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Is Godzilla Pinball the Best Release in a Decade? We think so.

Monster battles, an alien invasion, and the endless destruction of cities all around. It's been 23 years since the release of SEGA Godzilla and this time around, Stern is bringing the King of the Monsters back to the pinball community, a much beefier and mightier Godzilla than its predecessor rising out from its deep slumber to let us know who's in charge. Considered one of Stern’s most anticipated titles of the year—with plenty of Youtuber endorsements from the pinhead community and Limited Edition models selling out within just days of its official release—it isn’t hard to see where the hype for the Stern Godzilla comes from.  While it always does feel fun to play the hero and save the day, Godzilla is quite the opposite: destructive, territorial, and here to remind both humans and monsters that Earth is his playground. After all, who needs to care about consequences when you’re King of the Monsters? We certainly don’t have a problem with that! The trailer and gameplay perfectly encapsulate this feeling right off the bat, starring MVP designer Keith Elwin as we get a sneak peek into how players will be thrown into the chaos of the Godzilla universe from the moment they start playing. In fact, we were surprised—and pleasantly so—that the Stern Godzilla seemed much more mechanical than most modern pinball titles we’ve seen in a while, especially when compared to the recent release Led Zeppelin. [caption id="attachment_10758" align="aligncenter" width="1440"] Stars of the show: Elwin and the crew bring in new interactive mech features such as the collapsible bridge, Magna Grab, and 5-level interactive collapsible tower to emulate Godzilla's rampant destruction across the city.[/caption] The various moving parts and mechanisms that were used to emulate the destruction of the city and Godzilla’s monster battles gave it a kind of complexity that hasn’t been seen for some time in pinball. It is decidedly old-school, but we think it works well for a title like this where being able to physically interact and see the physical changes in the playfield allows you to truly let you feel like you are Godzilla himself.  Of course, game complexity and interactive features are quite typical of an Elwin game as Keith Elwin has always been known for designing his titles with deep rulesets and gameplay complexity that challenges even veterans.  However, it’s always done in such a way that makes unlocking or completing challenges quite satisfying rather than frustrating. Also, it’s what makes pinball games in general endlessly replayable, so we’re practically bouncing off our seats at this point in anticipation for the first batch of units that ship out in October.  After all, videos only do so much justice compared to experiencing the gameplay for yourself!  It’s also quite interesting to note that Stern decided to base the game on the original Toho Godzilla rather than its western counterpart. Players will even have the option of choosing either Japanese or English audio when they play, which brings the immersion of playing this fan-favourite monster to the next level. For us, it’s considered a refreshing take on a franchise that has become increasingly westernised while also paying tribute to Godzilla’s origins, showcasing actual footage from the first 10 Toho movies where Godzilla was first conceptualised.  Stern Godzilla will also be pinheads’ first real look into the new Stern Insider Connected system, an online system that allows players from all over the world to connect to any Stern pinball machine and collect their achievements online for future bragging rights and cool rewards from your local community.  Now you get to bring your progress and achievements with you wherever you go! [caption id="attachment_10757" align="aligncenter" width="600"] A new feature for future Stern Pinball machines, the Stern Insider Connected system will let you share achievements and challenge other pros from across the globe![/caption] Stern Pinball is the gift that keeps giving, especially towards the steadily growing pinball community that exists in Singapore and other parts of the world.  It’s things like this that remind us why digital games will never be able to fully replace analogue games like well-crafted mechanical pinball machines. The Stern Godzilla is clear proof of this, taking the pinball community by storm by reminding us of the good times while giving us a title that is sure to become a classic for the decades to come.  The Stern Godzilla Pinball Machine is placed in store for viewing and appreciation. If you're keen on viewing, WhatsApp us and we can setup an appointment in-store with our Pinball expert to walk you through this stunning machine. Otherwise, feel free to explore the other Pinball Machines in production today. You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter to get all the latest news and even exclusive invites to product launches, sent straight to your mailbox.

