How To Build A Man Cave in 2019: 6 Essentials

How perfect would it be if we had a quiet retreat where we can plunk down on the sofa, chill out with a drink and unwind? After a long day at work, a man cave is all we need. Be it taking a break from household and work duties or having a friends’ night, a man cave is the perfect getaway for us, men and women alike.

“While people see homes as a shelter, we see man caves. We envision homes to be a place where great fun, experience and camaraderie are forged. It’s why we do what we do. Every day.” ⁣⁣
Gabriel O, founder of The Men’s Cave

Unlike traditional norms where man caves were made just for men, we hope today’s man caves (despite its name) can be a family space where people of all ages can just have fun. From your toddlers to students, from adults to grandparents — a house need not be a dreary place for us all.

First question: But my house is too small to build a man cave, what should I do?

If you don’t have a spare room, here’s the next best option — have your living room filled with fun.

The big question: So how do I build a man cave?

It honestly depends on your passions. You may be a HUGE Liverpool fan — sure, display your merchandise in your man cave! Or you may be a fine arts enthusiast — go ahead and hang your favourite artworks on the wall. Or check out this page for some quirky ideas for your man cave. Regardless of what it is, your man cave is uniquely yours (or your family’s). However, there are definitely some essentials that your man cave should not miss out on:


1. Big Sofa

big sofa how to build a man cave: 6 essentials the men's cave

Simple but essential — a spacious and comfortable sofa. The foremost of any man cave, this will make you feel right at home. There are so many purposes for a large sofa as well, for instance: watching a movie, chilling out with friends, or maybe sleeping alone after arguing with your spouse.

No matter what it is, whether your house or man cave needs a sofa shouldn’t even be a question — it just does.


2. Drinks Bar

drinks bar how to build a man cave: 6 essentials the men's cave
Drinks bar in The Men’s Cave’s showroom

Everyone needs a bit of alcohol, and there’s no better way to have guests over at your house than a good drink. All you need are a fridge, neon man cave bar signs and Jack Daniels stools and table. For a more comprehensive list of items you should include in your bar, check out this list.


3. Games

games how to build a man cave: 6 essentials the men's cave

Of course, what is a man cave without games? For all gamers out there, nothing is quite equivalent to the joy of gaming and destressing. And the best part? You can game in the comfort of your own home, without needing to travel to a game room, paying hourly fees and being bothered by the crowd.

games how to build a man cave: 6 essentials the men's cave

For recommendations, check out our Top 5 Must-Haves For Your Man Cave article. A new 2018 release, Atari Pong Coffee Table, and our Retrocade Verso Coffee Table are great picks for a multipurpose space-saving arcade machine. Of course, don’t forget the quintessential poker table. Here’s an article on how you can build your game room.


4. Jukebox/Vinyl Player

Games, check. Drinks, check. Now what you need is just some music. Travel back to the 1950s with Sound Leisure’s jukeboxes handcrafted in England. These jukeboxes boast hundreds of songs with 21st century sound. Some of these even allow Bluetooth streaming, so you can show off your massive new speaker to your guests!


Another retro music player would be the classic record/vinyl player. There is nothing quite like the emotional connection attached to the vinyl ritual — pulling the record out of its sleeve and setting it on the player.

However though, if you prefer making your own music, read below!


5. Music Instruments

Badam tsk…! For fellow musicians like myself, almost nothing’s better than having your own music space where you could jam your favourite tunes with your fellow band members. (Except for, of course, performing itself) If your house is large enough, you could even have your own audience. With live music and a drinks bar, your secret room in your house can easily become a speakeasy.


6. Large Screen TV

Last but not least: we could never forget a large screen HD TV! A lovely giant screen is the reason why people go to the cinema. Thanks to modern technology though, you can bring this very screen home, where you can chill out to your hearts’ content. Be it streaming your favourite Netflix shows or watching the newest blockbusters, it’ll be a perfect movie night for you and your friends/family.


At last, that concludes our article on what you should include in your man cave! From a sofa, drinks bar, games, vinyl, to a large screen TV, what is your top essential? If you have any other ideas, do drop a comment below or share our post!

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