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TMC Reviews: 2-in-1 Multipurpose Game Tables Fit For Modern Homes

The modern home is a place where you can be comfortable, but still want to have fun. This makes it vital for your furnishings and decor pieces to be able to reflect this sentiment while also being practical.

Multipurpose game tables are one of the best ways to furnish modern living spaces without compromising on either style and function.

Following our ethos that everyone should be able to have fun in their homes, we’ve decided to compile and review some of our team’s particular favourites to share!


RS Barcelona’s RS#2 Dining Foosball Table

RS Barcelona foosball table with drinks on tabletop surface
With the additional tempered glass top for dining and the ability to continue playing at the table, you’ll be able to keep your game going while staying on schedule!


The modern home is typically a place of modern conveniences, modern décor, and modern amenities. However, they also tend to be on the smaller side than a typical landed property.

Therefore, items for modern homes such as furniture, flooring, and so on are often designed with the modern space in mind. It’s brands like RS Barcelona that understand this idea and have taken it into consideration when designing their multipurpose game tables for modern homes.

Over the years, they’ve created multipurpose game tables that offer modern convenience while still being a great piece of design to place in any modern home. Their debut piece that made their presence known on the game table market, the RS#2 Dining Foosball Table is perfect for small spaces due to its lack of depth and sleek profile. Now you can have your own dining table that doubles as a two-player dining soccer table, providing hours of entertainment for the entire family. Great for modern homes or any other modern space that needs a bit more life to it!

If you’re interested in something bigger, you can also consider the RS Max Dining Foosball Table if you’re looking for a foosball table with a modern design aesthetic and enough room to fit 8 to 12 guests/players. This modern game table features a sleek modern profile with rounded corners and an overall modern design that’s perfect for wow-ing any friends you might be inviting over for dinner.


Billiards Montfort’s Lewis Dining Pool Table

dining pool table
Form meets function: Billiards Montfort’s Lewis Dining Pool Table is our go-to option for pool lovers that want to squeeze more usability from their dining room table.


The Lewis Dining Pool Table is a modern table that can be used as a multipurpose game table. It’s a tournament-level pool table in all aspects (slate bed, wooden tabletop, high-quality materials and build) but also functions as a dining room table whenever you need it too.

Whether you opt for beech or oak wood, dark burgundy or electric blue, Billiard Montfort’s Lewis Dining Pool Table is fully customisable in all aspects to suit any form or function.

In fact, its clean lines and a more contemporary, space-conscious design make this one of the best dining table models currently on the market.

The Lewis Dining Pool Table also includes a two-piece wooden tabletop that can be raised to make a large, flat surface for eating. It is perfect for protecting surfaces from stains and dirt, as well as sun damage to the cloth when not in use.

Why worry when it has all been thought out for you!


The District Eight Conference Ping Pong Table

district 8 ping pong table
The D8 Conference Ping Pong Table is the perfect fit for those interested in both interactive and functional achievements.


The D8 Conference Ping Pong Table is a modern and space-saving table that comes at an affordable price for its quality. For modern homes, it’s a great option for entertaining guests or for playing games with family members. It also features an innovative design that is inspired and upcycled from old colonial structures in Vietnam.

Maximizing the available space with its unique shape, it’s also the perfect conversation starter for any party!

The table is designed to complement modern homes and features a smoked oak playing field with a hand-stitched leather net and brass details. The timeless foundation of durability and craftsmanship ensures the smoothness of any activity performed on the table.

This ping pong table, through its mix of old and new features, combines the best of both worlds.


The ATARI Pong Coffee Table

atari pong coffee table with matching chairs
A coffee table with a twist: Whether it’s serious discussions or just a break in between work, the ATARI Pong Coffee Table can do it all.


With a Real-life ATARI Pong Coffee Table, the Virtual Pong Arcade Game has now been redefined into modern life! 

A perfect coffee table for the video games enthusiast, this game is as addictive and great as the classic Pong Arcade Game! The ATARI Pong Coffee Table is a playable mechanical homage to the classic retro Pong Arcade Game. Made from industrial-grade materials, it doubles up as an interactive design piece. It features built-in speakers that can be controlled with a remote control or even your smartphone, making it sound just like you’re at the arcade!

In addition to being great at home, this would also make a perfect present for someone who loves playing games but might already have gaming consoles like the PS4 or an Xbox. Perfect for any occasion such as birthdays and Christmas, this gift is sure to impress and create fun times for all. 


The modern game tables in this review are perfect for modern homes and modern lives – they’re practical, space-conscious, and natural statement pieces that can help you strike conversations at any time. But what’s also most important to remember when choosing a multipurpose game table is its ability to bring you joy. Whether it’s gaming with friends or playing ping pong with family members, the right game table will be able to bring you joy on all occasions of life.


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