More Than Meets The Eye: What Makes Pinball Machines So Appealing?

With retro arcades and classic games making a revival in recent times, it seems almost natural that iconic games like pinball have made a comeback. Pinball manufacturers are picking up production again with a vengeful force after verging extinction nearly a decade ago due to scarcity of production lines and its troubled history with gambling that had gotten it banned in most states in the US for nearly 40 years after its prohibition was declared in 1940.  Just turn around and ask anyone around you if they know what pinball is. I’m sure all your friends can answer that question, even if their ‘experience’ of the game is through Microsoft XP’s 3D Pinball: Space Cadet. It’s hard to forget the hours of endless fun I burnt through the game as a kid, but the online experience does no justice to the beauty and ingenuity of actual mechanical pinball machines. No amount of technology and digitalisation can replicate the sounds, feelings, and experiences created by these pieces of art. This is because mechanical pinball machines are more than just retro machines or a passing icon of their time. They’re innovative products, combining modern technology with intricate mechanisms to recreate iconic pop culture icons and moments. It’s a machine that pays tribute to both the culture and game to create a bespoke experience for pinheads and casual players alike.   Mechanical Wonders Have you ever really wondered how much work goes into designing a pinball machine? It wasn’t until I delved into the world of mechanical pinball machines that I found out how intricate pinball machines are designed to be. With so many different modes and hidden gameplay that reveal brand-new aspects of the game to ensure high replayability, pinball is more than just a game of points and making sure you hit the flippers at the right time. The ingenuity to ensure that it captures the essence of its theme has made modern pinball machines endlessly replayable and exciting no matter how many times you go back for more. Contrary to popular belief, they aren’t needlessly complicated once you realise the effort put into them is what creates most of the game’s magic.  Sure, the pop culture themes they’re based on help to garner interest amongst casual players to get them into the game. However, it’s the intricate and well-thought-out mechanics that have kept people staying loyal pinheads throughout the decades.   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="796"] Closeup of a 1950s pinball machine.[/caption] A Collector’s Galore The pinball machine’s hold as a collectible item stems from its theme exclusivity. Each pinball machine made is specifically tailored to encapsulate the themes they take—be it video games, famous bands, or nostalgic TV shows—in both mechanisms and designs. Production of specific themes are usually set for a limited time run, which means pinball companies only produce a specific number of pinball machines for each particular theme and variation; Stern Pinball produces three types of pinball machines for each of its themes: Pro, Premium, and Limited. Generally once a series goes out of production, you can be almost assured that there are no future releases of the same product on the horizon. Remakes are extremely rare in the pinball industry, which guarantees that each pinball machine is considered a once-in-a-lifetime collectible item. It’s the reason why the Addams Family pinball machine produced by Bally has been such a commercial sellout even after almost 29 years since it was first produced. Even now, refurbished and original Addams Family pinball machines are still around the market and being sold for around ten to thirteen thousand USD! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="790"] Spiderman cosplayer enjoying a game of pinball on a range of pinball machines sponsored for use at San Diego Comic-Con in 2016.[/caption] Child-like Wonder By the end of the day, it’s hard to disagree with the fact that pinball machines are appealing simply because they were built to be played and enjoyed by people all around. It was a machine derived from many other types of games as a way for people to have fun and modernisation has only helped to improve its overall design. Pinball machines are also popular in social settings like arcades and bars because they’re a way to socialise and just have fun. They make great conversation starters for a first date and an even greater game for just having a good time with friends.  This small list of aspects is just the tip of the iceberg to what makes pinball machines so appealing, coming together to create the experience that makes these classic machines so iconic in both past and present times. Inspired? Check out our fantastic range of pinball machines here.

