Let’s Talk Golf Simulators: The Cost of Golf Simulator Setup in 2023

Golf is one of the most popular pastimes in the world. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, it’s no surprise that more people are looking for ways to practice their golf game indoors. After all, home golf is time-efficient, low-effort, and comfort-driven. For those golfers, investing in an indoor golf simulator for their room may be the perfect solution to play golf all year round! In this article, we’ll discuss the factors affecting the price, the estimated range of cost of home golf setups, and other money considerations to take note of.

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Factors Affecting Golf Simulator Cost

Several factors can affect the overall cost of a golf simulator. The type of simulator you choose for your home golf journey is only one of the major factors that will determine how much your setups will cost. With so many types of golf simulators and similar products to choose from, the sky’s the limit with your options—from budget-friendly options for smaller spaces to high-end brands like Optishot that offer professional level data and analytics.

The size of the room you wish your golf simulator to occupy also plays a role in the overall cost of the golf equipment. If you’re looking to set up your simulator in a large room, the rates will be considerably higher than if you are looking to set it up in a smaller space or room.

Additionally, the quality of components used in your simulator can also have an impact on cost. For example, a higher-end golf simulator typically uses more expensive component options, such as 4K resolution monitor screens, more powerful computers, and more accurate sensors, and thus, costing more money.

Golf Simulator Types (and Their Price Range)

It’s no question that different types of golf simulators offer different cost ranges. With the above information in mind, let’s guide you into the many different types of golf simulators available in the market today:

Basic or Entry-Level Golf Simulators

Prices Range from: $2000-$8,000
Best For: Beginner players with limited spaces

A basic or entry-level golf simulator is great for those who are just starting with the game, or for those who are looking to practice their swing without costing a lot of money. This simulator typically include a net enclosure, a hitting mat, an entry level launch monitors, which are typically quite limited in the accuracy of its data.

Aside from being budget-friendly, this type of home golf setup helps save on space. So, this is an ideal choice for homes with limited spaces for a games room or rented apartments and condos that don’t have allocated space for a large-scale golf simulator. Such a simulator usually does not contain fixed fixtures, such as acoustic panels, artificial grass turf and so on.

Mid-Range Golf Simulators

Price Range: $10,000-$20,000
Best For: Intermediate players who prefer to stay on a reasonable budget

A mid-level golf simulator strike a balance between affordability and enhanced features, appealing to players and businesses looking for a more realistic and enjoyable golfing experience without the high price tag of top-tier golf simulators. They provide valuable data and an immersive experience like that in golf courses, making them suitable for a wide range of golfers and entertainment venues.

These simulators usually include a golf enclosure with a basic impact screen, projector, and higher-end launch monitors and components, such as more advanced sensors to track data and analyze shot accuracy. This type of simulator is ideal for those who are serious in nurturing their home golf game, and hence, require a launch monitor or sensor that accurately captures their club and ball data. The QED Eye Mini is our most popular option in this category.

High-End Golf Simulators

Price Range: $20,000-$30,000+
Best For: Serious and professional players who want the highest degree of data points and want to play courses  

A high-end golf simulator makes use of premium-quality systems that offer top-of-the-line features, cutting-edge technology, and a truly immersive and realistic golfing experience. These golf simulators are often preferred by professional golfers, golf centers, luxury resorts, and high-end entertainment venues. At this price point, full actual courses are included, and owners are able to play 18 holes with their friends in the comfort of their own homes. 

These types of simulators typically include a full sized enclosure, acoustic wall panels, an HD projector, camera sensors, and top-of-the-line launch monitors that provide the highest reliability in data. This type of simulator offers the most realistic golfing experience, perfect for those hoping to practice their game with the utmost accuracy and realism. The cameras, for instance, are able to capture multiple angles of one’s swing, allowing the player to replay their swing over and over again as guide to tweak and improve their performance.

Our Pick: the QED EYEXO

In this bracket, the most popular simulator that we offer will undoubtedly be the QED EYEXO, or Uneekor EYEXO, which is one of the most fantastic launch monitors that offer significantly more value when compared to similar competitors like Foresight Sports, SkyTrak Golf, Trackman, or GcQuad. The Uneekor EYEXO2, which was just released in 2023, takes it further than the mentioned competition. It provides a larger hitting area, as well as a new trouble mat—which simulates rough and bunker conditions by providing you with a compatible rough and bunker mat.

To fully comprehend the ability and powers of the EYEXO series, you will need to understand how a golf simulator work. We’ve prepared a very comprehensive article in the link above, so be sure to read if you are serious about owning a proper golf simulator.

