Bonzini B90 Foosball Table

Why The B90 Is The World’s Best Foosball Table

To the untrained eye, every foosball table looks the same. However, there are a lot of details that differ from table to table, brand to brand. Today, we will review the Bonzini B90 to find out if it indeed lives up to its huge reputation as one of the best foosball tables in the world. 

Playfield (5/5)

The Bonzini B90 uses a linoleum playfield. This is exclusively used for Bonzini tables, allowing a level of control higher than any other table in the world. The playfield compresses slightly to enable users to trap and pin the ball when passing from man to man.

Figurines (5/5)

Other than the playfield, the figurines are the most important part in assessing the playability of a foosball table. Bonzini B90 uses heavy aluminium figurines and their density allows players to have a real ‘feel’ of the ball. These figurines are guaranteed to be unbreakable and have wide feet that allow for better control when passing. The deep ‘V’ feet allows you to pin the ball, which is the basis of many pin shots that are only possible with a Bonzini Babyfoot.

Style of play / Playability (5/5)

Played with an iconic cork ball instead of the usual plastic balls, Bonzini tables mimic the European style of play. The gameplay involves more passing and control, deviating away from speed and power. This is the kind of table where the skilled expert will almost always beat a novice.

The Bonzini B90 is also the official ITSF tournament table for the Pro Tour series, which makes it a keen favourite among top players like Meckes Sebastien, Travers Frederic, and co.

For the curious, here’s a video of a B90 in action.

Durability (5/5)

The Bonzini B90 is one of the few products in today’s age that can truly fulfil its claim: Built for Life. Each table is handcrafted in France using only the finest materials. With a full-body cabinet made from solid beech wood and guaranteed unbreakable figurines, this table is able to take a beating like no other. Among the 5 official ITSF brands, only Bonzini tables are made with solid wood.

Auxiliary (4.5/5)

Being a traditional model with little change in design over the past 50 years, the Bonzini B90 is equipped with basic score counters. However, the table cabinet and players are fully customisable. You can play out football’s biggest rivalries, El Classico, the North London derby, etc while choosing your own side by customising the table cabinet. Its full customisation options is a major bonus as compared to other tables.

Overall (5/5)

The Bonzini B90 is constantly rated as the best foosball table. Although they don’t come cheap, they’re certainly a worthy investment considering their lifelong usage. It is a 5 star in all major departments, and points are given for being fully customisable. However, it does not have certain auxiliary features that some other tables provide. We could really use the bottle holder for our beer!


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