Review of The Stern Mandalorian Pinball Machine: General Gameplay & Game Modes

In the second article of our review series on Stern's The Mandalorian Pinball Machine, we will now be jumping into more details after spending some time to really get to know the game and how we feel about it to give you our most honest review. In case you missed the first article, we recommend reading that first before diving into Part II. So without further ado, let's get right to it!   Some General Gameplay Observations: For starters, we just want to say that we really enjoyed how intuitive the gameplay felt, even for beginners who might not be familiar with pinball mechanisms. The main game modes and rules were easy to follow and understand. Yes, the rulesets are still considered deep enough to keep experienced players on their toes and interested, but the long play experience seemed to pass by in the blink of an eye with everything being so fun. Fun for all types of pinball players without trying to be overly complicated, it's definitely a game we can recommend for both pinheads and even Mandalorian fans alike. We also realized that with the Mandalorian, Stern decided to try something different with their fan layout, with a beginner-friendly Razor Crest multiball target, and a multi-functional scoop. This made the general feel of the playfield quite smooth, fast, and honestly refreshing. [caption id="attachment_10597" align="aligncenter" width="1145"] The Mandalorian Pinball Machine features a fan layout with easily accessible game modes right in the middle of the playfield for a faster and smoother experience.[/caption] The highlights of most machines are typically the ramps. With Mandalorian, they were really smooth to hit, so shots felt all the more satisfying. This was especially true for the left ramp, which either feeds the ball to go around the playfield and back to your right flipper, or cleverly diverted into the unique mini-playfield for the Encounters mode. There was even exhilaration and excitement whenever the ball zoomed up and was stopped by the divider to be guided into the upper game playfield where you would be able to access your extra flipper to play on the mini Hunter playfield. Yet another very innovative feature observed that is very welcomed by players!    Game Modes: A key aspect of any gameplay for pinball machines, the game modes reflect the story of the TV series as a treat to fans and to truly bring the game to life. For Stern's Mandalorian Pinball Machine, it's obvious that each mode highlighted a part of Mando's adventure within the series. The main ones can be broken down as:   --> Missions: you complete missions that feature iconic scenes from the Disney+ series. The added time limitations for each of these missions give players a sense of excitement, keenness and anticipation to complete the mission themselves, regardless of the points gained. --> Encounters: these are triggered as time passes, advancing for up to three stages that give players certain challenges to face along the way. This requires players to strategise their gameplay differently as time progresses and make better decisions to ensure they don't hit any obstacles along the way to victory. --> Razor Crest Multiball: there are actually several different multiball modes such as Ice spider, Jetpack, and Pirates. This variety was interesting because it gives the player a chance to experience the different scenarios just like the Mandalorian himself! The eagerness of seeing which enemy you have to battle brings a new light to the gameplay every time your ball is on the playfield, making things always feel fresh.   [caption id="attachment_10598" align="aligncenter" width="1144"] Experiencing the same obstacles as Mando during the Razor Crest multiball mode really gives you a newfound appreciation for the journey he goes through within the series![/caption] Since we noted earlier that shots are generally beginner-friendly, it was also fairly easy to activate the game modes we wanted once we got the hang of it.  We thought it was great that the activations were easy to follow and understand so that players can easily advance and rack up points in a way that's fast and exciting rather than it being time-consuming. Skill-based games are still great but for this particular fan-favorite title, Stern and Brian Eddy clearly built the game to be an enjoyable experience for all fans. There are also two special gameplay modes that we felt really delivered an experience both gameplay and story-wise.   Foundry: --> The unique use of the Foundry as a weapon shop for players to purchase items, weapons, and even an extra ball with their hard-earned Beskar currency throughout the game. --> It gives players an incentive to plan out their strategies and gameplay to maximize the currency they can obtain from  --> Foundry mode was interesting and novel because each equipment purchase offers unique perks and support that made every game different from the one before. We're still having fun with it even now!   [caption id="attachment_10599" align="aligncenter" width="1142"] A force to be reckoned with: Don’t let appearances fool you! While Grogu might look innocent, he is a powerful ally that can really help you when you’re in a tight spot.[/caption] The Child: --> A cute and useful mystery feature (baby Grogu!) that will give out a reward to players at random once the CHILD lights are lit. It’s a great feature that allows the Child to be part of the gameplay in such a distinctive way.  --> Some of the rewards given by the Child include some rare ones, such as an extra ball or even 'Light Heal', which can only be obtained using Beskar currency at the Foundry.    Through hours of endless gameplay the previous few weeks.  Stern's Mandalorian Pinball Machine has established itself as a  fun and exciting game for pinball enthusiasts and newbies to enjoy. Stern has clearly done their research in order to create an experience that both entertains the player and brings the TV series alive with gameplay modes, rewards, and mystery features. If by now you're itching to experience the Mandalorian Pinball Machine in person, do not hesitate Contact Us to check if this title is on display in our showroom. Alternatively, check out the latest models that are in production in our Pinball Range here!