Portable Golf Setup

Recommended Price: QED EYEMINI (or Uneekor Eye MINI) at SG$8,850
Best For: Recreational golfers who love to travel

Unlike the rest of the golf simulators mentioned above, a portable golf simulator offers unique benefits to specific audiences. A portable golf simulator is versatile and offer the convenience of easy setup, low-time effort, portability, and the ability to bring the experience of playing at authentic golf courses to various locations. It caters to a wide range of users, from beginners and casual players to enthusiasts and businesses looking to add golf-related entertainment and services.

Our Pick: the QED EYEMINI

The QED EYEMINI, or Uneekor EYEMINI, is the recommended model here, with its true indoor/outdoor usage for a standard launch monitor. Golfers are now able to bring along the EyeMini to the driving range to register their actual ball data. This will then be reflected on the LCD screen that is already integrated with the Uneekor EYEMINI. 

What’s more, when at home, you can easily attach it back to your simulator to enjoy the home simulator experience. This is definitely best suited for golfers who spend a bulk of their time playing in large golf courses but want a simulator indoors.

Commercial-Grade Golf Packages

Price Range: As high as $50,000 and above
Best For: Professional and competitive golfers and establishments that don’t consider money an issue

Commercial-grade golf simulator packages are designed to withstand frequent use, offer accurate data and analysis, and provide a realistic golfing experience. These types of packages usually have the luxury of other high-end within-your-radar components, such as automated hitting bays or motion capture technologies.

This type of golf simulator is ideal for professional golfers who need to practice their swing accurately and realistically or for businesses such as entertainment venues that want to provide an immersive commercial golf experience to customers. Thus, the simulator cost range for these equipment are considerably high.

Prefer to DIY Your Golf Simulator? 

With the rise of modern technology and personalized options, you don’t have to buy simulator if you don’t want to. You can build and set up your own golf simulator system with preferred components you’d like to be part of your indoor golf experience. Then, you can adjust accordingly.

But take note, this option can require a lot of research on your part, so proceed only if you’re confident about your choices and have alternative plans in place.

So, now, the question is: what are the average rates of each piece component in a golf simulator if sold separately?

Hardware Rates

Your golf simulator is not complete without the following hardware components:

Launch Monitor

Cost Range: $500-$20,000

Launch monitors are one of the most critical components of a simulator, as they provide accurate data and analysis of a golfer’s performance. Rates of launch monitors can range from $500 for basic models to above $20,000 for premium models like Foresight Sports that use high-end technologies, such as motion capture and laser tracking systems. High-end launch monitors also come with added features, such as detailed ball flight analysis and shot-shape metrics.

Hitting Mat

Costs Range from: As low as $20 to as high as $2,000

The hitting mat is also a vital part of a golf simulator. It provides the golfer’s feet with stability and traction while also protecting them from dirt and moisture buildup. The hitting mat is made to mimic the feel of real grass, providing a realistic and comfortable experience for the golfer’s swings. This also prepares them for real play out in the fairways even while staying in their room.

Enclosure or Netting

Cost Range: $800-$7,000

Enclosures or nettings of a simulator package help contain the ball within the playing area and keep it from making contact with any objects outside of that area. They also minimize and the monitor the risk of accidents within your radar indoors. Enclosures range from basic models that offer basic protection to more advanced versions that come with features such as wind deflectors and soundproofing.

Golf Impact Screen

Cost Range: $800 – $2000

Golf screens are a key component of a golf simulator, as they provide the player with a realistic playing experience at home. Golf screens can range from basic models that use simple projection systems to more advanced versions with a high-resolution monitor and wide projections. Complementing the launch monitor and simulator software to create a realistic virtual golf course environment for indoor play and practice, its highest price can go up to $2,000.

Projector System

Cost Range: $1500 – $3000

Projector systems, combined with the golf screen and launch monitor, provide the visual guide for the best home golf playing experience. Projectors range from basic models that use standard resolution to more advanced versions with intrinsic high-definition quality and 3D capabilities. Rates of the projector may vary depending on the size and its intricate features.

Cables, Power Sources, and Other Related Costs

Cost Prices Can Amount to: $60-$1,000

In addition to the main components of a golf simulator, there are also other related costs that impact your golf simulator, such as cables and power sources. These include but are not limited to:

– USB cables

– Ethernet cables

– Audio cables

– Battery packs or UPS

Software Rates

Alongside the hardware devices like the launch monitor and cables, the golf simulator relies on good software options to support your home golf experience.

