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VDarts H2L Reviewed: VDarts’ Answer to the iDarts?

Unless you’ve been living under a shell, you would have seen the recent revival of darts exploding in your favourite bars and nightspots all around Singapore. That’s right, we’re talking about iDarts.

And if you’re like us—hooked onto the wonderful game of electronic darts—then this post is perfect for you. Today, we’re reviewing the VDarts H2L—Dartslive’s major competitor and a home play dartboard, to see how this board stacks up against the iDarts experience.

V Darts H2L Full Front View

Playfield (5/5)

Just like the iDarts machines, the VDarts H2L uses a 15-inch playing field coupled with an external catch ring to catch stray darts. 15″ is basically the standard size for soft-tip play, and you’ll find the dimensions to be exactly what you might expect when playing in pubs. 

What really sets the VDarts H2L apart from the likes of the Granboard—iDarts 200s—is the interactive LED segment that is the iconic feature of most pub games. Each individual segment lights up whenever it gets a hit, with special lighting effects occurring when bullseye/ hat tricks/low tons are activated. The VDarts H2L with its LED feature is without a doubt the current leader of the home dartboard system. 

For players who frequent Dartslive machines though, do note that the VDarts H2L board does feel a little more rigid, even if it hardly affect your game in any way.

Playability (4.8/5)

The V Darts H2L is different from other offline dartboards as it requires a smart device (phone/tablet) to operate the dartboard. Games are selected via an app (free, of course) with scores and visual effects displayed on the smart device itself.

The V Darts app allows you to play both traditional 01 games or fun games that are suited for casual play among friends. For enthusiasts, Cricket/ 01s are the standard but for social players, games like Tic Tac Toe/ Sniper are all included, along with instructions.

When connected to a screen, the VDarts game interface is indeed colourfully designed and does feel less sterile and boring as compared to the other boards in the market.

Here’s a video of how the VDarts interface looks like:

Durability (4.4/5)

The VDarts set does feel well-made and solid as compared to the traditional models in the market. You should still note that unlike a normal pub set, the H2L is not designed for commercial usage and should not be kept switched on indefinitely.

With its many sensors for scores and LED lights, the VDarts H2L biggest issue arises when your personal darts are heavier than the recommended maximum weight of 20g. Although able to handle personal darts of up to 25g, heavier darts will tend to have their tips broken more often and over time, this might damage the dartboard’s sensors. As a reference, most personal darts are between 16-20g and the house darts given are 14g.

Accessories Included.


The VDarts House Dart in detail.


Auxiliary (5/5)

The H2L does come with a rather decent basic kit, featuring 6 VDarts house darts, tape, spare tips, and an online membership token. The darts and tips are of rather high quality and are similar to the ones used in pubs.

As an online dartboard, the H2L allows users to create an ID to track their overall grade to monitor their progress. The online function also allows you to challenge the growing VDarts community to the standard 01 or cricket games.

Overall (4.8/5)

All in all, the VDarts H2L is highly rated by us because of its unique playing experience among wall-mounted dartboards. While points for playability have been deducted due to the need for a smart device, the board sits perfectly in a home as access to a phone/tablet, with the app is readily available.

While the board is relatively durable, it is still not designed for heavy usage and for bars or commercial spaces as we would still recommend a standing dartboard instead. However, at such a price, dartboards present themselves to be the best value for entertainment and the VDarts H2L is no exception.

In conclusion, we will say this: The VDarts H2L is quite easily the most advanced home board in the market and the closest to the pub experience you’re ever going to get at a fraction of the price.

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