Breaking Down the Nitty Gritty: Learn About How Pinball Machines Are Made

Pure, unadulterated magic. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, it’s hard to stop on that one game on the pinball machine once you’ve gotten in the groove.  But what is it that makes the magic happen behind these bright, loud, and colourful machines that have us so entranced?  For this, we take a look on the inside and see what it’s all about.    Pinball Over The Ages To start, you must first understand the evolution of pinball machines over time. While the first ‘modern’ pinball machine appeared in the early 1930s, many of pinball’s familiar aspects have actually not changed over the decades.  To show what I mean, here are two videos that showcase two pinball machines eras. The first is Williams’ original Medieval Madness model that was showcased in 1997, while the second is Stern’s 2018 Deadpool pinball machine release.    One of Brian Eddy’s earliest works as a pinball designer, Medieval Madness has been regarded by fans as one of the best pinball machines that have ever been made.   Debuting in the same year as the movie sequel’s release, Stern manages to perfectly capture the anti-hero’s antiques into the machine’s gameplay.   While technology, graphics and lighting have clearly improved over the ages, you can still spot the signature ramps, chutes, and even interactive props that make mechanical pinball machines really such interactive and sensory experiences that cannot be mimicked through digital means. Both familiar and nostalgic, this is the reason why collectors and pinheads alike still flock towards pinball machines despite the decades.    Knowing What Goes On Inside: A Pinball Machine’s Anatomy While this video by Home Leisure Direct covers the playfield areas that we can see [link here to 1st article] and names some of the specific shots that players can make during their game, the finished, physical product that we can touch and see when playing is only a fraction of the effort that’s been put into making pinball machines work.    With years of skin in the business, Stern Pinball (the last major pinball manufacturers) breaks down what you’ll need to create one pinball machine from start to finish.   As you can see, pinball machines start out as conceptual ideas or designs first, before slowly making their way into becoming actual physical machines. And the more complicated or difficult designs or themes are, the more wiring or parts are required to fully actualise these concepts into reality. Regardless of machine or themes, the number range of these parts and wiring can easily rack up to a few thousand, and must usually be prepped and installed by hand due to their complexity and delicacy required. So the next time you decide to play a game on a pinball machine, think of the amount of work that has been done to ensure a seamless gaming experience for each individual machine.  But if this is just not enough detail for you, we’ve got you covered! Pinheads have also created plenty of pinball machine guides that can help you modify and even create your very own pinball machine!    Heck does a good job in illustrating the more technical expertise that is required to put your pinball themes and ideas onto an actual working machine. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, someone just getting into pinball, or even a pop culture fan, there’s an aspect of pinball for everyone to enjoy! It’s also with this and the rise of technology that I believe the future of pinball machines will continue to be on the rise rather than diminish. As we go through better and better reiterations of pinball machines that give us more immersive gaming experiences, it’s obvious that pinball’s legacy has only just begun.  Inspired? Check out our fantastic range of pinball machines here.   At The Men’s Cave, we review, curate, and strive to provide quality content and inspiration on the coolest games from all around the world. If you enjoyed this article, why not show your support by signing up for our newsletters (at the bottom of the article) and we will keep you updated on the latest insider articles from all around the world!  

