Quantum Air Hockey Reviewed: The First LED Air Hockey Table

A favourite among kids, air hockey tables were a common sight in arcades in the 90s. A game that combines speed, tactics, and accuracy, we review our favourite air hockey table; the Quantum.


Playfield (4.8/5)

The Quantum Air Hockey uses a one-piece 16mm thick playfield suitable for passionate kids to exert their full strength. With a modern colour scheme, the Quantum will match the interior of most places. With side rails to ensure the puck stays in play at all times, the playfield is no different from the tables used in professional tournaments.


Playability (4.8/5)

Measuring between 6 and 7FT, the Quantum Air Hockey is suitable for a 1v1 or 2v2 gameplay. With a high-performance blower motor, friction is reduced to a minimum which allows for maximum speed.


Durability (4.4/5)

While not being the biggest table, the Quantum Air Hockey is made from a combination of thick MDF and plywood. While it is more commonly used during a 1v1 game, the table is durable to handle a 2v2 game when parents play with their kids. However, it should not be mistaken for a commercial air hockey table that is used 365 days a year.


Auxiliary (5/5)

Arguably the part we loved the most about the Quantum, this Air Hockey table features LED cabinetry on the side as well as LED pucks and strikers making it especially stunning. With leg levellers attached to the legs, the table can be levelled to ensure an even playing surface. A basic electronic score counter at the side allows you to keep track of the score with ease.


Overall (4.8/5)

For its price, the Quantum Air Hockey table really impresses in many regards. Aesthetically pleasing and reasonably durable, the only drawback it isn’t a full 7FT table to match the tournament size. Definitely a table that is well-loved by kids!


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