RS Barcelona Foosball Table Inox

RS Barcelona’s Motto: Embracing the Unconventional in a Conventional World

Multipurpose. Practical. Fun.

What is it that makes them different from others? RS Barcelona prefers to answer this question and tell their story through their designs rather than words: at face value, it’s a twist of minimalism accompanied by child-like wonderment, their furniture and game tables comprising of solid, bright colours enhanced by the signature clean and playful feel each of their creations take. On the inside? It’s being able to embrace the child inside us all, using passion and creative endeavours to create pieces that help to foster and facilitate memories and relationships, allowing people to live life to their fullest.

In 1975, founder Rafael Rodriguez Castillo was a Spanish metalworker who decided to move away from casual employment life as he wanted to start his own business and craft new and wondrous things on his own terms. Eventually, he was joined by his two sons, allowing them all to share their ideas and passion to create the brand’s very first custom foosball table, the RS2 football table. This was RS Barcelona’s first foray into the creative, being so well-received that it solidified their brand presence. The Castillo family has not looked back ever since. 

A side-by-side comparison of the RS2 football table in indoor and outdoor settings.

The RS Barcelona team is a group of creatives out of create, not just to streamline a manufacturing process for the sake of money. Their innovative minds and exceptional designs have allowed them to become outliers in the norm, standing out amongst the crowd with their refreshing take on familiar, everyday objects and ideas while giving us something new in return. RS Barcelona are pioneers of the unconventional in a society of rules, priding themselves in creating things that can be fun and creative without losing any aspect of practicality. 

A ping pong table that functions as a shared office table? Foosball tables that allow you to both eat and play on the go? Structurally sound stools just made out of cardboard? 

As long as you can imagine it, RS Barcelona guarantees they can make it. 


The idea behind ‘intense living’

Yes, life is in the little things. In those fleeting, unique, and unrepeatable moments. They happen right there, at home, at work, in a hotel, or in a restaurant; in all those settings where you create your personal collage of little stories. Enjoying each and every one of those scenes, on your terms, is what authentic “intense living” is all about. Breaking from routine, positive outlook in any type of situation, allow you to live life to the fullest.” —RS Barcelona Product Catalogue

Adopting a style of life they call ‘intense living’, RS Barcelona believes in encouraging spontaneity and fun, using their products to break social norms and barriers whether at home or at work. This means that each RS Barcelona gaming table is not your average, run-of-the-mill, bulk standard that you can get just about anywhere. They are products meant for people that are made by the people themselves. Each design is carefully crafted through laborious thought, and the love for life and the games themselves. 

For example, RS Barcelona’s foosball tables hide their own little secret: inclusivity in their foosball tables through customisable foosball players, allowing you to have both mixed gendered and racial traits for each individual player on the field. No one is left out, regardless of what they might look like or believe in. RS Barcelona creates furniture that helps everyone to embrace ‘intense living’, surrounding us with things that give us joy while promising we never stop playing and learning altogether. 

The brand constantly invites challenges and uses creativity as an innovative way to solve them. For Rodriguez, he says the brand’s success can be attributed to not getting carried away and to keep putting their all into every challenge and idea they want to capture. It is this passion that has allowed him and his team to accomplish creating products that epitomise the imagination of the kid within us all.


Creating furniture that’s meant to be shared

Furniture from RS Barcelona is always more than meets the eye.

The best moments in life are those you share with others. RS Barcelona understands this, constantly innovating old projects and coming up with new ones that can be enjoyed by you and your loved ones without worries.

All of RS Barcelona’s furniture tetters the fine line between being furniture and just plain fun, their game tables having a dual focus of providing quality gameplay while maintaining elegant and modern designs with practical functions beyond the game itself. Each piece is tailored to the modern home and office, space-efficient and practical for both settings. All you’re required to do is just live in the moment itself, providing a play aspect that brings people closer in all environments.

Taking it one step further, RS Barcelona diligently sources and produces all products and materials in a local capacity to ensure high quality and sustainability. This helps to make you a product that lasts for the decades to come, regardless of whether you fix it, refurbish it, or repurpose it into something new in the distant future. True to their game, RS Barcelona products are meant to last and matter. They’re more than just a game table or a piece of furniture; RS Barcelona provides you with the stepping board to a lifestyle of intense living. 

“We help you shed those layers of seriousness and bring out the bright-eyed child in you. We give you that last little push you need. But it’s up to you to take the great leap forward. Are you ready to leap?” —RS Barcelona

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