Simulation Software

Cost Range: No cost to $3,000 on a yearly subscription

Simulation software directly takes an impact your golf simulator. Computer simulation software provides realistic graphics for the golfer’s playing experience, as well as detailed analysis of ball flight and shot shape metrics. Investing on a good software can really change the game.

While you can find free software online, being subscribed to a home golf software plan has its perks—just keep your options and your budget open!

Is It Worthwhile to DIY Your Golf Simulator?

It depends. If you’re looking for a professional setup, then it’s best to contact a professional who has the experience of pairing the right-build pieces of hardware together in achieving the right performance. A common issue most new to a golf simulator make is to have a series of mismatched hardware and software that compromise the experience of the simulator. We don’t want that to happen to you and negatively impact your sports experience.

Golf Simulator Cost: Other Rates to Consider

To ensure the longevity and functionality of your golf simulator—whether they’re high-brand like Optishot or budget-friendly options—for as long as you want, here are more cost options to take note of for your ultimate home golf experience:

Installation Expenses for Your Simulator:

The cost of having a golf simulator installed can vary greatly depending on the type of setup, the complexity of your chosen components, and the size of the space that needs to be set up. These costs can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, so it’s important to factor in this additional expense when considering your budget.

Maintenance Expenses for Your Simulator:

While taking into account your golf setup costs, it’s important to consider ongoing and possible future maintenance costs of your equipment as well. Depending on the complexity of your simulator and how often you use it, maintenance costs can range from basic cleaning and repairs to more sophisticated calibrations.

With the constant updates of computer technology and software data—especially with regards to a golf simulator, remember that you may also need to upgrade your software application or features on a year-to-year basis to keep up with the ever-changing demands of your simulator. Don’t forget to add software maintenance to your budget!

Service Costs:

If you’re not well-versed in installing, maintaining, and making repairs on your golf simulator, having a trustworthy repair team to contact is the be-all-end-all to your indoor golf equipment’s functionality. Take into consideration the service cost within your budget you might have to pay within the course of your golf simulator’s lifespan. Going to your nearest golf shop and some buying guides online is a good option. They may have a few tips to share to guide you, too.

Prices of Additional Accessories for Your Indoor Golf Setup:

To ensure the best golfing experience, there are additional accessories and features you can buy for your simulator. Prices of these accessories vary depending on the type and quality but can range anywhere from free to about several hundred dollars. They’re not necessarily essential to your overall simulator, but they can improve your gameplay immensely.

Some of the common accessories you can utilize in your golf simulator launch include:

– Audio and Speaker System

– Computer

– Full Swing Aids and Alignment Tools

– Touchscreen Interface

– Ball Dispenser

– Connectivity and Interference of Other Devices and Gadgets

– Golf Simulator Flight Games and Challenges in the Software

– Golf Club Storage and Organizer

The Next Steps to Take

Now that you know the pricing for the different types of a golf simulator, as well as their corresponding launch components, you might feel like you’re ready to begin your full purchase.

But, wait just a second!

Purchasing a simulator for your indoor golf gameplay requires a lot of time and effort. Here’s a checklist of questions you might want to answer before starting the buy-and-deal process:

1. Do I have enough space in my room to fit my golf simulator?

2. Do I have an allocated budget for my golf simulator purchase?

3. Have I decided on what golf simulator option to buy?

4. Have I decided to install this setup myself or call a professional?

5. Have I done my research on brand options, customer reviews, software upgrades, and just about everything I need to know to prepare me for the best and worst possible outcomes when it comes to purchasing?

If you’ve said “yes” to all these questions, congratulations! This is great news. A golf simulator costs quite a lot of money and preparing to buy equipment such as these can be a lot of work, but you’re ready to put in the order and effort.

To Wrap Up

Golf simulator costs depend largely on the golf simulator options you’re eyeing. The quality of the components and features you choose to include in your setup if you’re planning to make it customized is also vital. It’s also important to think of all related rates and other personal information you may deal with. This may include installation, maintenance, and additional accessories, when calculating the overall budget of your full golf simulator. These all impact your buying process.

Now, while intimidating and—at worst—overwhelming, buying your own golf simulator for your indoor golf launch can be worthwhile in the end. So, with careful decisions and a meticulous plan, you can succeed. And eventually, you’ll find the indoor golf simulator that fits your personality, budget, space, and preferences. We hope your home golf simulator purchase goes well!

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