How To Start Playing Pinball Like A Pro

Does pinball seem fun to you at first glance, but you’re hesitant because you’re not sure exactly how it works? How do the pros make it look effortless to make high scores on the leaderboard while you’re struggling to make the ball go exactly where you want it? Well, look no further, because I’ll be throwing out all the slang and jargon to give you the most basic guide on what you’ll need to know to start your pinball playing journey.    Understanding How They Work   Just like what Sharpe mentions in the video, mechanical pinball machines can seem particularly daunting toward potential new players, especially with all their ramps, sounds, and flashing lights. Fast from the get-go and without an easily accessible manual to actually tell you the tips and tricks, this actually causes a lot of newbies to shy away from trying their hand at pinball after the first few tries, especially in social settings like arcades and bars.  But despite the chaos that is presented on a pinball machine’s playfield, there is actually an order to the chaos rather than just being ‘pure, randomised luck’. Just like any other kind of sport or game, you can teach yourself how to control the game’s pacing. Similar to your own arms and legs, you should think of the pinball machine’s flippers as an extension of yourself. Rather than spamming the flippers to make sure that the ball doesn’t fall into the gutter, use the flippers to ‘capture’ the ball. This will enable you to slow down the game’s pace while allowing you to make more precise shots for where you would like the ball to go on the playfield. Once you’ve mastered how to use the flippers (or at least gotten a hang of them), you can then move on to the next step.   Mastering The Playfield Every game comes with a set of rules, and pinball is no different. But what makes it different from other sports or arcade games is the fact that these rules are usually specifically tied to the theme of the pinball machines themselves. As such, all pinball games are distinct and unique from one another due to these different rule sets.  Therefore, while it might be impossible to truly ‘master’ the pinball machine, learning the fundamental and most basic parts of the playfield is a great way to figure out most, if not all, pinball machines intuitively.   Slingshots: These are the side bumps just right above the flippers. As the edges are usually covered or made with an elastic material, they give the ball an extra bounce when it comes in contact with them.    Target banks: Usually one of the first things you’ll notice when playing, target banks are placed around the centre of the playfield and are usually ‘word’ targets on most modern pinball machines that are activated when your ball rolls over them. These targets are usually a way to earn extra points or trigger certain modes on the pinball machine that would not activate in any other situation.    Chutes: Like a trapdoor or secret access room, hitting your ball into a chute will usually take it and ‘transport’ it to a different area of the playfield. For more experienced players, you can use the chute to access different or difficult-to-reach areas of the playfield that cannot be accessed by normal means to score more points.    Jet bumpers: Hate em’ or love em’, hitting jet bumpers can help you score points will giving the ball more velocity as it bumps between them for a faster and potentially more chaotic gameplay experience.   Ramps: No pinball machine would be complete without ramps. They’re also a good way to earn some big points while directing the ball back to your flippers so that you can control your shots better. While this isn’t an active feature on the physical playfield, all pinball machines have different modes or objectives that are aligned with the machine’s theme. Whether they are general or secret modes, triggering and completing them can usually give you a big point boost. And if you’re skilled (or lucky!) enough, you should always try to trigger the multiball mode for maximum points!    Tips & Tricks To Sharpen Your Skills Once you’ve mastered all of the above, it’s time to learn what separates newbies from pros. For this, there is no better way other than learning from the best. An active and experienced pinball player even to this day, Thomson highlights the top 5 skills you’ll need to become the master of the ball.   As all playing guides go, these pointers are just the basics that you will need to master to be on the way to becoming the next pro pinball player. Even if it might seem difficult at first glance, we assure you that once you’ve gotten the hang of them, you’ll gain a newfound appreciation for a beloved game that has been around for decades.  If you like this article and are interested in learning more about how to play pinball, you can check out this full playlist by Home Leisure Direct or take a look at the rest of our pinball articles right here!   At The Men’s Cave, we review, curate, and strive to provide quality content and inspiration on the coolest games from all around the world. If you enjoyed this article, why not show your support by signing up for our newsletters (at the bottom of the article) and we will keep you updated on the latest insider articles from all around the world!  

