Beer Pong: Easy To Master, Endless Fun

Beer Pong is a popular drinking game that is simple to play, easy to learn, and entertaining for players and spectators alike. Usually a team “sport”, the objective of the game is simple: eliminate the opposition’s cups before they eliminate yours.


What You Need To Play

  • A beer pong table or any ordinary table (at least 6FT)
  • Cups arranged in a triangle (either 6 or 10 per team)
  • Ping Pong balls
  • Beer! Or any other drink chosen as a forfeit


Beer Pong Rules

While there are no “official” rules for beer pong, these are some basic and commonly accepted rules used as a reference in a standard beer pong game. However, feel free to modify and tweak the rules as you play. As long as the rules are agreed on both sides, anything goes.


Decide which team goes first with a simple game (or ladies first). The turn switches whenever a shot is missed but whenever a team scores, they are given a “throwback”, giving them a chance to shoot again.


Teams stand at either end of the table and try to score into cups at the opposite end. Shots can be direct or bounced. Direct shots are indefensible while bounced shots can be blocked once it hits the table. If the ball is defended before it touches the table, the player is given 2 shots instead of 1.


Teams can request a “re-rack” at the end of their turn in order to maintain a compact shape. Games are usually played with 1 or 2 re-racks agreed at the beginning. Re-racking can be done at any point of the game but is usually requested when the game is near its end when the cups are spaced out.

Game Ending Situation

The game is played until a team eliminates all the cups. The losing team then has to finish whatever remains on the table.

Variants – The Men’s Cave Edition

The Men’s Cave team enjoys the game of beer pong as well and we have our own variant of the game. Using the same basic rules, the twist is that the game ends once 3 of 10 cups are eliminated. However, eliminated cups are not placed at one side but are used to “defend” against incoming shots. If the cup used to defend is completely knocked off, it is repositioned.

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