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Air Hockey Space Guide

As we all know, Air hockey tables may seem bulky, but the playing area is minimal, making it an excellent option for people with space constraints to consider getting it in their home.

In this series, we will recommend the space needed for fitting an awesome Air Hockey in your man cave.

If you have no idea which type of table suits your need, simply check out our full range of Air Hockey tables.

Calculating The Area Required

Using the Stratos 7FT Air Hockey Table as a guide, a 7ft full sized table will would typically measure around  213cm x 122cm.

The recommended space would be 300cm x 120cm, by adding additional 90cm on each side for a comfortable standing area when playing. The ideal spot to place the table would be close or next to a power socket as the table runs on 240v AC.

Follow our space guide to get your measurements for fitting an Air Hockey table in your man cave today.

For more, check out our Space Guide series.

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