Space-Saving in BTOs: Transform Furniture Into Entertainment Within Seconds!

Thinking of spicing up your home with some games but not sure how to? Whether you’re a newlywed or the youngest in your family, you may be thinking of buying a pool table, foosball table, dartboard or an arcade machine, yet they don’t seem to be able to fit into your tiny house in Singapore. If so, you’ve stumbled onto the right article, because this list will provide you with the best space-saving machines for your inner gamer soul.


1. Montfort Capelan Pool Dining Table

Montfort Capelan Pool Dining Table Small and Affordable Arcades for your Houses or HDBs
Montfort Capelan Pool Dining Table in our showroom

Want to play a round of pool but prefer the comfort of your own home? The Montfort Capelan Pool Dining Table, like its name suggests, is a convertible dining and pool table. This French pool table is a refined table that will fit in any gaming space. More importantly, it comes with a 2 piece dining top that can function not only as a dining top, but even as a study desk. For advanced players, this table is definitely for you — made of solid wood (beech or massive oak), its slate bed guarantees a high-quality playing surface. If you’re just a beginner though, this video should come in handy.

With your own personal pool table that’s not space constraining at all, you never have to worry again about wasting money and time travelling to a snooker hall. Nor do you need to be mindful of your alcohol intake. After all, the best place to play pool will be right under your nose (literally).


2. VDarts Mini Plus

VDarts Mini Plus Small and Affordable Arcades for your Houses or HDBs
VDarts Mini Plus

A wall-mounted commercial-grade dartboard, this VDarts Mini Plus will be a great and convenient addition to your house. Its laser line technology eliminates the need for a dart mat. All you need to do is mount this on a wall along any corridor (in your HDB of course) or in the living room, and you’re ready to go! This dartboard is also equipped with a sound-absorbing cushion. What this means is you won’t need to fret about disturbing your neighbours with your dart throws.


3. Retrocade Super Mini

Retrocade Super Mini in our showroom

Are you a great fan of arcade games? If so, nothing’s better than turning your home into an arcade.

Retrocade Super Mini is the ultimate compact arcade machine that can easily fit on your desk or bar table. Don’t be fooled by its size—despite being a quarter the size of a conventional arcade machine, you can enjoy over 600 classic games in HD, including these top 10 arcade games that will be sure to bring you back to the ’80s. With a machine like this, your house or your room can be your very own arcade.


4. Pacman Beer Pong Table

Pacman beer pong foldable table

If you love PacMan and alcohol, you’re in luck, because this table is perfect for you. This PacMan Beer Pong Table is beerproof, and its foldability definitely makes playing beer pong much more convenient — you’ll be able to play anytime and anywhere. Things mightttt get a little messy though, so be ready for some cleaning up afterwards!


5. Atari Pong Coffee Table

Atari Pong Coffee Table in a home

The “best new electronic table game to hit the market since Air Hockey”, Atari Pong Coffee Table is a great addition to your home. The official release was just in 2018, so you can expect modern high-tech engineering.

Predominantly, you’ll be able to play the classic Pong game using custom mechanical components. Want to take a break after your game? No problem, just close the side covers and you can enjoy some beer or coffee on this neat retro table. This table is also spill-proof and sealed, so you don’t need to get too mad at your guests!

There are so many great features to this table that makes it much more than just an arcade table or coffee table:
1. You can liven up your game by playing your favourite soundtrack with the built-in Bluetooth speaker.
2. You’ll never lose track of time with its LED clock display.
3. Ever faced the problem where your power socket is too far from your table? Rest assured as this table comes with 6 USB ports for you and your friends.


6. Retrocade Verso Coffee Table

Retrocade Verso Coffee Table ver. I in our showroom

Want something unique for your HDB? Look no further, as we’ve come to the last item on our list — Retrocade Verso Coffee Table.

Exclusive to The Men’s Cave, this one-of-a-kind table functions as both an arcade machine and a coffee table. It doesn’t lack the traditional characteristics of the 19” industrial monitor nor the configuration buttons. Further yet, you can chill on your couch while playing the 600 classic games available instead of standing. Its homely design allows you to easily place it between your couch and TV — you may even squeeze in a few games during commercial breaks! Gaming with your spouse has never been more romantic, or nostalgic.


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