Our Brands: Representing Life Through Quality

Pioneers of lifestyle products within Singapore, we test and source our products worldwide to provide you with the best there is to offer. This means making sure that all product quality is upheld before being passed to consumers and that the things we bring in are truly what we believe will help bring your lifestyle to the next level. Therefore, we have decided that it is important for us to shed some light to both present and future customers on some of the brands we represent and advocate for within The Men’s Cave   RS Barcelona A brand that truly encapsulates what it means to live in the moment. We believe that Spanish-brand RS Barcelona has never stopped short of producing products that are fun and practical regardless of your environment. In fact, founder Rafael Rodriguez Castillo encourages customers to think outside the box, providing a range of fully customisable options and sourcing locally-made materials of the highest quality to guarantee customer satisfaction every single time.  With a motto like ‘intense living’, RS Barcelona certainly hits the nail on the head when it comes to those who want both design and practicality, whether it’s at home or in the office. When each of their game tables comes with a multifunctional purpose that allows you to turn a conference table into a makeshift ping pong game, it’s hard to say no to living in the moment.  [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="750"] The You & Me Ping Pong Table is the perfect example of working hard and playing even harder. Simple and elegant in design, it becomes a practical conference or dining table within any living space in the blink of an eye.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_5868" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Who says that you have to put away your games at the dining table? Meet the RS#2 Dining Football Table, breaking boundaries and social etiquette to bring your next dinner party to the next level. With this, you won't ever have to worry about entertaining guests.[/caption] Stern Pinball  Are you a kid of the 80s? Did you ever hang out in strip mall arcades during the weekends with your friends while saving all the spare change from the pocket money your parents used to give you every week? If you are then the Stern household name is probably familiar to you.  A love of pinball passed down from father to son, Stern Pinball is one of the largest pinball manufacturers in America that have done well to keep mechanical pinball machines alive and still sought-after. Whether you’re looking for a home statement piece or are just a collector, Stern provides all of that and more.  [caption id="attachment_7350" align="aligncenter" width="2048"] Our team's personal favourite—the Iron Maiden. Reminiscent of their hit tour: Legacy Of The Beast, top pinball designer Keith Elwin makes a mark within the pinhead community with this particular pinball machine and with good reason. With deep-set rules and gameplay that's coupled with an addictive album track, it is truly an immersive experience.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_7362" align="aligncenter" width="1875"] Love him or hate him, Deadpool is everyone's favourite, fourth-wall-breaking, pottymouth antihero that Stern has translated so lovingly into their pinball machine. With custom voice lines by Nolan North and an original soundtrack made specifically for this game, you won't realise how much time you've sunk into this game once you start playing.[/caption]   Sound Leisure There’s something personal in owning and listening to vinyl, which is why we believe the way you experience them should matter as well. Considered one of the last two vinyl jukebox makers in the world (the British counterpart to the iconic Rock-Ola), Sound Leisure remain a prominent figure in the creation of original mechanical jukeboxes by combining their expertise in jukebox making with the latest sound technology to create an unforgettable audiophile experience. Whether you’re looking for a more classic look with bubblers or a hybrid player that will allow both vinyl and Bluetooth tracks, Sound Leisure has got your back. In fact, most of their products are made to order and handmade from start to finish, so you can accommodate the jukebox to your tastes rather than the other way around.  [caption id="attachment_8155" align="aligncenter" width="600"] If it's not broken, don't fix it: Sound Leisure's CD series takes inspiration from classic jukeboxes to give you that retro feel with the latest sound technology for the best music-listening experience.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_7626" align="aligncenter" width="1365"] Who says a jukebox is a waste of space? With Sound Leisure, as long as you can think of it, the customisation choices are endless![/caption]   Retrocade What is better than having your own arcade game in your home? Being able to personalise it into a bespoke experience to make it a one-of-a-kind item you will cherish for the years to come. The Retrocade series is considered our own in-house brand, a collaboration between the designers and creative minds of The Men’s Cave to create the retro arcade game of your dreams. Our R&D team constantly sources out premium and authentic arcade parts in their constant efforts to improve and build better arcade machines by the day.   In fact, we’re always available if you want to pop us a message to discuss your own dream build or any other ideas you might have.

