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Space Guide: Table Tennis

How do you fit one into your own home?

Table tennis tables are one of our largest items, with a full-sized table tennis table typically measuring around 2.73m x 1.53m (9ft x 5ft). That’s around the size of a 9ft table. 

Calculating The Area Required

The official tournament space requirement for a table tennis table is 14m x 7m (46ft x 23ft). This is considered an extravagant amount of space that renders it almost impractical for home users.

However, if you’re interested in playing casual table tennis at home, the minimum space recommended is 6.76m x 3.83m (22.1ft x 12.5ft).

In fact, why not opt for one of our smart foldable tables? They make it really convenient to own a proper table tennis table if that’s what you’re looking for. Or if you want the added convenience of it being multifunctional, you can also take a look at the You & Me Ping Pong Table by RS Barcelona.

P.S. The Men’s Cave team has tested the measurements mentioned above, so we guarantee they’re legit!

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