Featured Installation of the Month: The Crown VI

With the Chinese new year around the corner it would be nice to snuggle in your man cave with your family, play a game of pool and chatting up with them after not seeing each other for quite a long time? Well, in this post, we are giving you an insight into our client’s man cave for inspirations, the Crown VI Pool Table.

Men grow up, but it is near impossible to outgrow their man caves. Irrespective of the profession a man is into, owning a great Man’s cave adds to his swagger and make him feel classy among his friends. So what makes a Man’s cave classy? What are the features to consider when building your very own man’s cave?

Our client set up his man cave in the basement of his house. We love the ambience of the environment it gives off. Just like they live in to ooze their kind of personality. His man cave is a perfect hideout for every single day of the week; from the lazy Sunday morning to those Saturday football nights with your family and friends.

Why We love it?

The pool table is set up right in front of a well-stocked bar counter with an extensive whiskey library which makes it a complete man cave idea. And yes, we know that makes our fellow ‘cavemen’ salivate just by reading and imagine how the set up of the pool table in our head.

CrownVI pool table_clientcave_wm


But, don’t you think there is something that is lacking in all these setups, make a guess?

Is it a missing Jukebox on the bar counter? A 32 Inch 4K resolution TV? Or Foosball Table? Well, the answer is simple…


So what is missing?

The missing part is a wall that fills up with retro signage or retro arcade machine decals. It’s a sight that’s no stranger to the childhood memories for all 70s to 90s babies.

Left us a comment on what you think is missing in this setup? We love to get more inspiration from our cavemen.

To get the most out of the Crown VI pool table, our client has upgraded his pool cloth to Proline cloth in the colour purple instead of the Premium PNS 900 series cloth, with his name initials as embroidered on it.

Crown VI Pool Table_initial


Owning a pool table in Singapore is not impossible. Just simply follow our Pool Table Space Guide for the measurements to get the perfect pool table for your man cave. We provide different ranges of pool tables to fit your needs and live the life you dream of.

We also offer customisation services to make a unique and bespoke pool table of your own, the perfect fit to both your heart and home. Just contact us to find out more!

Before going off, we can’t stop over-emphasise the importance of playing games to one’s mental and physical health. From making you feel relaxed to relieving you of stress, the importance is endless. It brings laugher and fun to the home. It helps improve the decoration is just as good as the swagger it brings. Getting one installed is not only essential but also amplifies your class. So what you waiting for, hurry up and get one today.


Visit our website to view the full range of pool tables available and do check out for more Space Guide series.

Not to forget, take a look at our recommendation on which pool table is the best fit in Singapore HDB.


The Men's Cave Sign Off

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