Behind The Scenes: The Making of Stern’s Iron Maiden Pinball Machine

7-time World Pinball Champion Keith Elwin's very first pinball design, Stern's Iron Maiden pinball machine was what put his name on the map as both a legendary pinball player and also one of the best pinball machine designers in the world. Collaborating with equally well-known Zombie Yeti (famous for his trippy, retro-like artwork and love for psychedelic colours that are reminiscent of old comic books), come behind the scenes on Elwin's thought process and how he started translating his love and passion for the game itself into designing pinball machines that could be enjoyed by others.

Review of The Stern Mandalorian Pinball Machine: Playfield Features, Audio, & Artwork (Part I)

  One of Stern’s Cornerstone game, the Stern Mandalorian Pinball Machine has been met with exceptional levels of hype by casual and pro players alike due in part to the success of the Disney+ series. As such, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it to try it out for ourselves the moment it reached our showroom.  A visual beauty in person, there are so many aspects to the Mandalorian model that we felt showed Stern’s ingenuity as one of the last major pinball makers in the US. As such, the first article in this review series will start by looking at the three major components that can make or break a pinball machine’s immersive experience: artwork, audio & visuals, and overall playfield features. This is our Two Parts special series where we take you on deep dive into the Mandalorian Pinball machine. Enjoy! Artwork The first thing that most people will notice, comic artist Randy Martinez does great in his comic-style interpretation of the Mandalorian, the backglass and sides following this signature style rather than using heavily edited images of real actors as seen on Stern’s original Star Wars machines. This definitely makes it a much more stunning and refreshing sight to the eyes, especially in real life. Furthermore, the hand-drawn playfield art also adds a warm, personal touch that builds to an adventure and intergalactic experience that really feels so well integrated with The Mandalorian theme.    Audio & Visuals Theme integration for the Stern Mandalorian Pinball Machine was really something that stood out for us and we probably have to go back to 2019 Keith Elwin’s Jurassic Park for something just as good. We were already entranced when we heard Stern would be using The Mandalorian’s original soundtrack by Ludwig Görranson and it did not fail to delight us through our play experience, giving us an epic sense of adventure, excitement, and eagerness even as you plunge your first ball. To guarantee that you’re kept on your toes, different original audio tracks are also used during different modes to distinguish them, generating a different type of excitement for each adventure as you play through and complete the different missions, encounters, and hunts. Timed so well to the playfield’s light and visual effects, it practically makes you feel like the Mandalorian himself! Fans of the series are also in for another treat in the audio department—all call outs and voice narrations have been specifically recorded by Mandalorian actor Carl Weathers, who plays bounty hunter and ally Greef Karga. Can you imagine having Greef Karga telling you to look out over at the right ramp! Or him telling you “This is not the way,” when you’ve scored badly? An unexpected ally: Bounty hunter Greef Karga is here to help all his fellow bounty hunters (players) on their missions and narrate their thrilling sagas from across the galaxy. Playfield Features Lead designer Brian Eddy also did a great job with making sure everything on the playfield is a delight for the best of fans. Your unmissable companion throughout all your adventures, the custom Grogu figurine situated at the top left corner is always with you throughout each shot and can even help you. When you trigger the ‘CHILD’ rollover switches, Grogu can offer the players powerful buffs and assistance throughout certain parts of the game. The Grogu toy isn’t stingy or small by any means either and is often the first thing that you will notice when you walk up to the machine. [caption id="attachment_10447" align="aligncenter" width="2560"] More than just decoration: Let Grogu help you on your missions when you trigger all 'CHILD' rollover switches![/caption] On the other hand, there is also the detailed and beautifully sculpted Razor Crest ship placed in the middle of the playfield with flaming ember lights that flash from its rear exhaust. Another eye-catching custom model, the Razor Crest—much like Grogu—is also a unique target that allows players to start the game’s own Razor Crest modes. [caption id="attachment_10448" align="aligncenter" width="2560"] A unique highlight: The mini-upper playfield features one flipper and six stand up targets for some interesting game development, giving you access to a completely different style of play, as the mini-playfield with enhanced flipper strength results in a challenging stage of play as the ball ricochets unpredictably through the mode.[/caption] Brian Eddy also puts a well-placed scoop that is accessible from both lower flippers and an integral part of the main gameplay as it grants players access to the Foundry and Missions area. This is accompanied by three buttery-smooth, fast-flowing ramps that are a signature Eddy style that encourages smooth and fast-paced gameplay. While not as tight as those found in a Keith Elwin’s title, they are nevertheless fun and satisfying to hit, providing a great feature to the game.  With bright, fluorescent colours and lights that would draw anyone to it out of curiosity, the Stern Mandalorian Pinball Machine does well to balance these three aspects and create an overall satisfying yet immersive game. And now, on to Part II of our special deep dive, where we explore the incredible gameplay modes and design that brings the Mandalorian cinematic experience to life in the pinball machine.   At The Men's Cave, we review, curate, and strive to provide quality content and inspiration on the coolest games from all around the world. If you enjoyed this article, why not show your support by signing up for our newsletters (at the bottom of our homepage) and we will keep you updated on the latest insider articles. 

