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Pool Tables 101: A Guide on Buying a Pool Dining Table

Are you looking to add a unique and luxurious touch to your home entertainment and games space? Consider investing in a pool dining table! A pool dining table is a multi-purpose piece of furniture that can serve as both a place to play pool and as an area to enjoy meals with family or friends. With its elegant design and timeless feel, this type of table will be the perfect addition to any room in your house for pool table dining and entertainment.

Unlike regular Pool Tables that are better suited as a standalone playing table, Pool Dining tables are designed with very specific features to be used as a proper dining table

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about pool dining tables. This includes the different types of pool dining tables, the features to look out for when buying one for your home, and everything you need to know to select the perfect one for you. So, read on and get ready to learn all about pool dining tables!

Choosing What Works for You: The Types of Dining Pool Tables

When it comes to choosing the perfect pool dining table for your home, there are many options for you. Let us guide you on the most common types of pool dining tables are the following:

Slated Pool Dining Table

Pool dining tables are built by reliable makers. They utilize a pool slate as the playfield material. A slated pool dining table specializes in proper play and performance. But it is heavy and cannot be moved easily. Slated pool tables are typically built with different materials like solid oak, beech, ash, or even compressed wood, like MDF and Plywood. Remember, different materials offer different benefits.

Laminated Wood Slated Pool Dining Table

These tables usually feature standard finishes. Moreover, they utilize laminates or veneers to finish the exterior of the table. They are more cost-effective while providing a very good price point for a pool dining table.

Budget Wood-Bedded Pool Dining Tables

Usually the cheapest and utilizes compressed wood in its playfield, budget wood bedded pool dining tables are not meant for a proper game of pool. They are not suitable for serious dining as they are prone to liquid damage. This is mainly due to the fact that the material used in construction is MDF, a material that sponges liquid easily.

Outdoor Pool Dining Tables

Who says you can’t experience beach dining and play while enjoying the feel of sand and the beauty of outdoor views? If you have an outdoor living space, outdoor pool dining tables can offer a level of sophistication to your regular table use. Designed to withstand the elements, these tables are made with weather-resistant materials. This ensures outdoor durability and longevity.

Now, you can ensure a lovely time with your beach bucket and tons of beach water after playing pool with the family.

Customizable Designer Pool Dining Table

These high-end pool dining table types look more like furniture and less like pool tables. Usually featuring interesting cabinet and leg designs, these tables also offer a quality playing experience. They are typically designed to fit into any home beautifully, but they can be costly.

Features to Look for When Buying These Convertible Tables

After you’ve decided on the type of dining pool table you’d like to go for, it’s time to keep an eye out for the tiny details. When shopping for the perfect pool dining table, there are certain features to consider. Refer to the following to guide get you started:

Table Size and Occupying Space

Size is an important consideration when selecting a pool dining table. Make sure the size of your table fits in the space you have available and allows enough room for people to comfortably move around and enjoy a meal or game of pool.

It’s best to consider how many players will be using the table top at one time and whether it will need to accommodate any additional seating. So, take size measurements for accurate results.

Generally, pool dining tables have height dimensions that range between the standard heights of a regular dining table and a pool table. Be sure to test separate chair heights when purchasing your pool dining table for your room, as the heights of these pieces of furniture, as well as benches, may vary from store to store.

Pro Tip: 5 Feet from All Sides

Keep a minimum of about 5 feet from your measured space to the wall or any other furniture, like your bed, within the room. This typically ensures an ideal space around your chosen dual-purpose dining table, enough for players to angle their hits and enough for family meal time to be spacious and enjoyable.

Pool Table Materials, Finish, and Additional Features

The materials used for your pool tables can determine how long they will last and their overall aesthetic. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, so choose one that suits your style and lifestyle the best.

1. Wood

Wood is a popular material for pool dining tables as it exudes warmth and sophistication. It is available in a variety of finishes from classic mahogany to modern oak, which can add character to any room. Wood is also durable and easy to maintain, which can come in handy if you’ve got little to no time for thorough cleaning sessions.

Be sure to look out for signs of damage or warping before purchasing your wood pool dining table to ensure that it will last for years to come.

2. Iron, Stainless Steel (Inox)

Iron and stainless steel pool dining tables are becoming increasingly popular due to their incredible material. These are usually finished in a variety of solid colors, so you’ll be sure to find one that matches your aesthetic perfectly.

3. Glass

Glass is another type of material used for a billiard table top. Though it offers a sophisticated look to your usual multi-purpose table top, one of its downsides is its need for regular cleaning because of its tendency to stain and get marked easily.

Glass can also easily scratch or chip. It is not a recommended option for homes with young children with their hard toys and excited pets.

4. MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard)

MDF is an engineered wood product made from wood fibers and resin, which is compressed to form a dense and sturdy board. It is less expensive than solid wood but it can be a bad investment for your table in the long run because its surface can warp over time, affecting pool performance. MDF can be covered with a laminate or veneer to enhance its appearance.

