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Space Guide: Foosball

“Quick, shoot, shoot! GOAL!”

Want to play football but find yourself out of luck in finding teammates?

Well, you can play football even if there are only two of you. I’m sure that sentence made you think, “How is that possible?”

Well, get a foosball table! With it, you can play foosball with just two to four people.

In this series, you will find out the exact space you need to fit a foosball table in your man cave. Remember to check out our extensive selection of foosball tables designed to be robust enough for adult usage.

In general, a foosball table is relatively space-saving. You will just need to cater to some additional space around the table for movement during gameplay.


Calculating The Area Required

Using a Garlando Foosball table as a guide, the area required is 150cm x 125cm. As a rule of thumb, you’ll need an area of 150cm x 189cm for the table and its gameplay.

If you are facing space constraints, you can consider getting a foldable foosball table which saves more space when folded up nicely. You can also put it near the wall when not in use.

Garlando Foldy Evo Foosball Table Folded
The Garlando Foldy Evo Foosball Table provides a great example of what a space-saving and practical foosball table should look and feel like.

Simply choose a perfect spot in your man cave and follow our space guide measurements to fit your foosball table.

If you’re unsure which style of foosball table to get, check out our buying guide on picking your first foosball table. I’m sure this article will give you more insight on the best foosball table that suits you the most. For more information about game table sizing in general, check out our Space Guide series.

Already started playing with your foosball table? We’ve got an article on how you can improve your skills, beat your competitors with ease, and become a foosball champ!


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