Gameplay & More: Stern The Mandalorian Pinball Machine

Taking Star Wars fans by surprise and turning into a beloved in such a classic franchise, Stern’s latest pinball machine pays homage to the new fan-favourite ‘The Mandalorian’. Currently in full-production, follow Jack Danger as he takes a look at one of Stern’s most highly-anticipated releases in 2021 with the people that made it happen while attempting to figure out all the tips and tricks of the game. Inspired? Check out our fantastic range of pinball machines here.

Legendary Guitarist Scott Ian on Stern Pinball’s Black Knight Sword Of Rage

It's common knowledge for all gamers that soundtracks can really make or break a game when it comes to making an immersive atmosphere. Meet Scott Ian, one of the last original members of thrash metal band Anthrax and the musical brain behind the soundtrack for the iconic Black Knight Sword of Rage pinball machine. Learn about Ian's favourite track within the game and his inspirations while working with Stern.

Stern Pinball Virtual Experience With Jack Danger (2020 Factory Tour)

Always been curious about the assembly of your favourite pinball machine by Stern? Follow pinball wiz Jack Danger as he brings us around through the nooks and crannies of the Stern Pinball factory, from assembly down to individual inspections done by hand. Jack also meets up with founder Gary Stern as they talk pinball, their own personal favourite titles, what piqued their interest in this fast-paced game, and everything under the sun while taking a few shots on Stern's Avengers: Infinity Quest in between.

Inside the Stern Studio with Zombie Yeti

Meet Jeremy Packer (more famously known as the artist Zombie Yeti), one of Stern's in-house artist and one of the many pinball aficionados in Stern Pinball that has worked hard to recreate certain beloved classics like Iron Maiden, Ghostbusters, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles into some of the best works of art on some of the best Stern Pinball machines. Find out more about what inspired Jeremy's artstyle and his passion as both a creator and a player.

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