liked by some players. Tornado figurines are known to have wider feet, which allows them to catch passes better than other tables. Tornado tables are characterised by great control with slower gameplay.

Key Feature Unique to This Brand:

Tornado foosball tables allow players to customize the level of grip or “foos” of the player figures by adjusting the level of silicone used on the rods. This customization allows players to tailor the table’s performance to their playing style. At the same time, it sets them apart from other foosball tables and contributes to their popularity among serious foosball players and for the different kinds of professional tournaments.


Our Recommendation? Do your research, and look at the professional brands that specialises in Foosball, like the 3 mentioned above. After all, brands that are used in tournaments are specially approved for heavy usage, and it tells a lot. Lastly, always try one out in person if possible. Every table is different in the playing experience, and you definitely should try it to see if you like it before you select one.


Picking Your Foosball Tables: The Final Word

Choosing your first foosball table can be intimidating. There are so many options to choose from! But when you know your preferences and purpose of buying, it’ll be easier to find the foosball table that works for you and your home. Know your purpose, usage level, and brand preferences, and you’re good to choose to your heart’s content.


Ready to Spice Up Your Custom Game Room?

Now that we’ve come to the conclusion of this quick guide, if you’re following closely, you can be assured that you’re on track to the right foosball table purchase. If you however, would like to speak to a specialist in foosball, do feel free to visit us in our showroom or contact us here. We can also speak to you about other big boy toys, including hockey tables, tennis tables, and arcade machines, that we have in our catalog.

Meanwhile, happy exploring the rest of our Foosball Table range!

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