Table Finish

In addition to this, consider the table’s finish. A glossy finish can give your table a modern and sophisticated look, while a matte finish will make it appear more traditional. Some pool dining tables also feature decorative stainless squares and glass see-through table covers.

Pro tip: Furniture Protectant/Wax

Glossy finishes scratch easily, but they appear beautiful to the sight. If you want to protect the paint on your glossy table, make sure to install clear sheets or utilize a quality furniture protectant/wax.

Additional Features for Table Finishes

Some pool dining tables also feature customizable pool covers. These may come in the form of decorative stainless squares and glass see-through table covers. For some of our luxury makers, you can even choose to have a contrast finish for the table covers, which gives a really sophisticated finish. 

Quality of the Playing Surface

The quality of the playing surface is an important factor when selecting a pool dining table top. The playing surface should be smooth and level to ensure that the balls roll properly and accurately.

Consider pool tables with high-quality slate surfaces, as these are known for their superior durability and performance. We can’t emphasise how important it is for a pool table to play flat, and the slate is the only material that provides an even playing surface in the billiard industry.

Slated surfaces also possess an additional benefit, where it is possible for you to replace the cloth. This is an underestimated aspect of maintaining a pool table, and is important if you plan on using your table for decades. 

Pro Tip: 3-Piece vs 1-Piece Slate Setup

The three-piece setup is the more traditional configuration for pool tables and consists of three individual pieces of slate placed together to create a single playing surface. This is generally more flexible when moving into a home.

On another note, the one-piece slate is ideal if you want your pool tables to be lighter and easier to move. It also eliminates the need for labor-intensive leveling since there’s only one piece of slate to worry about. One example of this is the Ashbury Pool Dining table that we carry. 

Cloth Quality

If the playfield has a cloth-covered playing surface, pay attention to the quality of the cloth. High-quality pool table cloth made of wool and nylon blend provides better playability and durability than cheaper options. Cheaper cloth attracts burn marks easily, which will quickly ruin your pool table at home. 

Type of Cue Balls and Accessories

The type of cue balls and accessories you opt for will depend on your skill level and the type of games you play. To maximize your gaming experience, choose cue balls and accessories that are perfectly balanced and weighted. Aramith cue balls are best in this regard. 

It is also important to select the right kind of cues to ensure accuracy when taking shots on your pool tables. If you’re opting for an English Pool Dining table, then 9mm cue tips are recommended, while 13mm are recommended for use with the American game. 

Drop Pockets vs Ball Return System

Drop pockets and a Ball Return System are two of the most popular types of pocket designs for pool tables. Choosing between the two not only changes your playing experience but also changes the pricing range when you’re shopping for one.

Drop pockets are a classic choice for billiards and pool tables as they feature a traditional look and are low-maintenance. These pockets come with either metal or wooden frames and feature an open-ended design, which allows balls to easily drop in when pocketed.

The ball return system, on the other hand, offers a more convenient mechanism for returning balls to the table after pocketing them. This option is typically more costly than a drop pocket, as there are additional materials involved. 

Both types of pockets provide a great playing experience for pool tables, so it’s up to you to choose which one best fits your needs.

Design and Aesthetic of Pool Tables

The design and aesthetic of your dining pool tables will depend largely on the style of your room and home. Whether you’re looking for tables that match your existing decor or opting for a more unique and contemporary design, the choice is up to you.

Additionally, the color of the table’s finish plays a huge role in complementing the overall room and atmosphere. Neutral colors such as black or white will blend in with most decor, while bolder colors like red or blue can make a statement within the room space.

Price and Budget

The price of your pool dining table will depend on the material, size, and features you select. Generally speaking, tables made from wood or metal will be more affordable than those made from glass. Additionally, adjustable legs and other features may add to the cost of the table.

Typically, for budget wood-bedded tables, you can expect to pay around $1,000 to $2,000. For entry-slated tables, the price goes from $3,000 to about $5,000. And for more luxurious brand options such as designer slated tables, anticipate to go as high as $8,000, maybe even more. So, consider your budget and choose a table that is within your price budget.

If you’re still not entirely sure about what pool dining table to go for, talk with your local dealer, supplier, or a professional. And don’t be afraid to ask questions beyond the transaction level to ensure you are making the right buying decisions.

The Best of Both Worlds: Pool Dining Tables

Pool dining tables seamlessly combine the fun of playing pool and similar games with the convenience of having a place to enjoy food and conversation. This is suitable whether inside or in an outdoor setting. This is why it’s an ideal choice for homes with limited indoor spaces and budget restraints.

And ultimately, it’s also why choosing the perfect pool dining table for your home is vital. You’re not only potentially investing in your future billiard table, but you’re dining table too. So, think wisely before making any purchases.


Pool dining tables, just like any gaming table like shuffleboard and football tables, come with so many different types, sizes, accessories, and features. With so many choices, one might be tempted to forgo a purchase. But with calculated choices and a clear understanding of your preferences to games and accessories, decisions can be an easy multi-step process. Get ready to create the ultimate gathering spot for friends and family. With the knowledge tools you’ve just gained, are you ready to buy the pool dining table of your dreams?

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